7 Affirmations That Will Help You Eat In Moderation

No more wishing you could eat in moderation. Today is the day that you start affirming to yourself that you CAN eat in moderation, you LIKE eating in moderation, and you WILL eat in moderation. When you do that, you will stop struggling with your eating and start enjoying foods in moderation. Use the following 7 affirmations and then get busy creating some of your own personal affirmations.

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1. I Eat In Moderation Even When No One Is Looking

Are you trying to eat in a healthier way because of other people? Are you good at eating in moderation in front of others but can’t stop yourself when you are by yourself?

Eating in a healthy way is for YOU, not for anyone else. So, even if no one else is around, you need to affirm to yourself that you will eat in moderation.

If you can do it in front of others, then you can do it when you are by yourself. You just need to expect more out of yourself as a whole, not just when you are around other people.

I highly suggest saying this affirmation out loud to people. It will help you feel as though you are letting them on an awesome secret about you, and every time you sit down to eat, you will remember that little secret about yourself too.

2. I Enjoy All Foods In Moderation

Eating in moderation is not about cutting out all foods. It’s about enjoying all the foods you love in a way that won’t pack on the pounds and ruin your health.

For instance, you don’t need to avoid all sugar. But, you should limit the amount of sugar you eat to a healthier amount per week.  So, instead of having a piece of cake after every meal, have a piece of cake once a week on Saturday.

3. I Eat What Makes Me Feel Good And Helps Me Achieve My Goals

Everyone is different. When you take into account age, gender, height, hormonal issues, and activity level, one person’s perfect amount of food (and food type in general) can be different than someone else’s.

Eating in moderation helps you find your sweet spot. The spot where you start to achieve your goals, such as feeling better, losing weight, maintaining weight, or whatever else you have in mind.

Pay attention to your eating, how it affects you, and how you can adjust it to work better for you. Stop listening to what other people tell you is perfect for you because they are not you.

Things to think about include:

  • Does my body respond well to this food? Do I feel tired or sick?
  • Am I happy eating this food?
  • Was there a certain point where I started feeling bad? Where should I have stopped eating before that point?

4. I Eat Mostly Whole Foods And I Enjoy It!

It’s much easier to eat in moderation when you eat whole foods. They satisfy and fill you up quicker, and they are not full of chemicals (like Doritos) that keeps you reaching for your next bite because you just can’t seem to get enough.

The more you tell yourself that you eat a whole food diet AND that you enjoy it, the more you will eat whole foods even when other options are available.

When I first started using this affirmation, I found myself making better choices at buffets, which was amazing – to say the least. And, I found that reaching for the whole foods helped me fill up quickly and avoid that stuffed feeling that you often get from buffets when eating in moderation is almost unheard of.

5. I Can Always Eat Whatever I Want

Part of the struggle that comes from eating in moderation is going overboard and thinking that we will never be able to eat that cookie again. When this mindset sets in, we overeat when we finally do get to eat a cookie because we feel like it’s our last chance to eat it.

The mindset that you will be able to eat it again helps you avoid overeating. When combined with the other affirmations like how eating in moderation makes you feel good, you can easily avoid overeating the cookies and just enjoy one.

6. I Am A Healthy Eater With No Regrets

I saw a YouTuber talk about how she will always be a yo-yo dieter. That’s a pathetic affirmation to say to yourself. It’s going to keep you in a state of never-ending struggle, and it doesn’t need to be like that.

Don’t convince yourself that you are someone who will always eat in moderation and then give up. That’s not going to feel good. And, it’s not going to help you reach your health goals.

Instead, tell yourself that you are a person who naturally eats healthy, and then allow yourself to feel good about that fact! You no longer have to put up with the regret, self-bashing, and sadness. You can just enjoy food in moderation and enjoy yourself and your life.

7. I Only Eat Mindfully

If you want to eat in moderation, then you can’t eat in front of the TV.

It’s important to sit at a dinner table, pay attention to your food, and enjoy every single bite of it. When you eat mindfully, you get a better taste for your food (literally) and you can feel when you are full and should stop eating.

Therefore, affirm to yourself that you only eat mindfully. Then make your plan to eat at the dinner table tonight or somewhere else where you can put your attention on your food and the enjoyment it brings.

Your Personal Eating In Moderation Affirmations

Now that you have 7 affirmations to start saying so that you have an easier time eating in moderation, I want you to add some of your own reasons. By creating your own affirmations around eating in moderation, along with using the above ones, you will find it easier to change your beliefs and habits around eating.

Perhaps one affirmation will be personal to you, such as ‘I eat in moderation so I don’t feel bloated.’

Another affirmation may have to do with your health. For instance, ‘I eat in moderation so that I don’t end up sick.’

Or, you may want to include an affirmation that declares something you found on the Internet that made you want to eat in moderation. For instance, if you heard that eating in moderation can help you lose weight, then your affirmation may be, ‘I eat in moderation to lose weight.’

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