17 Incredible Signs God is Working on Your Marriage

Matthew 6:33

Even Christian couples can hit the rock bottom. Without God’s intervention, it is really hard to sustain a marriage. However, if it is surrendered to the Lord, with the couple cooperating in improving the relationship, a marriage can last. You have probably been praying for your marriage for a long time. Now, you wonder if …

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15 Alarming Signs That You’re Drifting Away from God

Signs That You’re Drifting Away from God

Have you surrendered your life to Christ? If yes, part of that commitment is to nurture your relationship with Him daily. As you actively seek God’s will and make an effort to live by it, you become more Christlike. However, you cannot expect the Christian walk to be easy. Aside from persecutions, temptations, and other …

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14 Helpful Things to Do If You Can’t Feel God’s Presence

Things to Do If You Can't Feel God's Presence

Do you feel like you cannot feel God’s presence lately? Are you worried that something is not right with your relationship with Him? Or maybe you are drifting away from the faith? It is normal for Christians to have low moments, just like any person. Remember that all areas of our lives are interconnected with …

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