21 Usual Signs a Girl is Trying to Get Your Attention

21 Usual Signs a Girl is Trying to Get Your Attention
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Girls these days won’t just wait for the guys they like to notice them on their own. They are empowered and believe that nothing is wrong with expressing their attraction toward someone. So, yes, you can tell if a girl is trying to get your attention.

So, what are the signs that a girl hopes you will notice and like her eventually? You should check some of them for yourself:

Wants to Catch Your Eye

1. She Makes Herself Extra Beautiful.

Girls know that men are visual—that they love physically attractive women. For this reason, a girl who is trying to get your attention will make herself gorgeous before appearing before you. Whenever she knows you will be around, she will take time to wear her best outfit and put on makeup.

2. She Has Been Motivated to Workout Lately.

Have you noticed how she frequents the gym lately? Of course, you must not assume that it is because of you. However, if she lingers around you a lot, and she is now conscious of her body figure, there is a possibility that she does it to be more attractive in your sight.

3. She Loves Wearing Cologne Near You.

It is easy to tell when someone has newly splashed cologne on themselves. The scent smells so fresh that sometimes it could hurt the nose. So, if you notice that this girl is oozing with fragrance whenever she approaches you, it is possible that she intentionally puts her cologne on to smell undeniably nice.

4. She is Unnaturally Prim and Proper.

Does this girl sometimes look awkward with her conscious movements? For instance, does she make an effort to sit with her back straight and cross her legs demurely whenever you are near? Or is she obviously trying hard to walk more lady-like, and she looks uncomfortable?

Efforts to be Noticed

5. She is Always Where You Are.

Another sign that she wants to get your attention is how she finds ways to be near you. For example, if you are colleagues, you may notice that she goes to the pantry whenever you are there. Or even if you belong to different departments, she often visits your floor because of her friends. These may be coincidences, but they may not be too.

6. She Usually Stands or Sits Next to You.

In connection with no. 5, you can say this girl is truly attracted to you if she usually has excuses to sit or stand close to you. If she always goes to wherever you are, and you find her next to you, it is clear that she longs for your attention.

7. She Often Initiates Conversations.

And what happens whenever she is next to you? Does she initiate talking? If yes, now you know why she is eager to be where you are. She is dying to have some moments with you.

8. She Gives You Hints that You Share the Same Interests.

On top of that, you can feel that she has researched your interests. The topics she strikes with you are often about them. For example, she will usually talk about the latest NBA game if you love basketball. Or, if you are into books, she probably asks about your latest read.

9. She Likes Giving You Good Stuff.

If this girl is fond of giving you anything, from cheeseburgers to perfume, her feelings for you are obvious. Being generous with you is her way of getting your attention.

10. She Commends You for Almost Everything.

Does she praise you for almost everything? Like, she would send you a message just to say your new haircut is impressive or you look cool with your OOTD. Or whenever you meet, she always has something good to say about you.

21 Usual Signs a Girl is Trying to Get Your Attention
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Even Online

11. She Adds or Follows You on Social Media.

Did she send you a friend request first? Is she your follower on all social media platforms? You can consider this a sign that she likes you.

12. She Always Reacts to—or Even Shares—Your Posts.

Being your active follower on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is another sign that she wants to get noticed. She never misses a post, always liking, reacting, or commenting on them. Sometimes, she even shares some of your posts on her own timeline.

13. She Changes Her DP Every Now and Then.

Has she been changing her profile photo on social media a lot recently? If you have observed that she seldom replaced her DP before, it means that something is making her more active in doing it now. She keeps changing it with more beautiful photos, hoping the person she likes will notice her beautiful pictures.

14. She Chats with You Almost Every Day.

On top of these, she frequents your inbox. She often chats with you for random reasons, like some news updates, announcements, or just to get your opinion about some issues. Or she may even message you just to say, “good morning” or “good night”.

Going for Your Social Circle

15. She Befriends Your Family Members.

Did this girl just send friend requests to your siblings? Or does she sometimes drop by your house to bring some snacks to your mom and dad, claiming she is a neighbor or your good friend? It could be a bit creepy, right?

16. She Starts Hanging Out with Your Friends.

And how about your friends? Is she hanging out with them too? She probably does this so she can be part of your social circle. Also, she wants you to see how friendly you are.

17. She Joins the Organization You are Part of.

If she is really determined to be part of your world, do not be surprised if she joins your organization too. While it is possible that she really desires to be part of socio-civic activities or do humanitarian works, she may have an ulterior motive.

Becoming More Intentional

18. She Touches You.

Do you notice how she seems to love touching you? Like, she would hold or squeeze your hand to show support. Or she probably likes tapping your shoulders or pinching your nose.

21 Usual Signs a Girl is Trying to Get Your Attention
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19. She Makes Eye Contact with You.

If she is a bold girl, do not be surprised if she likes locking gazes with you. For instance, if you caught her looking at you, she would not look away. Instead, she would just smile, give you a slight nod, and keep staring.

20. She Gives You a Hint of Her Feelings.

Aside from lingering looks, she may even start giving you a hint that she likes you. For example, she would probably say you are her ideal guy or how blessed your future wife is. She may also intentionally confess to your friend, knowing they would report to you.

21. She Openly Flirts with You.

What could be the most obvious sign that a girl is trying to get your attention? Nothing beats open flirting. If she is desperate enough to catch your attention and express how she likes you, she may initiate inviting you on a date or become more playful in approaching you.

Get to Know Her Better

It would not hurt to be friends with this girl who is obviously head-over-heels with you. Get to know her character to see if there is a chance she could be the one. If there is none, the day will come when this girl will realize that there is no spark between you, so she will just move on.

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