Learn Something New Every Day Challenge

Each day we have a chance to learn and grow, stay the same, or slip backward. When you learn something new daily, you don’t just know more, you gain more awareness and you affect your beliefs, habits, relationships, and entire life in a positive way. The good news is that if you are reading this, you have the internet at your fingertips and you can learn something new daily easily. Self-education is so easy. All you really have to do is get online and search for answers through reputable sources. But, why would you want to self-educate yourself? Following are 5 really good reasons.

5 Reasons To Learn Something New Every Day

Learn something new challenge

1. Work Through Life’s Problems Easier

Life can be a shit show. Problems often come up each day, and sometimes they come in hoards. In fact, if you are working towards anything – a better relationship, better health, more success – you are going to encounter problems along the way.

The great thing about problems is that if you can overcome them, you can become stronger and more capable in life. Each problem you tackle successfully makes you more confident and happy which contributes positively to your entire life. But when you fail to tackle problems, more problems can arise.

For instance, if you are in a great relationship and suddenly you have a huge fight, you need to work through that problem. If you ignore it, you can damage your relationship. If you can’t overcome it, you can damage your relationship. But, if you can overcome the issue, you can move forward with a stronger and happier relationship. While you may not know how to overcome it, I guarantee you can learn some new things that will help you out. All you need to do is get online and start looking for some tips and techniques to help you. Once you have the knowledge on how to overcome that huge fight, you will be able to overcome your next huge fight even faster – or, prevent it altogether.

The more you know, the more you can tackle problems that come up in your career, relationships, etc. When you know more, you are able to see different angles of a situation and solutions to problems.

2. Improve Your Social Game

The more you know, the more you have to talk about. You can give your input, have an intelligent debate, and engage with people you might not otherwise engage with. More knowledge gives you more ground to work with when you have to interact with other people.

I remember being a teenager who didn’t bother to learn anything, and I felt out of place during adult conversations. I had no input. I had no opinion. I thought it was because I was a teenager, but now as my friend’s son turns 16, I realize I was wrong. He is constantly educating himself outside of school, and he can engage with someone his own age or someone who is 80 years old. And, if he finds himself in a situation where he doesn’t know the subject, he asks questions so he can educate himself. He’s simply awesome – and he’s very popular because of his communication skills.

Knowledge also makes you more memorable. Do you want to be that person who gave someone the best advice of their life? Or at least very good information that helped them in some way? Knowledge is the ticket to do that. You have more answers, you can teach more, and you can help out more with knowledge.

So, whether you want to be able to talk to your boss better, impress your date, or just have a conversation with a stranger who could impact your life positively (or who you could impact positively), learning something new every day may be your ticket to doing so.

3. Become More Flexible In Life

I find the people who don’t bother to learn new things are very inflexible. They have an opinion about everything – and it is the right one, according to them. You can’t tell them anything because they don’t think they need to be told anything.

People who are constantly educating themselves know that they are not always right. They often learn new things that change their beliefs, habits, and lifestyle. They understand that there are different ways of looking at things and different ways to approach certain things.

In short, you want to be more flexible in life. It helps you adopt new ideas that make you happier, healthier, and more successful.

4. Expand Your Comfort Zone

It’s comfortable in your comfort zone, but the bigger it gets, the more exciting life gets. We all know that person who is uncomfortable doing almost anything. They would rather do one or two things they are comfortable with every day, like watch TV and go for a walk.  And their life is pretty boring because of it. Imagine if they had a bigger comfort zone where they were willing to do more with their life, experience more,

We all know that person who is uncomfortable doing almost anything. And their life is pretty boring because of it. Imagine if they had a bigger comfort zone where they were willing to do more with their life, experience more, take on more… imagine how exciting their life would be!

Anything you do that scares you can impact your life in a positive way.  That’s what Challenge Addict is all about. It’s meant to help you come up with new ways to challenge yourself and step outside of that comfort zone.

Learning new things will force you to step outside your comfort zone and expand it as you take on new beliefs and habits, as well try out new theories or move toward new goals.

You don’t need to become the ‘yes person’ who is always pushing their comfort zone, but you should at least try new things that you think may improve your life in some way.

5. Get More Creative In Life

Increased creativity is a definite benefit of learning something new every day. The more you know, the more you can create. If you know 365 more things next year than you knew today, imagine how much more you could create?

For example, a friend of mine, who loved cheese, went dairy-free, and she started to learn one new thing about vegan cheese daily. She tried recipe after recipe and learned a lot about making non-dairy cheese in different forms. She learned how to culture cashews with rejuvelac, and once she understood the fermentation process, she started to create her own recipes that matched her own tastes. Now she has a skill that most people don’t have, and her awesome ‘cheeses’ have influenced everyone around her to eat less dairy and more cashew goodness.

The more you learn, the more you can experiment with life. There’s more than one way to do anything, and with a base knowledge, you can test and tweak to make things work for you.

Moreover, creativity is a ticket to success. If you are capable of seeing new angles and trying new methods, you can apply those skills to your career and constantly move towards more success despite failure or obstacles.

The Learn Something New Every Day Challenge

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Let’s set a base of 30 days for this challenge. I can almost guarantee that after doing this challenge for a month, you will want to continue doing it for the rest of your life. Knowledge makes you feel powerful. It makes you feel more in control. It makes you feel more alive!

While you can simply just start learning something new every day, the following is some advice to help you make the most out of this challenge.

1. Grow In All Areas Of Your Life

Instead of focusing on random questions that you have each day, try focusing on one area of your life per day. For instance, on Monday, learn something new about a hobby you are interested in and on Tuesday learn something new about making your relationship work. While random information is good to know, actively trying to learn something new every day that directly benefits your life will help you navigate life better and create a better future.

This will require you to get up each day, think about your topic at hand, and come up with something you would like to learn.

For instance, if your focus is on your relationships, and you want to understand how to communicate with your mother better, then that’s something you will want to look up and learn. But, if you and your friend are having a specific problem at the moment, then looking up information about how to tackle that problem would be better.

2. You Don’t Just Have To Use The Internet

The internet is amazing. According to this article, over half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to the internet. So be grateful each time you get online and have the world at your fingertips. But, remember that the internet is not the only place to learn something new every day.

You can learn something new today from your grandfather, mother, or friend. You can learn something new from the mechanic down the street or the clerk at the grocery store. Everyone has something to teach, which means you can learn from everyone. If you see someone that could teach you something you want to know, don’t be afraid to approach them and ask. People love to teach others about things they find valuable.

Getting Good Information From The Internet

When you seek out people offline, they can often demonstrate their knowledge for you. If not, it’s usually clear they know what they are talking about because they can back up their lessons with experiences and examples. But, online, people can quickly put together a bunch of bullshit because they know they don’t need to provide any credentials.

For example, if you search online to find out how to make your girlfriend fall back in love with you, then you could find advice like: ignore her, make fun of her, or treat her like a child. Unfortunately, those things are going to make things worse and, even if you do get her to fall back in love, they are going to affect your relationship negatively in the long run.

There are a lot of people online who don’t know what they are talking about. This is true for health, relationships, career, and happiness. They speak from opinion, anger, or really bad information, but not necessarily fact. So, how can you make sure their information is good?

The best thing you can do is look for facts and examples. Don’t just buy into something because someone says so. Look for studies, real-life experiences, and proof.

Also, remember that what works for someone may not work for you. So their information may be good for a lot of people, but it may not work for you. If you learn something new, apply it to your life, and find it doesn’t work for you, then go back out and search for more information that may be more applicable to you.

3. Take Action If Possible

Once you learn something new, apply it to your life if you can. You can learn all you want, but if you don’t take action on what you learn, you don’t really know what works for you and what doesn’t. By taking action, you will drive home your new knowledge or tweak it to work for you, and that’s where the real growth comes in.

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