14 Subtle Signs She is Afraid of Losing You

14 Subtle Signs She is Afraid of Losing You
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When girls are in love, they are often emotionally vulnerable. They open up their lives to the men they love to invite them into their world. However, sometimes, they become too trusting that they leave nothing for themselves. In their attempt to keep their man by their side, some forget to set up barriers to protect their hearts from pain.

Therefore, when you commit yourself to a relationship, consider it seriously. If you are not yet ready to stay committed to one woman, do not make her fall for you. If you end up breaking your promises, you will leave her shattered.

If you are currently in a relationship, be a responsible partner. Do your best to protect that girl from pain, especially if you can see how she is afraid of losing you. How will you know this? Check out these signs for yourself:

Wants to Please You All the Time

1. She Does Everything You Say.

Most women are already empowered, so you can expect them to stand their ground. They can make their own decisions and express what they want. However, if your girl often agrees to do what you tell her, without any objection at all, probably, it is because she is afraid to upset you.

2. She Wants to Be Beautiful in Your Eyes Always.

While it is natural for girls to take care of themselves, you can notice if your girlfriend is putting extra effort to wow you. For instance, whenever you go out on a date, she will often arrive too beautiful, as if going to a party. Moreover, she frequently asks for your opinion about her appearance.

3. She Changes for You.

Another sign that she does not want to lose you is her willingness to change the traits and habits you dislike about her. She will constantly try to improve herself because she wants to be the best girlfriend for you.

4. She Tries to be Your Ideal Girl.

In connection to no. 3, she is obsessed with meeting your standards. If she is aware of your ideal girl, she will do her best to possess her characteristics. This may sound positive but has its downside too. It pressures her to be someone she is not, just because she wants to keep a man.

5. She Agrees to All Your Decisions.

Just like how she will agree to do everything you want, she will not oppose your decisions. Instead, she will let you decide the direction of your relationship to avoid any conflict. She may suggest her thoughts, but she will let you decide in the end.

Shows Vulnerability

6. She Gets Jealous Easily.

Another sign that she does not want to lose you is her fear that you are attracted to someone else. That is the reason why she is easily jealous. She suspects every woman you chat with, even if it is about work. She stalks the girls you follow on social media. Plus, she does not want you to see your female friends.

7. She Expresses Fear of Losing You.

If she seems paranoid of losing you, it simply means she is afraid that you will leave her. This may appear a weakness, but you cannot blame her. She is probably too in love that even the thought of losing you is causing her anxiety and pain.

14 Subtle Signs She is Afraid of Losing You
Photo by jonas-svidras

8. She Cries in Front of You.

Concerning no. 7, you can tell that her fear is real for her if she even cries whenever she shares her feelings with you. She allows herself to be vulnerable before you, hoping it will discourage you from cheating or planning to leave her.

9. She Says You are Her Weakness.

Whenever she tells you this, just believe and be more sensitive about how you treat her. It takes a strong woman to admit her weakness, but it can also endanger her. Exposing her vulnerability means she chooses to entrust her heart to you, and she leaves the choice to your hands. Now, it is up to you if you will take care of that trust, or you will choose to betray her. However, before you do anything that can hurt your girlfriend, please know that letting you know her weakness is her way of begging you not to hurt her.

10. She Turns a Blind Eye to Your Faults.

Another sign that she is afraid of losing you is her tolerance for your mistakes. Of course, this is not acceptable, but she thinks that is the only way to keep you. She fears that you will leave her if she confronts you for your faults. That is why she pretends not to know anything. She may not say anything and try hard to act like nothing is wrong, but she is actually breaking inside.

11. She Swallows Her Pride Just to Initiate Reconciliation.

Whenever you fight, is she always the first one to reach out? If yes, she is obviously not ready to let go of you. That is why she chooses to apologize first and initiate reconciliation. However, it does not mean that she is always at fault in your fights. It only means that she is willing to humble herself before you just to save your relationship.

Includes You in Her Future

12. She Shares About Her Dreams and How You Fit in.

If she is fond of sharing her dreams with you, it means that she wants to stay with you even in the future. In addition, do not be surprised if her plans include you. If she is aware of your own dreams, expect that she will try to integrate your dreams into one plan. However, she will still leave the decision-making to you in the end.

14 Subtle Signs She is Afraid of Losing You
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13. She Wants to Build a Family with You.

Does she talk to you about your future family together? Has she told you how many kids she wants and what would be their names? Expressing her desire to build a family with you is a sign that she definitely wants to keep you in her life. Her fear of losing you compels her to talk positively about the future. It is also her way of convincing you to settle down with her.

14. She Daydreams About Your Wedding Day.

Of course, marriage is part of her dream to start a family with you. Moreover, for many girls, marriage secures their position in the lives of the men they love. For this reason, she cannot resist imagining how your wedding day would be.

20 Cute Signs She Loves You Secretly

Attention Signs
1. She Cares about What You Think of Her.
2. She Always Wants to Catch Your Attention.
3. She Dresses to Impress Whenever You Will Be Around.
4. She Showers You with Attention.
5. She Likes Having You Alone to Herself.
6. She Blushes When You Compliment Her.
Care Signs
7. She is Concerned about You.
8. She is Always the First to Respond When You Need Help.
9. She is Willing to Be Your Shoulder to Cry On.
10. She Always Checks on You.
11. She Defends You.
Value Signs
12. She Appreciates Every Small Thing You Do for Her.
13. She Thanks You All the Time.
14. She Treasures the Simple Gifts You Gave Her Long Time Ago.
15. She Expresses How Important You are to Her.
16. She is Often the First One to Greet You on Your Birthday.
Attachment Signs
17. She Tells You Her Secrets.
18. She Always Calls and Talks to You When Needing Comfort.
19. She is Clingy to You.
20. She Appears Jealous When You Talk to Other Girls.

Please visit Signs She Loves You Secretly for the details.

15 Signs Your Crush Likes You

1. Steals glances at you
2. Sends and responds with long messages
3. Interested to know more about you
4. Knows details you never told him/her
5. Notices even small details about you
6. Appreciates you even in little things
7. Always willing to help you
8. Can stand long conversations with you
9. Asks for your contact details
10. Responds to invitations
11. Shares secrets with you
12. Unusually presentable when s/he knows you would be around
13. Finds ways to be near you always
14. Becomes awkward, timid, or hyper when you are around
15. Changes mood when you hang out with someone else

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17 Noticeable Signs She Wants You to Make a Move

1. She Makes an Effort to be Extra Beautiful Whenever You are Around.
2. She Acts and Talks Too Carefully.
3. She Seems Awkward Whenever You Are Around.
4. She Blushes When Others Tease You To Each Other.
5. She is Always on The Go Whenever You Want to Take Her Out.
6. She Makes Excuses to Be Alone with You.
7. She is Never Too Busy to Respond to Your Messages.
8. She Does Not Mind Having Long Phone Calls with You.
9. She Gives You a Hint That She Wants to Go Out with You.
10. She Calls or Messages You First for Random Reasons.
11. She Locks Eyes with You And Does Not Shy Away.
12. She Teases You a Lot.
13. She Invites You to Her Place.
14. She Opens Up About Her Past.
15. She Asks You About Your Ideal Girl.
16. She Likes to Know Your Impression of Her.
17. She Tries to Make You Jealous.

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Be Careful with Her Heart

Have these signs helped you confirm that your girlfriend is afraid of losing you? If yes, may you consider yourself blessed to have a partner who truly values you? If you really love her, please do not take her feelings for granted. Insecurities cause girls to be paranoid and clingy—and these are not healthy.

With this thought, may you decide to be a faithful and responsible partner to her for the rest of your lives. Of course, you do not hold the future, so you cannot really guarantee that you will stay together for a lifetime. However, at least, you can commit to doing your best to achieve that milestone with her.

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