8 People Share Their Personal Habits For Increased Productivity

There are two truths when it comes to being productive. First, in order to be productive each day, you need to develop the right habits. Second, we are all unique and one habit that works for increasing my productivity may not work for increasing your productivity. To show this, I asked 8 people what habit they depend on for increased productivity throughout their day. As you can see, everyone credits different habits to their personal productivity.

Q. What Habit Increases Your Productivity In Your Day?

A. honestlyholly23 (Blogger, Estate Agent, Pub Wife)


I live by using a physical diary! I make a note of things to do each day, make a note in a couple of days or a week for a follow up, etc. Everything from putting in my vacation dates or a reminder to book a dentist appointment! I can’t live without my diary.

A. rolexwhisky (Instagram Influencer)

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I post morning, noon, and night. I answer every comment, and every other day I post a store picture of prices on shelf. This has engaged my active users, added new followers, and created a whisky hunting community within my Instagram. Each post will get around 700 likes and two dozen comments.

A. Stephanie Ortega (Behavior Analyst and Long-Term Tutor)


To increase my daily productivity, I start off each day by walking my dog and thinking of ideas for that day’s writing. When I get back, I make my cup of coffee, take my laptop to the table on the balcony, and sit down to write. Just initiating the series of tasks gets me in the mindset to write.

I also make sure to keep my phone on silent during the time I will be writing, to minimize distractions.

It is very important to me to increase productivity on days I am able to work from home, since I am not able to get much writing done on days I have to work from the office.

A. iraspastor9 (CEO, Bioquark Inc.)

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I make sure to maintain a child-like attitude/enthusiasm towards life to incorporate daily, positive psycho-biologic dynamics in my life.

I have found nothing more useful to balance productivity, and the typical stresses that come with trying to achieve it on a daily basis.

“Psycho-biologic dynamics” has to do with the increasing amount of evidence in the neuroscience literature on how positive thoughts (and this is especially true for involvement with “youthful” activities and “thinking young”), can impact “downstream” physical and chemical manifestations, and the brain, its respective signals, and its connection to the many other systems within the human body (endocrine, lymphatic, etc.) can stimulate positive alterations to our organs, tissues, cells,  and even the level of DNA.

Live like an adult, but keep a childish view towards the world and cosmos.

A. emartin74 (Works online)


I like to listen to classical music when I’m working on certain projects, like writing. I can’t do this all the time though – for example, I don’t do it when I’m working at my regular job, because I’m not allowed to have background noise. I find it works well to keep me focused when I’m writing though, or working on other projects at my computer that don’t involve talking to others on the phone.

A. GrowMap (Small Business Marketing Strategist)


I do not look at email more than once a day (unless someone asks me using another method to go look at something they sent). All of my collaborators and clients use Skype. The few that may not answer immediately there I can reach using Facebook. And I don’t leave Facebook open, either.

A. Gaurav Kumar (Blogger)


I relax. A relaxed mind is always sound to absorb new ideas and can research better. Whenever I feel stressed, I take a short nap and come back again with a lot of positive energy.

A. Silvia

I always try to do the hardest part of the job in the morning, and leave more pleasant things for the second half of the day. I have found this helps me fight procrastination.

Find What Works For Your Productivity

The bottom line is that we all are different and adopt different habits into our lives to be productive.

Don’t listen to the guru, your best friend, or even your mother when it comes to finding what works for you. And, don’t get upset when something that works for someone else doesn’t work for you. There are many different habits out there that may be your go-to for productivity.

To find what works, you must try some different habits on for size and see if they are a good fit in your life.

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