12 Wonderful Signs Your Blessing Is Coming

Signs God is Blessing You
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How awesome it is to know that you have God’s favor in your life. When you experience His overflowing blessings, you cannot afford to be ungrateful.

So, how will you know if God is truly blessing you? How can you evaluate His faithfulness over the years?

Signs Your Blessing Is Coming

You can check out the following signs of God’s goodness and beautiful blessings in your life.

1. Your prayers are answered.

Do you pray every day? If yes, how often do you get giddy whenever you realize your prayers have been answered? Answered prayers are surely a sign of being blessed. God listens to the prayers of His beloved children. But, of course, these prayers should be according to His will.

Praying according to God’s will means you have to ask for those that are not against His Word. Plus, your motives must be pure and glorifying to God. I doubt God will answer your prayer to harm the people who have offended you. But, on the other hand, He will be pleased if you pray for those who persecute you instead.

2. You and your loved ones are healthy.

If you and everyone in your family currently enjoy wellness, you are unquestionably blessed. But, unfortunately, a lot of people have been struck by the ongoing global health crisis, and many lost loved ones due to it. Therefore, you should be so grateful to the Lord if you are all in good health today. It is one of the best blessings that one could ever pray for earnestly.

3. You have a grateful heart.

Is it your habit to thank others even for small things? Do you remember to thank God for your life and everyday blessings regularly? Being a grateful person reflects a blessed life. It shows that you have so much to be thankful for every day—and you are aware of that favor. That is why a grateful heart is a sign of being constantly blessed.

Just a reminder, though. You do not have to be rich, famous, or get everything you want to be thankful to the Lord. What makes a person grateful is having a sense of contentment.

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4. Your needs are well provided.

If every day you and your family get to eat at least three times a day, you are blessed. Do you also have a house where you feel safe, secure, and comfortable? If yes, then you are blessed indeed. Even if you do not have great wealth, but your needs are always met, it means that God indeed takes care of you.

5. You receive overflowing resources.

How much more if you constantly receive more blessings than what you need? Having resources that are beyond your needs is a sign of blessing. Examples of overflowing blessings are being able to eat snacks in between meals and having extra money beyond your regular expenses.

Signs God is Blessing You
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6. You have the heart and means to give to the needy.

In connection to no. 5, you would know that you are blessed if you desire to help others. If you can give to the poor without hesitation, it means that you understand that your provision comes from the Lord, so you do not worry about lacking anything. You know that you will lack nothing because you have faith that God always provides. Plus, giving becomes one of your ways to thank God for His goodness.

7. You are successful in everything you do.

If it seems like everything you do turns out excellent, it means that God blesses the works of your hands. May it be in school, work, home, or in the community, others can see that everything you do prospers. If this is you, then you are truly blessed!

8. You experience favor wherever you go.

Being favored is another sign of being blessed by God. The first and most important favor that you have received from Him is the gift of eternal life through faith in Christ. Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.”

Another example of being favored is getting others’ support for your plans or needs. For instance, one would be getting a free ride when you had to walk home in freezing weather. Or you could have received a scholarship for the university or be nominated for promotion at work.

9. You are surrounded by people who guide you.

You are surely blessed if God has surrounded you with loved ones who take care of and guide you. They are your human guardian angels who the Lord has sent to help you whenever you need it. God also uses them to correct you whenever you have made a mistake or give you wise counsel every time you have to make tough decisions.

10. You have peace of mind.

One of the best blessings that you can receive from God is peace of mind. Many people may have a lot of money and other material things, but conflicts, guilt, and frustrations could also bombard them. So, most of these people get exhausted thinking about their life issues that they find it hard to sleep.

Therefore, thank God if you can still sleep peacefully at night and wake up in the morning refreshed and optimistic. Having a clear conscience and being at peace with the people around you is a special blessing you should thank God for.

11. Your life testimony encourages others.

God’s grace is one of the best blessings that you must treat with utmost care. His grace is the reason why you can receive His mercy, forgiveness, and second chances. You may have messed up a lot, but if you have surrendered your life to Christ, you get covered by God’s grace.

One of the manifestations of grace in your life is your transformed life. For example, if you used to live a broken life but now you are healed and complete because of God’s love, your life glorifies Him. Or, if people used to know you as a troublemaker, but now they find you changed, your testimony will also honor God.

Signs God is Blessing You
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12. You witness His miracles.

Have you ever experienced God’s miracles? Is it the sudden healing of chronic disease? Or did someone just knocked on your door to give food at a time when your family had nothing to eat? If you are a first-hand witness that God is a miracle worker, then you are truly blessed. He loves you so much that He even makes way for you when there seems to be no way.

Your Life Itself is a Blessing

If you will make it a habit to count every good thing you have in life, there is no way you can miss the truth that you are blessed. Just think about the air you breathe, the clean water you drink, or the clothes covering your body. These are small but precious blessings you must be grateful for.

Moreover, the fact that you are still alive today is proof that God blesses you. He still has a purpose and plan for your life. Most significantly, He loves you as His child. Therefore, do not waste your life. Instead, learn to value it and live in a way that celebrates God’s goodness.

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