25 Quotes From Lisa Nichols That Could Change Your Life

I think Lisa Nichols is one of the best motivational and inspirational speakers I’ve ever listened to. She has a way of connecting with her audience and getting her message across. While there are many little nuggets of wisdom you can find from her out there, following are 25 quotes from Lisa Nichols that could help you see and do things differently. In other words, these quotes could change your life.

Lisa Nichols Quote: It doesn’t matter how the goal will be achieved, but you must maintain the conviction that achieving it is necessary and not open to compromise.

1. Change The Conversation In Your Head

You have the power to choose your quality of life by the conversation you choose to entertain in your head.

If you feel like your life sucks, you have the power to change. But, you need to change the conversation you are having in your head about what you can and cannot do, who you can and cannot be, and what you can and cannot have.

When you start speaking to yourself differently, you start changing your life in big ways because your actions start to change.

I highly recommend using positive affirmations to help change the conversation in your head. The things you are affirming to yourself right now may not be working for you, and finding some positive affirmations that help you aspire to do more and be more could be life-changing for you.

2. It’s Not Enough To Want A Better Life

Desire, thought, and action all have to be present for transformation to occur.

You can desire something for yourself all you want, but if transformation is going to occur, you need to include the right thoughts and actions that will help you get what you desire.

For example, if you desire to lose weight, it’s not enough to sit around and think about it. You need to get in the right mindset (change the conversation in your head) and then start taking action (eating better, exercising, dealing with stress, etc.).

3. Just Do One Thing Today Towards Your Calling

Do something, anything that lets you tap into your calling, even if it’s only a baby step.

It can be overwhelming to do something big each day towards what you feel your calling is. But, you don’t have to do something big in order to move towards your dreams. Small steps are still steps that can get you closer to where you want to be.

Another thing I’ve learned is that it may feel like a baby step to you, but it could have life-changing results.

For instance, reaching out to the right person or going right instead of left could open up a doorway that you never thought would open.

4. Don’t Think You’re Doing It Wrong When People Won’t Take Your Help

When someone shuts down every time you’re trying to help, it’s not necessarily because they don’t want or need the help, it’s more that they’re afraid of what could come out.

I’ve always been someone who wants others to see their potential. And, I’ve always wanted other people to show me my potential! But, some people don’t want to hear it, and that can be upsetting when I can see how great they could be in life.

This is one of those quotes from Lisa Nichols that can help you keep doing what you are doing despite how other people react.

When you are trying to help someone, and they don’t respond the way you hoped, don’t give up on your ability to help people. It’s more about them than you. They are too scared to push through their comfort zone, change things up, or do something great, and there is nothing you can do to remove that fear.

I’ve experienced this over and over again with my dad. He closes up and stops listening when I talk about any kind of improvement that he could make – no matter how lovingly I do it. He doesn’t like change. He doesn’t want to face that fear. And I’ve stopped taking it personally because I realize those things.

5. Failure Is Not An Option

It doesn’t matter how the goal will be achieved, but you must maintain the conviction that achieving it is necessary and not open to compromise.

I’ve experienced this so many times! When I allow myself to think of failure, I usually fail. It’s because I’ve opened up the possibility of failure up to myself, so I don’t do everything I can to keep moving forward when things get tough. Instead, I remember that failure was an option and I take that option.

The times that I’ve not allowed failure to be an option were the times I’ve succeeded.

For instance, when I decided to quit smoking and maintained that failure was not an option, I quit smoking and I did it without a lot of struggle.

Where is failure an option in your life?

6. You Have A Lot Of Control Over Your Life

Ever since I started focusing on what I can control rather than what I can’t control, I realize that I have more than enough in my control to play with… to make awesome things happen in my life.

A lot of quotes from Lisa Nichols are simply declarations about her life and what she has learned. This is one of them, and it would totally apply to my life too.

When I started focusing on what I could control, then I realized that there was a lot I could do to create the life I want. That applies to relationships, health, happiness, money, success, and habits.

For example, when I focused on the control I had, I was able to find the guy of my dreams. Before that, I was just letting my dating life happen to me. I would go along with whatever guy popped up into my life, date him, and accept the chaos that ensued. When I decided that I wasn’t going to accept losers in my life anymore, I started taking control over who I would and would not date, and I ended up finding the perfect guy.

7. Want Abundance Right Now?

Living the life that you love and loving the life that you live is the truest demonstration of abundance.

Lisa Nichols used to do a lot of seminars on manifestation and abundance, and I still see a lot of her insights as my secret to the secret.

If you want abundance right now, then do what you love and love what you do. You will automatically feel more grateful and abundant in your life.

This means you need to stop doing those things that make you miserable and feel bad. Poor habits, addictions, and engaging with miserable people are all things that can keep you from feeling abundant in your life. When you ditch those things and do things you love to do, you will feel like you have everything you need.

8. How To Make Some Killer Life-Changing Goals

Plan for what you want to create – not what you want to avoid.

Do you make plans like this?

  • I don’t want to get in any more debt.
  • I don’t want to be stuck at home all year anymore.
  • I want to stop being so unhappy.

Try changing those plans up to this:

  • I want to make a million dollars.
  • I want to travel three times this year.
  • I want to be happy every single day.

It just feels better to plan for what you want to create. You become more motivated. Your focus goes towards better things. And you feel good as you move along towards those things you are striving to create.

9. Love Yourself Enough To Share Your True Self

Standing in your truth is a concrete demonstration of self-love. An even greater demonstration is when you’re willing to tell the hard truths out loud and understand that you’re whole and complete, no matter what anyone else thinks of you.

The most successful speakers and influencers share a ton about themselves. It’s not all pretty, though. They are open and honest and willing to tell you the things they would rather not tell you. But, they love themselves enough to admit that’s who they have been, who they are, and who they don’t want to be. They don’t want you to think that their life is perfect, because that would be a lie – to you and to them.

10. It’s All A Wake-Up Call

Sometimes wake-up calls are gentle taps on the shoulder, other times they can knock the wind out of you, and on some occasions they’re bombs dropped directly over your head.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just one small thing or a huge thing, a wake-up call is simply a signal that you should change a few things if you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

For instance, losing your keys could be a wake-up call. It’s a small thing, but it could be a wake-up call to pay more attention to what you are doing.

Get still in those moments that don’t feel good and figure out what they are trying to tell you. You may find your life-changing after you figure out what it is, even if it’s something small.

11. Nobody Can Love You The Way You Want Unless You Love Yourself The Way You Want

You are the first example of what loving you looks like.

This is a great quote from Lisa Nichols for anyone who can’t seem to find someone who treats them the way they want to be treated.

If you are mean to yourself, beat yourself up, or put yourself down, what do you expect other people to do? You are teaching them what you will accept in your life.

When you show people how much you love yourself and how kind and compassionate you are with yourself, other people will know that loving you requires a kind and compassionate attitude.

They will know because you won’t allow them to treat you in a way that you wouldn’t treat yourself.

12. It’s Not Too Late To LOVE Your Life

It ain’t ever too late to press reset and fall madly in love with the life that you’ve been given.

Lisa Nichols says that it doesn’t matter if you are 22 or 88, you can press that reset button and start to fall in love with your life again.

When I heard this quote I thought of a woman I know who turned 70 last year. She spent her entire life miserable. She was in a miserable marriage, she didn’t enjoy being a housewife, and she never got to pursue her dreams. At the age of 69, she pressed that reset button and started living the life she wanted. She left her husband, found a perfect home that fit her personality and needs, went back to college, and started to spend each day doing what she loved.

I’ve never seen her happier.

So, remember, it’s not too late to fall in love with your life. You just have to press that reset button!

13. It’s Scary, But It May Help You Get The Life You Want

You will never find your next best version of you sitting inside your comfort zone.

Doing things that make you feel uncomfortable is scary. But, it helps you transform yourself and your life into something different.

It’s a simple truth that nothing will change if you don’t change anything. So if you want to change your life for the better, you have to get up and step outside of your comfort zone so that you can learn new things, do things differently, and create a different life.

14. Share Yourself Because It Matters If You Want To Make An Impact

I just want to give people what I got.

Lisa Nichols says that someone blessed her with the information she has, and she’s giving it out to improve other people’s lives.

And, isn’t that all any of us can do?

We are all here to support each other and teach each other, so giving other people what you got is the only way you can really make an impact on this world as Lisa Nichols does.


15. Money Can Be A Positive Tool For Being The Best You Possible

Our relationship to money needs to heal. We need to revamp it. We need to allow it to have its place at the table and not diminish who we are spiritually.

Good people see money as a positive tool in their toolbox. They help others with it, they create more happiness in their life with it, and they create more happiness in the world because they have more happiness in their life.

T. Harv Eker is a perfect example of doing good things with money. In fact, he teaches other people how to be rich and be spiritual at the same time. Or, in other words, be rich and be a good person who lives by your morals and ethics. That’s the ultimate way to not only make a ton of money but have a ton of impact in this world as well.

16. Be Crazy And Unique All You Want!

There’s freedom in being called crazy. There’s freedom in not fitting in. There’s freedom in that because that means I can be ME!! … and you can be YOU!

All the people I know who are called crazy and unique are free to be themselves. They say w

hat they want, live how they want, and do what they want.

It’s a weird thing, but the majority of people don’t want to be different, so they try to live in a way that they think other people want them to live in. Then they criticize anyone who doesn’t live in that way – probably out of fear or regret.

So, if you are called crazy and/or don’t fit in, embrace it. You have the freedom to be different and do what you want to do rather than try to conform to what other people think you should do and live an inauthentic life.

17. Move With Certainty

The universe will match you right where you are. So when you move with absolute certainty about that relationship, about your health, about your job, about your finances… the universe responds accordingly.

I love this quote from Lisa Nichols. She spoke it when talking to a congregation, and you could hear the impact it had on them the second she finished saying it.

It’s time to move with certainty.

Act ‘as if’.

Do things in accordance with who you want to be.

When you do all that, the universe will start to bring things into your life that match who you are.

In fact, it’s already bringing things into your life that match who you believe you are. Just stop and think about that.

18. Don’t Set Yourself Up For More Regret

You’re worried about what it’s going to cost you to get there. I want you to shift your worry and worry about what it’s going to cost you NOT to get there.

I love this quote from Lisa Nichols! It’s a great reminder that will help you live without regret in the future.

If you can remember this quote, you don’t need to learn as many lessons on regret, where you have toexperience the pain of it all.

Instead, you can do what you need to do knowing that the regret will be much more painful than the pain of doing the work, taking the chance, and making the change.

19. You Can Only Go So Far By Yourself

I grew my business sitting at the feet of people who were brilliant.

If you feel stuck in life, then this quote from Lisa Nichols is for you. It’s a reminder that you can only go so far in life by yourself.

You grow by sitting at the feet of people who are where you want to go and you learn from them. They have information that you can’t know because you haven’t yet had the experiences, failures, and life lessons to gain that information.

20. Allow Yourself To Embrace And Accept Past Mistakes

Give yourself the freedom to embrace the mistakes of the past. Recognize that each choice you made up until now has either given you a great outcome or a great lesson. Both are valuable. In fact, both are necessary.

This quote from Lisa Nichols came into my life at a perfect time.

I had the mindset that failures were lessons in life, but there was one failure that I couldn’t let go of. It was a mistake I made that cost me a lot, and I spent a TON of time beating myself up about it.

I had spent too much money gambling and it cost me a vacation with my husband and free time to do what we wanted. It hurt so deeply that I had cost us that vacation because I couldn’t stop pumping money into a slot machine. I spent a long time beating myself up over that one mistake and making myself miserable. I couldn’t let it go until I saw this quote from Lisa Nichols.

I embraced my mistake as a lesson. Never again would I waste money on gambling when I could spend it on quality time with my loved ones.

21. Being Perfect Is Not What You Think

It’s in your imperfection that you’re perfect.

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve heard it time and time again. But, this quote brings it home.

You are perfect by being who you are meant to be. You are perfect right now, even if you haven’t mastered something.

You will always be perfect in whatever moment you are in because you are being the best version you can be, so don’t drive yourself crazy chasing something you already have.

22. Share Your Gifts

Your gifts were never about you and for you.

All the great people of this world shared their gifts.

They may have shared their music, knowledge, creativity, foresight, or something else. But, the common denominator is that they were willing to share their gifts because they knew that their gifts were meant to impact the world (or even just one person) in some way.

What gifts are you not sharing? And how can you share them to make other people’s lives better?

23. Sometimes You Got To Let Relationships Go

I realized I couldn’t grow with people who were struggling like me.

I am a HUGE advocate for letting relationships go that are doing more harm than good.

I have ‘broken up’ with some friends who were stuck in a mentality that I no longer wanted to be in, and when the relationship ended, I experienced life-changing results. I was able to focus on new things, think differently, act differently, and grow as a person.

It’s a hard thing to do. Especially when people don’t want to let you go. But, if you want to move forward in your life to better things, sometimes it’s necessary.

24. Nothing Should Be Able To Take Away From Your Present Moment

There’s no experience that has the right to rob you of your now.

I’m going to put this Lisa Nichols’ quote up on my bathroom mirror. I’m always trying to live in the moment, and this is a quote that highlights the main reason it can be hard to do so.

She points out that the pain, guilt, shame, and anger of a past experience can take away your now. She also points out that it doesn’t have to because you get to decide the impact that things have on you.

So, I decide that other experiences don’t need to impact my current experience. I can experience joy and happiness at this moment if I choose not to relive an old experience while I’m being present.

25. How I’m Really Going To Make The Present More Vibrant!

I want to invite you to be radical. Anytime anything ever happens to you that takes a bit of your joy, your piece of mind, your happiness – you give it permission to only live for a brief moment in your life.

Lisa Nichols says to put an expiration date on your experiences, just like you would with food. Experience it, let it touch you in some way, and then move on to another experience.

She says that you can’t avoid the pain or shame or blame, but you can keep your life in drive and go through it. That’s so powerful.

Note: If you want to turn your story – as painful as it may be – into a teaching tool, I highly recommend you challenge yourself and take her Speak And Inspire quest. It will help you find those parts of you that are hard to share, love them, get the courage to share them, and help change other people’s lives in the process.


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