12 Helpful Signs God is Preparing You for a Breakthrough

Signs God is Preparing You for a Breakthrough
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You have probably been a Christian for a long time, and until now, you are still waiting for your breakthrough. Or maybe you envy others who claim they have already experienced God’s breakthrough. The question is, when will you experience yours?

What is a Breakthrough?

Before going to the “when,” let us first find out what breakthrough is. In a spiritual sense, a breakthrough is getting to experience a new and higher level of spirituality. For a Christian, it can be when a person gets saved by accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior (Romans 6:23). Or it can be when they start understanding God’s Word deeper or when their prayers are answered. It may also be when they finally overcome habitual sin.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23, NIV)

Signs God is Preparing You for a Breakthrough

If you want to know if you are close enough to your breakthrough, you can read the following signs if God is already preparing you for it.

1. Challenges keep coming.

One of the signs that your breakthrough is coming is the numerous obstacles coming your way. Does it seem like you are bombarded by problems lately? Do you feel as if something or someone is stopping you from moving forward?

Probably it is the devil not wanting you to discover what God has in store for you. Or maybe it is God Himself testing and purifying you for your upcoming breakthrough.

2. You are being pushed to your limit.

Moreover, God may allow you to be tested so much that you would reach the point of breaking. It may seem cruel and heartless, but the Lord maybe wants you to learn something before you can reach your breakthrough.

Maybe you have been so proud and strong-willed that you do not rely on Him anymore. If this is the case, He knows that several trials could exhaust all your human strength and resources. In the end, it would make you acknowledge that you need God.

3. God seems silent lately.

Do you feel bad that God does not seem to hear your prayers lately? Does it seem like you cannot feel His presence now the way you did before? One thing is for sure—He has not left you. And contrary to what you feel, He still listens to your prayers, and He knows exactly how to answer them—at the right time.

So, why is God silent? Again, He is testing your faith. He is molding your patience, maturity, and faith. It is because He is preparing you for the higher level.

4. God takes away harmful people and things from your life.

If God is leading you to a breakthrough, He will be in the process of purifying you. It will include removing the people, activities, and other things that are influencing you negatively. These could be those that distract you from fulfilling your calling in life.

Therefore, instead of hating God for removing you from a toxic relationship or destructive habits, thank Him. He is simply preparing you for something greater than what you have lost.

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5. The Lord disciplines you.

God will allow you to be broken in pain if you continue to live in sin. It is not because He hates you but because He loves you. Believe that God loves you as His child, and just like how a good father disciplines his children, the Lord will discipline you, too, if needed. He knows that you cannot experience His full glory unless you turn from your wicked ways.

Hebrews 12:5-6 says, “And have you forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons? “My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by him. For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.”


Signs God is Preparing You for a Breakthrough
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6. You are humbled to repentance.

In connection to no. 5, God will allow painful circumstances to help you give up your sins and repent completely. However, you can only truly repent if you humble yourself before the Lord—admitting that you have been wrong and asking for forgiveness.

Why is humility necessary in a breakthrough? It is because you cannot change your character if you are proud. Meanwhile, God cannot give you your breakthrough unless you have been transformed into the likeness of Christ. If you experienced greater things while you were still prideful and self-centered, you would only claim the glory to yourself.

7. Healing comes through a recommitment to the Lord.

Do not think that God will allow you to stay broken forever. As you surrender yourself to Him, He will heal you. It may not happen overnight, but you will gradually become whole again. Usually, you would find your breakthrough in your healing.

So, how do you receive God’s healing? The first step should be complete repentance and the decision to live for God. Next, you will have to live out the first step. You need to consciously and willingly stop sinning, and every day you must obey God’s will in everything. To know God’s will, you have to study the Bible carefully.

8. Your hunger for God’s presence increases.

As you commit your life to God, you will notice that you become hungry for more of Him. For example, you cannot stop yourself from singing and listening to worship songs. A day will not be complete without having your Quiet Time with the Lord (includes reading the Bible and praying). Plus, you have that growing desire to involve in a ministry to serve God actively.

If you are already in this stage, please know that your breakthrough has actually begun. Your longing for God’s presence and the determination to live for Him are indications that you are ready to experience greater revelations from the Lord.

9. Your passion for studying God’s Word is renewed.

One more hint that God is preparing you for a spiritual breakthrough is your growing passion for studying the Bible. If the Lord brings you into a higher form of ministry, such as pastoring people and teaching them God’s ways, then you will have to be knowledgeable of His Word.

Aside from being determined to establish your Quiet Time and attend your Bible study group regularly, you will want more. It is possible that you would have that desire to go to a Bible school. Or maybe you would begin collecting books that can help you understand the Scripture better.

10. You have that conviction to be more prayerful.

Are you eager to establish a regular prayer time? This can be another sign that your breakthrough is closer than ever. God is probably reminding you that serving Him or doing His purpose is not easy. There will be a lot of challenges, persecutions, and temptations. For this reason, He wants you to be more prayerful.

Prayer allows your spirit to be in communion with the Lord. If you want to be strong against the trials you will have to face, then you need to commune with Him constantly. If your spirit becomes stronger than your soul and body, then you will have more endurance.

11. Your mind is being transformed.

Another sign that you are getting ready for a breakthrough is the transformation of your mindset. You cannot appreciate and understand the ways of the Lord unless you see things from His perspective.

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Signs God is Preparing You for a Breakthrough
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12. God reveals His purpose for your pain.

You would know that your breakthrough is coming if you finally understand the reasons behind your previous pain. For instance, it could be because God was disciplining you. Or it could be because He was increasing your faith and molding your character.

You are ready for a breakthrough the moment you can finally thank God for the hardships you have survived. It means that He has finally revealed to you that those challenges were only tests of faith, and you have passed.

Be Ready

Your breakthrough is probably coming soon. Instead of getting impatient, be still and trust God. While waiting, serve the Lord with all your heart and strive to live a life that is pleasing to Him. Be ready all the time because it might come sooner than you think.

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March 21, 2022 6:59 am

We don’t need to strive to live a life pleasing to God, we need to see that we are already pleasing to God because of Christ’s finished work. We are already complete in Christ – it’s not something we are working towards, it is where we already are. It’s what we need to build from, this is the foundation. I have strived for the past 22 years of my Christian life and it got me nowhere. All that time I have been frustrated – trying to read the Bible more, trying to pray more etc. When I realised I am already like Christ, I began to see it, believe it and live like it. Now I read the Bible because I want to grow in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of my Saviour’s finished work. I pray more effectively now because God made that possible. All I do, I do it out of a grateful heart, not to strive or try harder. See yourself as already complete in Christ and watch how your attitude and behaviour changes. Hallelujah. Praise Jesus.