19 Sincere Signs He Doesn’t Want to Lose You

19 Sincere Signs He Doesn't Want to Lose You
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Having a man who loves and wants you for life would make other women envy. Every girl’s dream is to find a prince charming who would fight for their love until the end. However, nowadays, it is rare to find a guy who deeply and crazily loves his woman so much that he would do everything to keep her.

How about you? Can you say that you are blessed with this kind of boyfriend? What are the signs that he does not want to lose you? You can check out some of them below.

19 Sincere Signs He Doesn’t Want to Lose You Video

His Sacrifices

1. He Willingly Cancels His Plans to Be with You.

The man who does not want to lose you would always do anything for you to be together. In fact, he would willingly sacrifice his initial plans just to give you time. For instance, he could cancel his meetup with his friends just to accompany you to an appointment or because you need someone to talk to.

2. He Sets Aside His Tasks Whenever You Need Him.

Has your partner ever skipped work or an essential activity just because you were sick? If a man truly loves you, he will value your welfare more than his responsibilities. That is why he can sacrificially set them aside just to attend to your needs.

3. He Puts Your Needs Before His.

Talking about needs, you can indeed say that his love is genuine and selfless if he can sacrifice his own needs to put yours first. So, for example, he would make sure that you get to eat even if nothing is left for him.

4. He is Willing to Compromise to Avoid Conflicts with You.

Since he does not want to lose you, he would not want anything that can threaten your relationship. For this reason, he is willing to meet you halfway in areas that you usually have conflicts in. Like, if he knows you dislike his friends for influencing you negatively, he will limit his time with them and avoid joining their bad habits.

5. He Allows You to Have Things Your Away.

Since he does not want you to frustrate you, he will allow you to do things your way. He will accept your suggestions, acknowledge that you are right, and even let you make decisions. It does not mean that he is a pushover, though. As long as it is harmless, he is willing to give way to keep the peace between you.

His Thoughts About the Future

6. He Works Hard to Prepare for Your Future Family.

If your boyfriend is serious about being with you for a lifetime, his ultimate goal will be building a family with you. For this reason, he is motivated to work hard to be financially stable. He wants you to be married someday.

7. He Often Talks About Marriage.

In connection to no. 6, a man who does not want to lose you will bring in the topic of marriage. He will let you know of his intention to be married to you. And mind you, expect him to open up about it now and then, especially if you are both at the right age and have been together for a long time.

8. He Wants You to Be the Mother of His Children.

Also, it is not unusual for the man who truly loves you to express his desire for a family together. Aside from the idea of marriage, he will constantly daydream about your future kids and share it with you. And by how he talks about it, you can see how excited he is.

9. He Shares with You His Career Plans.

Of course, your partner will also open up about his long-term career plans. Since he wants to marry you, he wants you to be part of his decision-making. Therefore, he will make sure that you understand his goals and want you to support him. Moreover, he consults you to determine if you have any objections or concerns that he should consider before finalizing his direction.

10. He Talks to You About Investments.

Since he wants a family with you—and he is serious about it—do not be surprised if he starts talking about possible investments. But, of course, he wants to secure your future together. Therefore, he will do everything to be a responsible future husband and father.

19 Sincere Signs He Doesn't Want to Lose You
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His Care for What Matters to You

11. He Believes in Your Dreams.

If the guy truly loves you, he will also cherish what are valuable to you. And he understands that your dreams are as important as his. So, to keep you by his side, he will assure you that you can still achieve your ambitions. That is why he will be a supportive boyfriend to you. He will encourage you to pursue your dreams.

12. He Helps You Achieve Your Goals.

In connection to no. 11, he will also help you to accomplish your goals in every way he can. He wants you to see that there is no reason to go far from him just to be successful.

13. He Gets Along with Your Loved Ones.

Since he truly loves you, he will also win the hearts of your families and friends. This is because he understands how important these people are to you. And if he wants to stay in your life, he knows that he needs to be in harmony with the key people in your circle. Therefore, he will do his best to be on good terms with them.

14. He Learns to Love Your Interests.

Another sign that he does not want to lose you is his effort to adapt your lifestyle to be at home with him. Part of this is learning to love your interests as well. For instance, if you love books, do not be surprised if he starts hanging out in bookstores and libraries too.

15. He Respects and Adopts Your Values.

He does not only adopt your interests, but he will adapt your values too. Of course, he does not want cultural differences to create a conflict in your relationship. He will respect your beliefs and principles and learn to live with them to avoid this from happening.

19 Sincere Signs He Doesn't Want to Lose You
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His Longsuffering to Keep You

16. He Always Makes the First Move for Reconciliation.

Since he does not want to lose you, your boyfriend will not let pride turn you away. So, every time you fight or have a misunderstanding, he will humble himself and initiate reconciliation. Regardless of who is at fault, he willingly apologizes and accepts forgiveness.

17. He Quickly Forgives You.

And whenever you have done him wrong, he will immediately forgive you. He is too in love to stay mad at you. Also, he understands that there is no point in delaying forgiveness if he wants to stay with you, anyway.

18. He Tries His Best to be Patient and Gentle Always.

Women are complicated creatures—he is aware of that. However, because he loves you, he will be more understanding. He will be patient with you and do his best to stay gentle, even during arguments. He is careful not to hurt you in any way, fearing you will leave.

19. He Stays Even If You Hurt Him.

What is the ultimate sign that he does not want to lose you? He stays even if he has reasons to let go. Even if you have hurt him deeply, he will choose to forgive and stay committed to you. Of course, he has limitations, but he will hold on as long as he can.

Treasure Him

If you have this kind of man, please know that you are truly blessed. He is one of a kind, so you should take good care of him and your relationship. Do not take him for granted, for such a man is a rare catch these days.

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