11 Self-Discipline Quotes That Highlight It’s Importance In Life

We all need more self-discipline in our lives. Whether we want to become healthier, happier, or more successful, being able to discipline ourselves is the key. It’s one of the character traits that can have a huge impact on everything in our life, especially our happiness. Living a life of discipline helps us be who we want to be and enjoy our lives more. These self-discipline quotes can help you understand the importance of it and acquire it.

self-discipline quotes

1. What Does Having Self-Discipline Look Like?

Self-discipline is doing what’s right instead of doing what you feel like doing. – Aly-Khan Satchu

This is a simple quote that sums up what it means to be disciplined in life. You simply do what you know is right instead of doing what you feel like doing.

For example, we all want unhealthy things for supper. But, with self-discipline, instead of eating something like chips for supper, you eat an actual healthy meal. This benefits your health in many ways, and you feel good about yourself for choosing the healthier option.

2. Self-Discipline Versus Self-Control

Self-discipline leads to promotion. Self-control keeps you promoted. – Reno Omokri

Both of these traits are important. Self-discipline ensures you are doing what you need to do, and self-control ensures you have control over your emotions and reactions.

For example, having the discipline to put in the time and energy into something at work can lead to a promotion. Being able to control yourself – what you say and do and how you behave during times of stress for example – can help you stay promoted.

3. Why Is Self-Discipline Important?

Self-Discipline is an important component of growth and success. – DāM-FunK

If you want to grow in life, then having self-discipline is important. It helps you stay on track with your habits and ventures, which helps you grow as a person. And, as you grow and take steps forward, you start to have successes and wins.

4. Self-Discipline Is A Virtue

Self-discipline is a virtue. Lack of discipline is a flaw. – John Baldoni

If you ever want to describe your strengths to someone, then having mastery over self-discipline will be at the top of your list… if you have it. It’s a virtue. It’s something we all aspire to and understand the benefits of. And it makes us more attractive to other people in personal relationships and in work relationships.

5. The Importance Of Self-Discipline Exercises

Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you work on developing it and using it, the stronger it will become. – Roger James Hamilton

You can wish to be more disciplined all you want but wishing on a star will get you nowhere. You have to develop the habit of discipline by consistently being disciplined in your life.

Here’s a good video with some exercises to develop discipline in life.

6. Self-Discipline With Food

We make 200+ mindless decisions on food a day! Self-discipline and the power of association are huge in our journey to healthy eating! – Kyle Collinsworth

If you want to eat better, self-discipline is key. Most of us have the option of eating crappy food all day long. Moreover, we have foods that we can mindlessly pick at all day long. Having the discipline to eat the vegetables over the cake is key.

Using the exercises in the above video can help you develop discipline towards food.

Someone like Marisa Peer and her hypnotherapy programs can also help you change the way you think about food and eating and make it easier to develop the discipline needed to eat the way you want to eat.

7. Self-Discipline With Money

Time and money can be spent on an infinite number of things. Without a plan and self-discipline, expenditures always rise to meet income. – Randy Alcorn

This self-discipline quote is so true. Everyone knows as they make more money, they add more expenditures into their lives. This is why people always seem to have the same bank balance, no matter what they make.

Therefore, making more money isn’t the key to wealth. Being disciplined with how you spend money is.

Tip: Develop a positive money mindset so that you can view money differently and interact with it differently.

8. Self-Discipline For Success

Self-Discipline is required when it comes to obtaining real success. Make sure you work hard every day to become a better version of yourself. Remember you are in competition with Nobody Else but Yourself. – Tray Chaney

Having the discipline to reach your goals, find more success, or do what you need to do as an entrepreneur is very important. When you put in the time to learn, grow, and contribute, you find yourself moving up the success ladder.

9. Positive Self-Discipline For Kids

Chores and work help teach your child self-control and self-discipline. – Meg Meeker M.D.

Punishing kids is often looked at as a way to discipline them, but there is a lot of debate as to how effective that is.

On the other hand, installing a sense of discipline in kids can help them feel better about themselves and have more success as they move towards adulthood. If you want the following self-discipline tracker for kids, you can download it here. Or if you want a prettier tracker, you may like this one better.

self discipline tracker for kids

10. Self-Discipline And Goals

Self-discipline toward a goal is critical. It is hardly a secret and can be the difference in making it or living with regret. – Bob Proctor

I heard someone say something very important the other day. They said that many people believe the future is unpredictable, but that’s not true. This person says that you can predict the future in a lot of ways. You do this by creating goals and working towards them.

Having the self-discipline to create goals and go after them can create the fulfilling, happy life that you want. This is the whole premise behind creating goals in all the categories in Lifebook – you can take the reins and create a life that you envision by creating goals and then going after them.

11. Self-Discipline Disadvantages

We need enough self-discipline so we can get things done but not so much that the work becomes so routine and mechanical it doesn’t give us any joy. – Sridhar Vembu

As with all things, even virtues, it’s possible to go too far. We need to find a balance with how disciplined we are or we could end up creating a life with no spontaneity and willingness to do things outside of our plans. This can cost us our relationships, health, and happiness.

Therefore, find a good sense of discipline in your life for what matters most, but leave room to have fun, foster relationships, and do unexpected things that need to be done.

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