8 Clear Signs that God is Testing You

Clear Signs that God is Testing You
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Have you ever experienced that even after trying so hard, things still did not go the way you planned? Maybe God has something better in mind for you, and He is in the process of testing and molding your character.

Or, probably, you are encountering problems, and God seems not to hear you call. Yet, the Lord indeed hears your prayers. If why He does not seem to answer now, it could be that He wants you to learn to extend your faith and patience. In short, again, He is testing you.

So, let us talk more about the signs that God is testing you.

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1. Family problem 

Yes, it is normal to have problems in the family, but does it feel too much sometimes? God knows that your family is both your strength and weakness. Therefore, sometimes He allows your family to experience challenges to get your attention and increase your faith in Him.

So, if you are in pain because of a family feud or trial, God is maybe reminding you to pray harder. Also, He probably wants to strengthen your family more by loving each other unconditionally and selflessly.

2. Hopelessness

Have you reached that one point in life when you felt hopeless or lost? Or do you keep asking yourself things like your reason for existence or why you are still alive? Maybe, such a situation is a sign from God that He is waiting for you to call His name and surrender your whole life to Him.

God has a lot of plans for your life, and He is just waiting for you to let Him guide you to the right path. Once you surrender everything to Him, He will boost your enthusiasm for life, give you hope and reason for living.

3. Failure to achieve goals

Probably, you did everything you could to reach your dreams, and you tried so hard to achieve your goals. However, things did not work the way you planned. God is maybe saving you from future harm, and now He wants you to trust His plans more.

No matter how many times you try to reach your goal, you will not achieve it, if it is not God’s will. Remember, God would know if your plans would be bad for you. Have faith that He has something better in store for you. To get it, you must surrender your plans to Him and let Him guide you. All you need to do is hear His call and follow His plans.

4. Financial problem

This is one of the most common signs that God is testing you. So many people forget about God when they have everything they need. They become blinded by money, and some even make it the main priority in their lives.  They forget that God is their ultimate provider, and all the good things they have are blessings from Him.

Therefore, if you are struggling financially, God is maybe teaching you to trust Him. He wants you to learn to rely on Him for your daily needs. Matthew 6:11 says, “Give us this day our daily bread,” This passage is part of the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples. He encouraged them to pray for provision for their needs in a daily manner.

 Signs that God is Testing You
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5. Heartbreak

One of the most painful challenges that you can go through is heartbreak. Some people even go to the extent of destroying or ending their lives when they lose their loved ones. However, people who love God get strength from Him through faith.

Psalm 34:18 says, The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”

So, why would God allow your heart to be broken? Maybe He is teaching you to love unconditionally. Or maybe He is only saving you from a bad relationship. It could also be possible that He wants to test your faithfulness to Him by taking away someone you value so much. But, then, once you have proven that you will still honor Him despite the pain, He might give you back the person or even send someone better.

6. Health issue

Yes, God may use your health to test your faith. For example, if your body becomes weak with a disease, would you still trust His ways? Or you could have found out that you are terminally ill, and now you are afraid of dying. Would you be mad at Him because He allows this thing to happen to you?

Always remember that God can heal you miraculously if He wants to. So, while doing your best to improve your condition, have faith that He can heal you anytime if it can bring Him glory. If He does not, just continue to trust Him. Maybe, He is teaching you to value your time on earth and your loved ones. Or maybe He simply wants you to increase your faith.  Meanwhile, if He does not heal you at all, just be grateful for your life and make the most of it. Then, change your perspective about death, and think of it positively—that soon, you will be joining God in His kingdom.

7. Patience Test

God often tests the patience of His children too. You have probably been praying for something for a long time, and nothing seems to happen yet. Or you are maybe holding on to God’s promise about something, and you wonder when it will be fulfilled. Or probably, until now, you are waiting for your life’s breakthrough, or you want to know your calling.

Sometimes, God will let you wait not because He is late but because His timetable is better than yours. Also, sometimes He delays the answers to your prayers because you are not yet ready to receive them. In the process of waiting, He is molding your character and increasing your faith. Therefore, do not give up on your hope immediately. Trust God’s perfect timing and His wisdom in how He orchestrates the circumstances around you.

 Signs that God is Testing You
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8. Obedience

Yes, you read it right. God will test your obedience just like what he did to Abraham (Genesis 22:1-19). He asked him to kill and sacrifice his only son, Isaac. In the end, Abraham proved his obedience, and God saved Isaac. From there, God established His covenant with Abraham and his lineage.

Maybe God will not use the same test, but He will test your obedience in some other things. For instance, He can test your obedience in terms of integrity or commitment. Or He will allow you to be exposed to your weaknesses to help you overcome your temptations. Or, like Abraham, God may ask you to give up someone or something you love. If you truly trust God, you will choose to obey Him, knowing that He could only be testing your commitment to Him.

You Will Overcome

These are only some of the signs that God is testing you. If you encounter a life-changing situation, take it as an opportunity to draw closer to God and improve your character. And just a simple reminder, if you choose to resolve issues through God’s way rather than your own, you have an assurance that God is with you along the way.

Always instill in your heart and mind that obedience and faithfulness are the keys to living in God’s will. Follow Him with all your heart, mind, and soul, and you will see how wonderful His plan for your life is.


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