19 Bold Signs of an Alpha Female

19 Bold Signs of an Alpha Female
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Are you wondering what the signs of an alpha female are? Whether you are curious because you think you might be one or you are here because of a girl you like, you are on the right page. We will discover the characteristics of an alpha woman.

Just like their male counterparts, alpha females are naturally strong-willed individuals. Compared to betas, they are the dominant type, often gaining the group’s highest position.

So, what are the signs of an alpha female? Here are some of them:

19 Bold Signs of an Alpha Female Video


1. She Knows What She Wants.

The alpha girl knows what she wants, and she will do whatever it takes to get it. You cannot tell her to give it up because she has a persistent determination.

2. She is Stubborn.

Since she persists in getting what she has set her mind on, you can say that she is stubborn. She does not listen to reasons. Therefore, no one can change her focus because all she wants is to accomplish her goal. This is why she often irritates the people around her, especially her family and friends.

3. She is Feisty.

An alpha-girl has a courageous spirit. She is bold and willing to face challenges fearlessly. This lady will not back down easily.

4. She is Adventurous.

Her outgoing personality makes an alpha female thirsty for adventures. She is not someone who will stay in her comfort zone. Instead, her love for adrenaline rush leads her to daring escapades. She is the kind of woman who will not back out from extreme adventures.

5. She is Opinionated.

Alpha females sometimes annoy people for being a know-it-all. An alpha will speak out her thoughts, and she is ready to defend them. That is why she tends to be argumentative.

6. She Stands for What She Believes in.

Concerning no. 5, an alpha woman will fight her for beliefs. Detractors do not easily sway her. Instead, she will be prepared to defend her principles.

7. She is Straightforward.

Another sign of an alpha female is being outspoken. When she wants to say something, even if she may offend someone. What matters most for her is to be heard.

8. She is Confident.

Of course, alphas are oozing with confidence. Once you meet an alpha woman, you can tell how empowered she is. She stands tall and walks tall, with her chin up. She will look you straight in the eyes when talking. She is not insecure or intimidated by others.


9. She is Often the Leader.

In the workplace, alphas often end up the leaders. It is probably because of their competitive and excellence-driven nature. No wonder an alpha woman will not settle for being a subordinate. Instead, she will always aim for promotions until she gets to the top.

10. She Likes Competition.

As mentioned in no. 9, an alpha girl is competitive in nature. She does not like being the second best. Instead, she works hard to prove to everyone that she is the best. Meanwhile, she is more motivated whenever she is in competition. If she sees that there are other impressive performers in her workplace, she will eye them as her rivals.

19 Bold Signs of an Alpha Female
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11. She is a Goal-Getter.

An alpha female does not only set goals. She is determined to get them and will not stop until she does. Her focus is admirable, and she will not let distractions take her away from her dreams. In addition, she likes making strategic plans on how she can achieve them.

12. She is Intimidating to Others.

Due to her strong personality, it is not unusual for other people to find her intimidating. Her aura makes others back off and stay away from her. This may also trigger envy, jealousy, or insecurities in other women. However, those who know her personally may find her reliable and approachable.

13. She Loves Showing Off.

Alphas tend to be proud and arrogant. They love being the center of attention and proving to everyone that they are exceptional. For this reason, it is not shocking that an alpha woman loves to brag about her awards, trophies, connections, and achievements.

14. She Can be Bossy.

If your boss is an alpha female, expect her to be real bossy. She loves telling people what to do, and she dislikes it whenever her suggestions are not followed. She can be demanding too. Her subordinates are pressured to meet her standards because she wants everything done with perfection.


15. She Does Not Depend on Her Partner.

Alpha women are independent. Most of them do not mind growing old without a partner or a family. They are not emotionally and financially dependent on men, so they are not bothered by singlehood. Of course, it is not impossible for an alpha girl to feel in love and be in a relationship. However, do not expect her to change for the guy, do things to please him, and beg for him to stay.

16. She Dominates the Relationship.

And whenever she is in a relationship, the alpha woman is usually the boss. She leads the relationship, from deciding where to date, what movie to watch, and what will be their plans for the future. Although she respects her partner, she just cannot control her personality to be in command.

17. She Has the Final Say in Everything.

In connection with no. 16, she is the decision-maker in the relationship. She may ask for her partner’s suggestions and ideas, but she always has the final say. Good thing most alpha women are intelligent, strategic, and reasonable beings. For this reason, their decisions are often correct.

18. She is Territorial.

Just like how alpha animals can be territorial, an alpha woman does not want to share what is hers with others. In short, she is easily jealous. She does not like her partner being close to other women. To avoid conflicts, she wants him to stay away from other ladies. If not, you can expect her to cause trouble once she becomes suspicious of her partner. She likes confrontations, and weaker women would not like being cornered by her.

19 Bold Signs of an Alpha Female
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19. She Can Move on Easily.

And what happens when the relationship does not serve an alpha woman anymore? Do not expect her to hold on for the sake of memories and emotions. She is not afraid to lose someone because her priorities are her peace of mind, growth, and goals. As mentioned above, she does not mind being single since she is independent.

Not Easy to Handle

If you are here because you like an alpha woman, ask yourself first if you can handle this kind of woman before pursuing her. If what you want is a submissive girlfriend, she is probably not the right person for you. You cannot pin her down easily.

Meanwhile, if you are an alpha woman, congratulations on being part of the top of the socio-sexual hierarchy. However, it does not mean that you are invincible already. On the contrary, if you cannot control your negative traits, such as stubbornness, pride, and being bossy, you will always encounter chaos. For this reason, it is important that you learn to improve your social skills too.

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