5 Teachers Who Can Help You When You Feel Not Good Enough

When you feel not good enough, it’s best to get out of your head and into the head of someone else who sees things differently. This is because if you stay focused on your thoughts and way of seeing things, then it can be hard to shift your consciousness and see things in a light where you feel that you are good enough. There are some teachers out there who can help you start to feel much better when you feel not good enough. I highly suggest turning to the following teachers as soon as you start to feel not good enough in any situation.

when you feel not good enough

1. Srikumar Rao Can Help You With The Mental Chatter And Mental Models And More

Srikumar Rao can make complicated things seem very simple. So when you do not feel good enough, he’s a great person to turn to help you see things much clearer and stop the negative self-talk and feelings that keep you stuck feeling as though you are not good enough.

One of the big things Srikumar can help you see is that the way you think the world is right now is not the way the world actually is… it’s just a mental model (your thought process about how something works in this world). The good news is that there are other mental models of how the world works that you can choose to believe.

In short, he can help you recognize the mental chatter that causes you to not feel good enough and recognize the mental models that you hold.

He says that when you find yourself in a situation that does not feel good, such as not feeling good enough, you are using one or more mental models that are not serving you well and it’s important to change your mental model for it to disappear.

Following is a great video to watch by Srikumar Rao to learn more about this and start feeling better right now.

2. Marisa Peer Can Help You Change The Way You Talk To Yourself

One of the things that Marisa Peer is most well known for is the expression ‘I am enough‘. She helps people get unstuck from the ‘I am not good enough’ mentality and change it to the ‘I am enough’ mentality.

I think her message is really good for people who feel like they are not good enough for their spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. It applies to every area of life where you feel not good enough, for sure, but if you are telling yourself that you are not good enough for the person in your life, then her message can help you see that you are enough as you are now to be loved, cared about, and cherished.

Listen to Marisa Peer talk about how to develop the ‘I am enough’ mindset in the following video.

3. Michael Beckwith Helps You Bring Strength Into An Area You’ve Defined As Weak

You have weaknesses and you have strengths. Those weaknesses are really your strengths in embryonic states. – Michael Beckwith

If you feel not good enough in a certain area of life, then Michael Beckwith can help you. I’ve taken a few courses by this amazing man and he helps you move from a victim state to a manifestor state through his teachings. In other words, he helps you to stop feeling not good enough and gives you the mindset and abilities to move into a state of feeling good enough.

In the following video, Michael Beckwith says that what you consider a weakness is simply something that is underdeveloped and hasn’t come into fruition yet.

Listen to him talk about how you can shift energy from a strong area and move it into a seemingly weak area so that you can stop feeling not good enough and start feeling strong where you previously felt a weakness.

4. Russell Brand On Not Feeling Good Enough

Russel Brand has a very interesting way of looking at complicated topics. He is the kind of guy that you can sit back and listen to as he works through the thoughts in his head and comes to interesting points. He has a very unique way of explaining things.

In the following video, he talks about not feeling good enough and how to start feeling better.  Listen to the following video on not feeling good enough and see if it resonates with you. If so, you may want to follow him on YouTube where he has conversations with people, as well as talks about hot topics and deep thoughts that will help shift the way you look at things.

5. Lisa Nichols Can Help You See That Other People’s Negative Opinions Shouldn’t Make You Feel Not Good Enough

If you have never listened to a Lisa Nichols talk, you are going to want to at least listen to the following video, especially if you are not feeling good enough because of what someone else said or did to you.

Lisa Nichols can help you see that other people don’t know crap about you when they talk crap to you, but too often we let those people decide what we should be or shouldn’t be and how we should feel or shouldn’t feel. She can help you take your power back and start feeling as though you are enough to do what you have been called to do.

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