18 Strong Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

18 Strong Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman
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Every girl wishes to settle down with a man faithful to her until the end. Sad to say, cheating issues are prevalent these days. Is that why you are here? Are you afraid your partner likes someone else? Do you have lingering doubts that he has feelings for another woman?

Dating involves many uncertainties as you both get to know each other. Ultimately, it can be difficult to determine if your partner’s attention is entirely on you or if they’re thinking of someone else. If you feel that he might be thinking of another girl as he looks into your eyes, it’s time to find out.

Check out the following signs:

Changes In Behavior

1. He Suddenly Loses Time For You.

Was your partner always available for dinner dates and quality time before? If suddenly he has no time for you, it is time to ask why. When you ask about his schedule, does he give you vague answers, like he needs to hang out with friends or be with family? If that were the case, he would also make time for you. Thus, he likely has someone else on his mind and is spending his free time thinking about and seeing that person instead of you.

2. He Does Not Open Up Like Before.

If he’s been more guarded in sharing his thoughts and feelings with you, it may indicate he’s confiding in someone else. An open and safe relationship should allow for free and open communication, but if he’s closing off emotionally to you, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

3. He Seems Not Interested In Anything About You Anymore.

Have you observed that he does not ask for updates on your daily life anymore? If you notice your man has stopped paying attention to you when you talk, it may mean he has developed feelings for someone else. These are signs that he is no longer fully invested in your relationship.

4. He Is Avoiding You.

If your man keeps making excuses to avoid spending time with you, it could signify his feelings for another woman. Suppose your previous routine of hanging out, going on dates, or sleeping over has suddenly changed, and he is constantly declining your invitations. In that case, it may indicate that he is trying to avoid spending too much time with you.

5. He Is Not Physically Affectionate Anymore.

Did you use to have a strong physical attraction to each other before? One sign he has feelings for another woman is his sudden loss of passion for you. Lack of physical affection can indicate disinterest in the relationship. This includes any form of physical touch, from hugs to sexual intimacy. If your partner has stopped or reduced physical affection, it may mean his heart is no longer in the relationship.

6. He Does Not Get Jealous With Other Guys Anymore.

If he suddenly doesn’t act possessive anymore, it may indicate something’s changed. The absence of jealousy in a relationship can indicate a lack of attachment or investment. If a guy no longer feels jealous about his partner’s interactions with others, it could mean he has lost interest in the relationship or found someone else he cares about more.

Nervous Around You

7. He Is Very Defensive.

Have you noticed that he starts taking everything the wrong way? Maybe he’s acting short-tempered at every innocent question you ask him. This is because his guilt is piling up inside, and he feels emotionally frustrated. His natural defense comes up because he is hiding something from you. So, if suddenly your man is coming across as moody or abrupt for no reason, this is a cause for concern.

8. He Cannot See You In The Eye.

Eye contact is a powerful indication of affection and can trigger passionate feelings. It creates a connection by releasing phenylethylamine, a chemical linked to attraction. If a man avoids eye contact, it may indicate he’s hiding something, such as another woman, and is worried about being caught.

18 Strong Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman
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9. He Gets Jumpy.

He may have a romantic interest and fears being discovered. The anxiety is making him all jittery. This might explain his jumpiness when you bring up topics related to his crush, who might not be you.

10. He Becomes Protective Of His Stuff.

Was your relationship built on trust and open communication regarding phone and account access? A sudden change in behavior, such as avoiding sharing passwords and phones, could indicate that there is something to hide. Asking to use his phone or questioning the password change may provide insight into the issue. If he gets enraged whenever you touch his phone, something is going on.

Being More Obvious

11. He Talks About The Same Woman A Lot.

Your partner may be working with this person and sharing details about their workday. Excessive talking about one person could indicate a crush, as he may be trying to hide his feelings by overcompensating. If the same woman is constantly mentioned, it may signify your partner has feelings for her.

12. He Begins Comparing You To Other Women.

If your partner starts commenting about women on TV and comparing you to them, it may mean they are considering other women. They may suggest that you change your appearance by wearing different clothing or styling your hair differently. This behavior suggests that they are preoccupied with the thoughts of other women, whether they are celebrities or people they know in real life.

13. He Is Always Busy With His Phone.

Does his phone always seem to be ringing nonstop? If you’re on a date night and he won’t stop texting, it could be a sign he’s communicating with someone else, especially if he’s acting secretive and not taking calls in front of you. If you inquire about who he’s calling and he becomes evasive or can’t provide an immediate response, it’s a strong indication that he’s talking to someone more important to him and trying to hide it from you.

14. He Acts Different When A Certain Woman Is Around.

Signs that your partner may have feelings for another woman include changes in behavior around a specific person. Observe their behavior when in this woman’s presence, such as attempting to act more masculinely or becoming awkward in speech. Compare this behavior to when they first started dating you, as it may indicate romantic feelings.

15. He Checks The Same Girl Again And Again.

Have you noticed that he has frequented a place recently? The object of your partner’s potential affection could be a mutual friend, an attractive barista, or even their physical therapist. It may indicate romantic feelings if you observe your partner frequently gazing at or checking out this person, whether in person or on social media.

16. He Starts Introducing You Differently To Others.

If your partner starts avoiding titles and only using your name when introducing you, it’s a sign they’re trying to distance themselves and keep others from thinking of you as a couple. This behavior change, including becoming less attentive and distant at social events, may indicate they have someone else on their mind.

18 Strong Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman
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17. He Doesn’t Want PDA Anymore.

A change in affectionate public displays of affection (PDAs) could indicate trouble in the relationship. If he used to be comfortable holding hands or kissing in public but suddenly stops, it’s a sign that something is amiss. He may be worried about being seen with you and could have another person in mind. He’s being cautious of his actions, likely because of someone else, not because of you.

18. He’s Looking For Ways To End Your Relationship.

If your partner suddenly wants to end the relationship over a petty argument, it’s a red flag. The real reason may be that they have feelings for someone else and are using this as a cover-up.

What To Do

Are you convinced that your man is attracted to someone else? It can be tough to spot the signs that your partner has feelings for another woman. However, just finding someone attractive doesn’t mean having a crush already. A crush involves strong liking and the possibility of pursuing a relationship. Be aware of the signs to prevent any potential trouble. It is also best to talk to your partner about how you feel.


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