Feel Weak And Fragile In Life? Use These 8 Affirmations Often

fragile weak person

Are you feeling weak and fragile? Are you delicate, easily broken, or easily thrown into despair? Are people careful how they talk and act around you because you are so fragile? If so, life is probably very scary, frustrating, and difficult for you. You may feel like you are constantly being attacked and pushed down …

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5 Mindset Blocks Holding You Back From Doing What You Want

mindset blocks

It doesn’t matter if you want to take on a new hobby, relationship, habit, or job, your mindset can make or break your success. There are some common mindset blocks that will keep you from doing anything you want to do, and, if you can’t get yourself to do what you need to do, the …

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12 Affirmations To Remove Self-Doubt And Trust Yourself More

affirmations remove self-doubt

Do you often think I’m not good enough or I’m not worthy? If yes, then it’s time to trust yourself more. Self-doubt can create self-fulling prophecies. When you don’t trust yourself, you can create the reality that you are trying to avoid. And that can make you depressed, sad, angry, and resentful. 12 Affirmations To …

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11 Self-Discipline Quotes That Highlight It’s Importance In Life

self discipline tracker for kids

We all need more self-discipline in our lives. Whether we want to become healthier, happier, or more successful, being able to discipline ourselves is the key. It’s one of the character traits that can have a huge impact on everything in our life, especially our happiness. Living a life of discipline helps us be who …

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31 Questions To Ask Yourself For Your Personal Growth Path

question personal growth path

Even though some people don’t bother engaging in it, personal growth is important for most of us. Developing things like our knowledge, skills, habits, beliefs, and behavior helps us to understand ourselves and the world around us better. It improves our quality of life and gives us the ability to formulate and go after goals …

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Challenge Yourself To Make One Month All About Your Health

Challenge Yourself To Make One Month Focused On Your Health

Poor health affects every area of your life negatively. In short, if you don’t feel good, then that affects your relationships, career, and hobbies negatively. It causes you to spend hours of your life, where you could be doing productive and fun things, trying to just feel better. If you are ready to start working …

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Unpopular Opinions On Reddit About Self-Help That I Don’t Agree With

unpopular opinion

One of the most interesting subreddits to me is called Unpopular Opinion. It’s a place where you can go and share your unpopular opinion, and a lot of people do! Obviously, I’m very into self-help, so I thought I would check out some of the unpopular opinions around that topic. There were some that I …

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Quotes From The Mother Earth Video: Nature Is Speaking Series

I Don't Really Need People, But People Need Me (9)

Conservation International gave nature a voice a few years ago through video. They used people like Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, and Edward Norton to give the videos a voice in the ‘Nature Is Speaking’ series. Nature is definitely speaking as we move through a pandemic. We can see how impactful we are on …

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Productivity Tip #24: Eliminate Distractions You Have Control Over

quote distractions

Distractions are everywhere. Some of them you have no control over, but many of them you do. When something distracts you, it can take you anywhere from minutes to days to get back on track. That’s all wasted time that you can’t get back. If you can learn to eliminate distractions, you will find yourself …

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Productivity Tip #17 – Strive For Progress Not Perfection

bigstock 175209979 1

After all the personal development programs I’ve taken and books I’ve read, I’ve come to realize that productivity in life is about progress, not perfection. I wish I would have known this when I was young and let one failure – in almost any area of my life – take me back to the drawing …

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Productivity Tip #11: Force Yourself To Do Something On Those Days You Feel Like Doing Nothing

We never feel fulfilled until we are productive

Do you feel like doing nothing today? A man I know has Lupus. He was diagnosed 30 years ago and is now 70-years-old. He is almost always tired, but he forces himself to get up and do something productive every single day. All he wants to do is sit in his chair and do nothing, …

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Productivity Tip #9: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Barack Obama Quote

The other day I came across a popular article on productivity. It ranked high in the search engines and thousands upon thousands of people were reading it. To be honest, the article wasn’t anything special. It had a good title and it listed out a couple of things that could make you more productive. But, …

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