Reprogram Me Review: A Wealth And Abundance Hack?

Reprogram Me is a hypnotherapy program that promises a tidal way of fiscal freedom with just 2 hours of listening per week over 4 weeks. Bob Doyle and Inspire3 offer this program to unlock your own millionaire mindset, and they say it uses clinically proven hypnosis to help you change your thoughts that stand in the way of developing that millionaire mindset. This sounds like a hack to happiness to me, so I thought I would try it out and review it. I have plenty of negative beliefs about the amount of wealth I can create in my life but, like most people, I wouldn’t mind creating the kind of wealth that helps me achieve the freedom and security that comes with it. After 4 weeks of trying the program, here’s my Reprogram Me review.

Reprogram Me Uses a Combination Of Techniques To Help Rewire Your Brain

I’ve used almost all the techniques in Reprogram Me before and had good experiences with them individually, but I’ve never used a program that combines them all into one session.

The techniques are:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Anchoring, rapport, swish pattern, dissociation are all techniques practice with NLP. They are meant to modify unconscious and conscious limitations in the mind.
  • Visualization – The way you view the world influences how you interact with the world. Visualization can help you see things differently and interact with the world differently. In other words, visualization can help reprogram your mind, even for wealth.
  • Hypnosis – Engaging in hypnosis is simply engaging in a technique that helps calm your mind and get it into a state where it is receptive to the messages it’s hearing. You don’t lose consciousness. You don’t do silly things on command. You simply enter deep relaxation where suggestions are more easily absorbed into your subconscious mind.
  • Metaphor Therapy – Have you heard of this? I hadn’t until I took Reprogram Me. It’s a technique that focuses on changing the metaphors in your mind in order to change your psychological state. It’s said that metaphors reflect our inner beliefs.

The Reprogram Me Program Outlined

Each week in Reprogram Me, you get the main meditation and a booster meditation. You are supposed to listen to each of these meditations at least once. But, it’s recommended to listen more than once.

Personally, I found that one time is enough for me if I really pay attention to the audio. I tend to soak in the information easily and then mull it over in my mind going forward, which is exactly what needs to be done to make changes to my beliefs.

Week 3 was the only week I had to listen to the sessions more than once. I fell asleep the first time I listened to it and then was distracted the second time, so it took me three times to really listen and soak in the messages.

Week 1 – This week works with your belief structure. You gain positive beliefs around money that help you want to bring more wealth into your life on a cellular level. There’s a good technique to help you shift around your beliefs that I enjoyed using.

Week 2 – This week is about absorbing the mindset of your financial heroes. It’s also about heightening your financial instincts and seeing opportunities that others miss. It requires some visualization and trust in what can be.

Week 3 – This week is about creating a timeline for your financial goals. You will be able to feel what financial success will be like and develop some millionaire mindset thoughts.

Week 4 – This was my favorite week. It helps you discover a part of you that stops you from making the best decisions for your wealth and make peace with it. Getting in touch with the part of you that holds you back and contains all the negative financial and wealth beliefs helps you let go of that part of you, and let go of the limiting beliefs. It’s a very nice process that allows you to love and accept yourself and feel better about yourself, your past, and your future.

Bonus Hypnosis Sessions With Reprogram Me

Along with the four weeks of Reprogram Me, here’s are the bonuses I got when I bought Reprogram Me. I’m assuming you will get them too.

Reprogram Me Files Listed

In short, Reprogram Me is all about wealth, so Inspire3 included a bunch of appropriate hypnosis sessions to help boost the effectiveness of Reprogram Me. All of these sessions are done by Stuart Ashing. You can buy these individually elsewhere if you are interested. For instance, you can buy The Most Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis Program for $46 CAD on Audible.

Each session in the ‘Most Powerful’ hypnosis is about 35-50 minutes long. I’ve found it’s very hard to stay awake for that long if you get too comfortable, so make sure you are sitting up when listening to them.

Reprogram Me Bonus

You also get a bonus called Billionaire Mindset Training. It’s a 50-minute hypnosis session to help you reprogram your mind to install the beliefs of a billionaire.

Reprogram Me Mindset Bonus

Is Reprogram Me A Wealth And Abundance Hack?

Yes. Especially if you are feeling a sense of lack and unable to get into a wealth mindset. Your thoughts and beliefs are going to dictate how wealthy you can get and how much abundance you can have. Reprogram Me helps you develop the thoughts and beliefs that push you towards both wealth and abundance.

When I was young, I thought it was hard to earn money. I thought you had to get a career and work hard to move up the pay scale. It thought there were only a few particular things you can do to earn the kind of wealth that gave you the freedom to do and be who you want. That kept me stuck for a long time. Eventually, I started to develop new beliefs around wealth and that helped me earn money in a completely unconventional way (to the horror of my very traditional parents!).

Even though I’ve developed some positive beliefs – probably more positive than many people out there – I’ve still struggled with wealth and the possibilities available to me. Reprogram Me shifted my money and wealth beliefs. The techniques used are powerful and I guarantee that they can help you develop some positive beliefs around wealth and abundance much faster than other routes, such as experience, life lessons, and trying to talk yourself into believing more positive things.

If you are interested, you can try out a free 19-minute wealth hypnosis session here. It’s from Inspire3, the creators of Reprogram Me, Brainwave Shots, and other tools and programs.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments below.

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