26 Sweet Signs He Sees You as Girlfriend Material

26 Sweet Signs He Sees You as Girlfriend Material
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How can you say if a guy is really interested in you? Do you want to know if he sees you as girlfriend material?

If a man is serious about pursuing a woman, it means he thinks of her as an ideal partner. He hopes that she is the one he will grow old with. That is why he will do his best to win her “yes”.

To know if this certain guy you are dating really sees you as a potential girlfriend—and bride someday—read the following signs.

26 Sweet Signs He Sees You as Girlfriend Material Video

Loving Your Presence

1. He Loves to Bond with You.

This person is willing to spend hours hanging out with you. He does not get bored talking or doing simple activities with you all throughout the day. If possible, he wants to be by your side all the time.

2. He Always Accepts Your Invitations

Whenever you invite him to anything, he will never say “no”. Whether it is a family occasion, a concert, an organization event, or charity work, he is always on the go for you.

3. He Goes Out of the Way to See You.

Even if it is a long drive from his workplace, or even out of the way going home, he does not mind dropping by. He has probably even committed to driving you home regularly.

4. He Prolongs Your Conversations.

Whether sitting across from each other or simply chatting online, this person enjoys your conversations. You can tell this because he finds ways to prolong your talks. He asks you a lot of questions, comments on everything you say, and shares his own ideas without hurrying,

5. He Invites You to Occasions.

Another sign that he sees you as girlfriend material is his excitement to introduce you to his social circle. He wants you to meet his loved ones and vice versa. Also, it means he is proud to be seen with you in public.

6. He Loves Late-Night Calls with You.

Just like any person in love, he is willing to stay up all night just to talk with you on the phone. And even if you talk almost every night, he never loses topics to talk about.

7. He Messages You All Day.

Moreover, he does not let any day pass by without keeping in touch. He greets you early in the morning, says “hi” at lunch, and asks about your day in the evening.

Showering You with Attention

8. He Does Not Date Anyone Else.

You can tell he is serious with you if he does not see someone else anymore. You are the only one he dates these days, and he seems content with it.

9. He Notices the Small Details About You.

If a person is attracted to you, he will notice everything about you. For instance, he sees the small cut on your finger or that new zit on your forehead. Of course, a new hairstyle will not go unnoticed too.

10. He Praises You in Front of Others.

This guy admires you so much that he lets everyone know about it. He praises your work or beauty even if others can hear him. He wants you to feel that he is proud of you.

11. He Gives You Meaningful Compliments.

He is genuine whenever he compliments you. However, you can tell that he is not only flattering you because he looks you in the eyes with that soft smile.

12. He Treats You Differently Than the Others.

Everyone can observe that he treats you as a special lady. He serves you more than he serves others. He is protective of you and acts like a true gentleman by your side.

13. He Listens to You with Eagerness.

Whenever you are speaking, you can tell that he is interested in hearing you out whenever you are speaking. He listens attentively, with eyes glued on you and his body leaning forward to ensure he hears everything. He also asks questions and gives comments on what you say.

26 Sweet Signs He Sees You as Girlfriend Material
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14. He is Interested in Your Interests.

This guy is also interested in learning about your hobbies and likes. This is a sign that he sees you as girlfriend material. He is eager to adapt your interests so that he can have something in common with you. Also, in case you say “yes” to him, he can be a supportive boyfriend to you.

15. He Supports You on Social Media.

Is this man actively following you on social media? Does he react and comment on all your posts? Who knows? He could even be checking your timeline all the time.

Admiring You as a Sensible Woman

16. He Admires Your Character and Personality.

Has this guy expressed how he admires your personality and traits? If he has told you this, it is clear that he wishes you to be his girlfriend. He may even consider you as his ideal wife.

17. He Respects Your Principles.

You can also tell that he greatly respects you as a woman if he acknowledges your values. He does not impose his beliefs or standards on you. Instead, he admires you for being firm with your principles.

18. He Listens to Your Opinions and Ideas.

In addition, he does not undermine your thoughts. He does not argue with you just to prove his point when you have opposing views. On the contrary, he listens to your ideas and opinions open-mindedly.

19. He Asks You for Advice.

You can also say that he sees you as girlfriend material if he consults you whenever he needs advice. It means that he has high regard for your wisdom. Maybe he thinks of you as a wise and mature woman who can be his guide whenever his judgment is clouded.

20. He Opens Up About His Problems to You.

In connection to no. 19, he always goes to you whenever he is bombarded with problems. He allows himself to be vulnerable whenever you are together. It is because he trusts you, and your presence comforts him.

26 Sweet Signs He Sees You as Girlfriend Material
Photo by icsilviu

Hoping to Seal the Deal

21. He Asks You Out on a Regular Basis.

One of the obvious hints that he sees you as girlfriend material is his excitement to go out with you. Thus, a date with him has become a routine already. No matter how busy he is, he always wants to see you.

22. He Tries to Get the Trust of Your Family and Friends.

Of course, to prove that he respects you as a woman of virtue—the one he deems fit to be the mom of his kids—he also reaches out to your loved ones. He gets along with your friends and treats them as his own. Also, he visits your home and brings your family some yummy snacks.

23. He Expresses His Desire to Commit Himself to You.

If he is serious with you, he will bravely confess his feelings. He will let you know his intention and assure you that he is willing to wait for you if needed.

24. He Asks You About Your Ideal Marriage and Family.

Another sign is his desire to know about your ideal husband and family setup. He wants to see if he will fit your standards or if he can give you the happily-ever-after you dream of.

25. He Shares with You His Future Plans.

In the same way, he also loves to daydream with you. He shares his ideal wife, dream wedding, and how many children he wants. He also opens up about his career plans and other goals he aims to achieve.

26. He Puts Effort into Winning Your Heart.

Overall, this guy does everything to get your trust and affection. He serves and helps you whenever you need him. Moreover, he even sacrifices time, effort, and resources just to make you feel valued.

Should You Give Him a Chance?

If you have seen all or most of the signs in this guy, it is clear that he sees you as girlfriend material. You should ask yourself if you feel the same way about him. If not, and you are not comfortable with how he treats you, it is best to tell him gently. However, do not give in immediately if you think he has a chance. Instead, take time to get to know him better and pray if he is really the one.

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