Blogging Daily For 30 Days Challenge: It’s Worth Doing As A Blogger

As a blogger, I know that content matters. I remember when I first started online, the rule ‘content is king’ was everywhere. I don’t hear it as much, but I still think it’s as true as the day I started blogging. I’ve found that some blogs really benefit from blogging daily, and others don’t. For instance, on a dating site I blogged on, one post a day increased traffic by 3 times at the end of 30 days. On another site, one post a day did absolutely nothing for my traffic or stats. But, what I know for sure is that you don’t know if it will benefit your blog until you challenge yourself to do it. That’s why it’s worth doing.

Blogging Challenge:  Blog Everyday For A Month

5 Benefits Of Taking The 30-Day Blogging Challenge

1. You Will Build A Lot Of Entry Points Into Your Blog

The more content you have, the more chances you have for people to come to your blog. Whether they come through search engines, social accounts, or recommendations, the more content you have, the more likely it is you will get a higher visitor rate eventually. So blogging daily for 30 days will give you 30 more entry points.

2. You Will Develop Your Writing Skills

Some bloggers don’t recommend newbies take on the 30-day blogging challenge, but I disagree. As someone who needed to produce a lot of content for clients quickly, I know that the more you write, the more your writing skills develop.

What better way to become a better blogger than to practice? As you write, you will notice what you like, what you don’t like, what you need to improve, and what you have mastered. As you check each post for grammar and spelling (and you should always do that before you hit publish), you will learn which mistakes you make the most and start correcting them.

Plus, let’s say you write a blog post that’s not exactly great, but you are not aware of that fact, your blog commenters will let you know. Then you can take their criticism and improve even more.

3. You Will Work Your Creative Mind

I suggest you start out with a list of 30 posts for your 30-day blogging challenge. But, I know that even with a list of what you should write about, you will find yourself struggling with the ideas, changing post ideas on a moment’s notice, and having to come up with unique angles for the topics you are focused on.

After each post, when your creative mind has done its job, you will feel good. After the challenge is over, you will feel amazing and know that you are creatively capable of creating and publishing content no matter what.

4. It’s Incredibly Rewarding

It’s not easy to publish a blog post every single day. It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with your niche, coming up with a blog post every single day can be hard.

Moreover, coming up with the motivation to write it can be even harder, especially on the weekend or on days where you are not feeling well.

But, when you finish the 30 days, your mind will be blown. It feels incredible to have pushed through your discomfort and finish a challenge that could push you forward towards your goals.

Even on blogs where 30 posts in a row did nothing for my blog, I felt amazing about myself.

5. You Will Have More Faith In Yourself

You come out of this challenge knowing that you can create content on a daily basis if you want to, and you can go forward choosing whether or not you want to do that.

Even if your blog doesn’t rise to the top of the search engines, you will have more faith that you can put in the effort required to create regular content. You will know more about what doesn’t work on your blog, what does, and what you should do going forward.

Preparing For The Challenge

You must come up with a strategy.

For some of my blogs, I would base the month on a specific topic in my niche and then find things to blog about around that topic.

For instance, on a productivity-focused site, I chose to do 30 tips to be more productive, and blog about one tip each day. I researched productivity tips, wrote down 30 of them that I liked, and went forward crossing off one per day. I could have focused on apps or gadgets, but I thought productivity tips gave me the most freedom for choices and would be the easiest to research and write about.

I’ve also just looked up popular keywords around my niche, wrote 30 of them down, and went for it. This requires a little more creativity because instead of knowing exactly what you are going to blog about, you need to come up with a topic around the keyword and then go from there. This is how I functioned as a freelance writer, though, so I had experience doing it.

If you want to get some inspiration around your keyword each day, use this title maker. You simply enter your subject (keyword) and an idea for a title pops up. It may be something you want to write about or it may inspire you to write something else.

Taking The 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Once you have your list ready, go for it. DO NOT wait for a certain day to start this challenge. Start the day after you decide to start the 30-day blogging challenge. Trust me, there could be obstacles on day 20 just as much as there could be on day 1, so any day is a good day to start.

What If You Don’t Want To Write About Your Specific Keyword Or Topic For The Day?

This happens. You may not be inspired to write about the topic or keyword you have mapped out for today.

I highly suggest you get on Yahoo Answers or Quora and look for questions around your niche. Some of my best blog posts (have received the most traffic and shares) have been short answers or rants to a question or statement from one of these sites.

You can also get on YouTube, watch a video related to your niche, and then write a blog post about it. Relate it to your niche. Talk about what you like or don’t like about it. Find a way to create a topic around the video and you will have a blog post written in no time.

You can also go on Twitter and create a post around a certain hashtag that’s trending or popular in your niche. You can include tweets from people and talk about your opinion or experience with the topic in relation to your niche.

Lastly, write about what happens in your life. If you had a bad experience the day before, use that to inspire a blog post for the day.

Reward Yourself Each Day

Each day you hit publish on a post, do a little dance, reward yourself with something, and celebrate. Don’t complain about how hard it was. Don’t dread tomorrow’s post (or the next 28 posts). Just focus on the fact that you were able to get a post out there and cross another day off your challenge.

Go For It!

Get started on this blogging daily challenge today. Create the list of what you will write about for the next 30 days and get pumped. Don’t let any fears or doubts hold you back.

You will never know what it feels like to publish 30 days straight on a blog until you do it. So, go for it!

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