20 Undeniable Signs He Thinks You’re Beautiful

20 Undeniable Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful
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Being admired by the man you like is simply an amazing feeling. It is like being on cloud nine. If he thinks you’re beautiful, there is a big chance he will pursue you sooner. Isn’t this exciting?

So, what are the signs that this guy you like is also attracted to you? Here are some of them:

20 Undeniable Signs He Thinks You’re Beautiful Video


1. He Keeps Stealing Glances.

If you have caught him staring at you several times (and would immediately avert his gaze), he is drawn to your beauty. It is obvious that he finds you attractive, but he does not have the guts to confess his feelings yet. That is why he just takes his chances to steal glances.

2. He Stares at You with Obvious Admiration.

And when he looks at you, it is clear that is enticed by your beauty. It is either his eyes are bright and smiling, or they are wide and starstruck. If this is how he stares at you every time you meet, you can tell that he thinks you’re beautiful.

3. He Boldly Introduces Himself to You.

If you were not old friends or acquaintances and he suddenly approached you out of the blue, he is really attracted. The reason why he would make excuses for some small talk is he wants to be connected to you. He wants to get to know you and hopes you will also be interested in knowing him.

4. He Sends You a Friend Request.

Then, after introducing himself, you found out that he sent you a friend request on social media. If this really happened, it means he is serious about being friends with you. He does not want to let go of the chance to be connected to you, so he made an effort to find you online.

5. He Actively Follows You on Social Media.

And after a while of being friends on social media, you notice that he has become your avid follower. He always reacts and comments on your posts, as nothing escapes him. Sometimes, it makes you wonder if he is actually stalking your account.

6. He Always Finds Himself Approaching You.

Whenever you have to be in one place, such as at work or any activity you are both part of, he always approaches you. He will enthusiastically greet you and open up about random topics to get you talking.

7. He is Often Where You are.

In connection to no. 6, this guy will not leave your side once he approaches you. He will stick with you wherever you go as if you two are inseparable. It shows how proud he is to be with you, and he hopes his presence will keep other men away.

8. He Cannot Keep His Hands Off You.

Another sign that he thinks you’re beautiful is how he can’t resist touching you. He likes touching your hair, hand, arm, shoulder, and even your face. Of course, he acts like it’s nothing malicious. However, the truth is he can’t help being so close to you.


9. He Courageously Asks You Out.

Sooner or later, this guy will gather all his confidence to invite you out. If he has already done it, consider it confirmed that he finds you attractive. He would not ask you out if he did not like you.

10. He Spends Much on Your Date.

Then, during your dates, this man is not hesitant to spend much just to impress you. He brings you to expensive restaurants and concerts and even takes you out on a shopping spree. He wants you to see how generous and a good provider he is.

20 Undeniable Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful
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11. He Cannot Stop Sending You Messages.

He texts or chats with you every day. From when he wakes up to when he has to sleep, he does not forget to send you a message. What are his usual messages? They are often random and nothing urgent. He simply wants to check on you and talk to you about anything under the sun.

12. He Tries to Impress You in Everything.

Aside from being so generous, he finds other ways to impress you. He shows off his talents, like playing an instrument and singing in front of you. Or he could be telling you his success stories and how competitive he is.

13. He Gives You Compliments.

Of course, if he thinks you’re beautiful, he can’t stop himself from exclaiming that. He will find opportunities to let you know how he admires you. He may also compliment your outfits, hairstyle, or how you carry yourself.

14. He Sends You Flowers and Chocolates.

This is one of the usual hints that a guy is attracted to you. He will give you lovely bouquets and expensive chocolates. The flowers are a symbol of how beautiful he sees you, while the chocolates mean he finds you sweet. He is bravely pursuing you if you have been receiving these, among other gifts from him.

15. He is Proud to be Out with You in Public.

If he truly finds you gorgeous, he will flaunt your company in public. Whenever you are out together, you can notice how excited he is. He does not mind going to crowded places and meeting people you run into. He also talks loudly and takes a lot of your photos together. Also, if given the chance, he will hold your hand and put his arm around you.


16. He Stops Seeing Other Girls.

If you are the most beautiful girl in his eyes and he knows he has a chance with you, he will stop pursuing other girls. Of course, he thinks he is the luckiest man in the world if he can have you as his girlfriend. For this reason, he loses interest in other women.

17. He Makes an Effort to See You Every Day.

Moreover, he will actively pursue you. One way he does this is by making an effort to be with you daily. Even if you work in different places, he will pick you up from your office after work. If availability permits, he wants to go out with you every day.

18. He is Jealous of the Other Guys Close to You.

This is a normal reaction if he thinks you’re beautiful. He is afraid that other men are also hitting on you. That is why he likes to linger around you most of the time. He hates it when other guys approach and talk to you.

19. He is Willing to Wait for You.

Many girls are known for being late on their dates because of spending too much time on fashion. If this man does not mind waiting for you for two hours, he is really smitten. He is willing to wait for a long time just to have your company.

20 Undeniable Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful
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20. He Talks About You to His Friends.

Of course, this man is proud to be dating a lovely girl. Do not be surprised if his friends know you already, even before you meet in person. Consider it a powerful sign that he is in love with you.

Wait for the Next Level

It is normal for guys to be attracted to pretty girls. However, a man in love will not only consider physical appearance. Therefore, do not fall hardly in love with a cute guy, even if he thinks you’re beautiful. Enjoy the friendship stage first and see if your attraction for each other will level up to real love.

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