15 Obvious Signs Your Girlfriend is a Spoiled Brat

Obvious Signs Your Girlfriend is Spoiled
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Have you ever wondered if you are with the right girl? Do you feel like there is something wrong with yourself, but you are unsure whether it is because of you or your girlfriend? What if it is all because of having a spoiled girlfriend?

Some men have failed relationships not because they were not good enough but because they had exes whose standards they could not meet. No matter how much those men tried to make their former partners happy, those women were just so hard to please. For this reason, their relationships could not work.

What is the meaning of Spoiled Brat?

A spoiled brat is a person who is ungrateful and always gets what he/she wants, but never appreciates what he/she has! He/She thinks that the world revolves around him/her and throws tantrums if things are not done their way!

A spoiled brat always says “I”, “Me”, “My” to everything, so no one else can get a word in!

Their wishes, their needs (even when it doesn’t concern them). They’re always right & always expect people to give in to whatever they want because they can’t be touched!

They think everyone owes them something or must give everything to them. They see themselves as the center of attention, they don’t care about other people’s feelings and they are not adaptable to others’ needs.

They always expect more & more from everyone; never happy with what they have.

15 Signs Your Girlfriend is Spoiled

If you hint that you got a spoiled brat for a girlfriend, but you are not sure about it, check out the list below. These are some of the obvious signs that your girl is a spoiled one. Hopefully, this article can help you assess your relationship.

1. She always asks you to carry her bag. 

If your girlfriend always asks you to carry her bag whenever you are at the mall or anywhere, it is one sign. It means that she wants everyone to see that she has a man who serves her from head to foot. It is a public display of her power over you.

2. She demands you drive her to and from the office. 

Does your girl always wait for you to fetch her at home every morning and drive her to work? Then, when the day is over, does she expect your car to be outside her office’s building like she has a personal driver? There is nothing wrong with a boyfriend being the perfect gentleman. However, if she is the one who demands this action, then the gesture is not really sweet but compulsive.

3. She wants you to buy her expensive gifts.

Another sign that you have a spoiled girlfriend is when she requests you to spend a lot on her. She always wants new clothes, bags, shoes, or lipsticks and expects that you will get them for her. Worse, the items she wants are unreasonably pricey, so you would even have to touch your savings just to make her happy.

4. She expects you to pay for your dates. 

Expecting you to be a true gentleman, your girlfriend believes that it is always your responsibility to pay for your dates. She never attempts to contribute, at least, or treat you to a surprise date. Such a woman thinks that she is too attractive enough to be taken for granted, so any man must do whatever it takes to keep her–including indulging her with romantic dates.

5. She does not like cheap dates. 

In connection with no. 4, your girlfriend is a spoiled brat if she likes everything glamorous, elegant, and expensive. She hates to be brought to a fast-food restaurant or a non-popular place. A spoiled girl always wants dates in Instagramable places, so they have something to flaunt to their friends and followers.

6. She decides on all your dates. 

To make sure that your dates will be perfect–according to her standards–she makes it a point to ‘suggest’ where your next date should be. Of course, you cannot say “no”. You always have to heed her ‘suggestions,’ or else she would stomp her feet and not talk to you until you agree to what she wants. She would insist that if you love her, you will take her to places she loves.

7. She expects you to serve her all the time. 

Moreover, a spoiled girlfriend is someone you need to serve all the time. Aside from bringing her bag, pulling chairs, and opening doors for her, she expects you to do everything for her. She only needs to sticks out her mug, and in a snap, you should have refilled it with coffee already. Then, whether in your place or hers, you are expected to cook and serve her favorite meal.

Obvious Signs Your Girlfriend is Spoiled
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8. She does not listen to your suggestions. 

Contrary to her whim that you must follow all her suggestions, she does not take any of yours. She never listens to your ideas because that woman only listens to herself. In short, it is your girlfriend who always has the final say in your relationship.

9. She wants to be in control all the time. 

If your girlfriend is a control freak, it is also a sign that she is a spoiled brat. She does not only insist on deciding for your relationship, but you cannot also decide for your own self. You must consult her for everything–may it about your career or personal wants. You are not allowed to do things that she does not like.

10. She embarrasses you in public. 

Have you ever tried to say “no” to your girlfriend in a public place, then she suddenly made a scene? A spoiled girlfriend will not think twice to embarrass you in front of other people, including your friends and family. She thinks that she has the right to call you out whenever she feels disregarded.

11. She gets mad even when it is her fault.

Another common trait of a spoiled girl is the lack of humility. Even if she makes a mistake, you cannot confront nor correct her. Whenever you try to rebuke her or tell her how you have been offended, she will not take it. Instead, she will get angry at you and threatens to leave.

12. She expects you always to make the first move to reconcile. 

Whenever you fight, you can never expect your girlfriend to approach you first for reconciliation. She will not initiate talking to you unless she wants to say more to prove her point. For this reason, since you love her and want to save the relationship, you always make the first move.

13. She demands apologies from you. 

In connection with no. 12, a spoiled girlfriend will demand that you say “sorry” to her. Again, even if it were not your fault, you would have to apologize to make peace with her. Of course, being in love, you would always swallow your pride just to win her back.

 Obvious Signs Your Girlfriend is Spoiled

14. She is a narcissist. 

A spoiled brat is a self-absorbed individual who thinks that the world revolves around her. She thinks that everyone must give in to her whims, and she cannot take “no” from anyone. Her own wants, needs, feelings, and opinions are the only ones that matter to her.

15. She threatens to leave you when she does not get what she wants. 

As abovementioned, you cannot say “no” to a spoiled girlfriend. Whenever she does not get what she wants, she would always threaten to break up with you. Whether she means it or not, she uses the tactic, believing you cannot live without her.

Will You Stay?

What will you do if you have confirmed that you have a spoiled girlfriend? Will you completely accept her for what she is? Or will you choose to end the relationship?

Hopefully, if you decide on keeping your relationship, you know the consequences that come with a decision. However, if you want a more peaceful life, you should decide to run away from her while you can.

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