15 Obvious Signs He Likes You But is Hiding It: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

15 Evident Signs He Likes You But is Hiding It
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A man in love does not go all out immediately. Many guys have to gather enough confidence for long before they can explicitly express their feeling for the girls they like. So, how would you know if a man likes you, but he is hiding it?

If you are suspecting a man you know to be in love with you, do not react immediately. It is not wise to assume something for which you do have not enough proof. It would be embarrassing on your part to confront the person or flirt with him just because you thought he liked you.

So, how can you confirm if a guy has romantic feelings for you? Just continue reading below, and you will discover the evident signs that he likes you, but he is only hiding it.

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All Attention to You

1. He Gives You Most of His Attention.

One of the obvious signs that someone likes you is their constant attention. Whenever you are around, you seem to be the apple of their eyes. So, if you know any guy who loves staying close to you, talking to you most of the time even with other people around, consider it a sign. He simply cannot resist your presence.

2. He Always Takes Time to Notice You.

No matter where you are in the room and how many people are around, this guy seems to always see you. He knows when you feel sleepy or bored. You would be surprised with his lines like, “I saw you sleeping during the session.” or “You’ve been on your phone for thirty minutes now.” Then, whenever there is a need for comments or suggestions from the crowd, he would always turn to you.

3. He Does Not Seem to Care About Other Women in the Group.

Another sign that he secretly likes you is how he seems not to see any other woman in the crowd. You can observe how he does not talk or spend time with other girls like how he does with you. He may talk to them once in a while, but he does not stay with them for too long. Then, when he gets the chance to have your company, he could talk for hours, and he does not like to be distracted.

4. He Listens Intently Whenever You Talk.

The guy who likes you will listen attentively to everything you say. You can observe from his gestures and attention that he is really interested in what you are talking about. He may not agree with everything you say, but he definitely encourages you to talk more. He even asks questions just to prolong the discussion.

5. He Notices Even the Smallest Details About You.

Another sign that he focused much attention on you is how he notices even the tiniest details about your hair, dress, face—just everything about you! He would even tease you about your mannerisms. Do not be surprised if he asks you how you got the scar on your arm or tells you that your eyes are almost grey.

Gets a Bit Sneaky

6. He Touches You “Accidentally”.

Has it ever happened that he accidentally touched your hand? Or have you ever experienced that his arm was too close to yours that you could actually feel the friction? Maybe those were not accidents at all. It is possible that he is really looking for ways to be close to you.

15 Evident Signs He Likes You But is Hiding It
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7. He Steals Glances at You.

One of the obvious signs that a guy likes you is his stolen glances. It is normal for a person in love to secretly stare at the subject of their affection. So, if you have caught him looking at you several times, then, those were not coincidences. He probably loves watching you from afar while dreaming about moments when he can call you his.

8. He Comments About Your Photos from Years Ago.

Has that guy ever mentioned your old photo on Facebook, expressing how cute you were then? This is one clear sign that he has been stalking you on social media. And why would he do that? The top possible reason is that he likes you.

9. He Likes to Ask for Information About You.

If you have been told by some people that you are his favorite topic, consider the case closed. Why would he be so interested in your life? The only acceptable reason is he likes you, and he wants to know more about you. For this reason, he cannot resist asking for some of your personal details from your friends.

10. He “Coincidentally” Visits the Same Destination.

How many times did you coincidentally run into him in unusual places? You have probably gone on a holiday trip, and he suddenly appeared from nowhere. As a result, you got to spend some time with him, since you were thrilled to meet someone you know in a new place. Maybe those were not accidents at all. What if someone from your social circle is actually sneaking information about your whereabouts and plans?

Tries to Be Impressive

11. He Becomes Competitive Whenever You are Around.

Another sign that he secretly likes you is how he wants to impress you. Have you ever observed how he becomes unusually motivated to perform well whenever you are around? For instance, he would boldly share ideas or suggestions during some brainstorming activities, but you know him to be typically shy and quiet.

12. He Likes to Show Off His Outputs and Performances.

Does he excitedly share with you about his performances or creations that he is proud of? Like, if he is fond of singing, he probably loves to show you videos of him singing in an event or recording his latest song.

13. He Talks a Lot About Himself, Especially His Achievements.

You can also say that he is secretly in love with you if he likes to boast about his accomplishments. Of course, since he wants to impress you, he would dramatically insert his past successes into your conversations. He would mention them casually to be careful not to sound too proud though.

14. He Generously Treats You to Delicious Foods.

Do you love how he would surprise you with food deliveries? Or does he often buy you your favorite meals whenever you see each other? If he is aware that you are a foodie and he likes you, he would surely use your weakness to win your heart.

15 Evident Signs He Likes You But is Hiding It
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15. He Gives You Gifts Every Special Occasion.

The guy who likes you would not only buy you delicious foods, but he will also send you precious gifts. Expect that he will do this on special occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or your birthday. Since he wants to impress you with his generosity, he would really save up for his presents for you.

Why Not Give Him a Chance?

If through these signs you have confirmed that he secretly likes you, how should you act around him? Well, just act normally, like you do not know anything about his feelings. Do not confront him about it or he might be embarrassed. Instead, why not wait for his next steps? Let him gather enough confidence to express his feelings for you. While waiting, simply enjoy the friendship and get to know him better.

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