23 Terrible Signs of a Selfish Person

23 Terrible Signs of a Selfish Person
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It is challenging to deal with a selfish person. They are hard to get along with, and you cannot depend on them. So, expect them to be only after their advantages, without thinking about how those can affect others.

So, how will you know if you are dealing with a self-centered individual? Here are some of the signs:


1. Spends So Much on Physical Appearance

A selfish man or woman makes sure they are attractive all the time. They can spend all their money on the latest fashion trends. This is one of the reasons it is hard for them to give to the needy, even to their loved ones.

2. Wants to be the Center of Attention All the Time

In connection to no. 1, a selfish person wants to be everyone’s favorite. They want to be popular and admired by all people. For this reason, they seize every opportunity to catch everyone’s eye. Expect them to be late to parties and events since they always want a grand entrance.

3. Thinks of Themselves as Someone Important

These people are self-entitled. They expect everyone to know and honor them. Whenever they feel unprioritized or unrecognized, they will make a scene. Moreover, this kind of person loves flaunting their connections with big-time personalities.

4. Demands Special Treatment

Since they think they are important, they expect people to give them privileges over others. In addition, a selfish person wants to be served, and most of the time, you cannot hear them thanking you. For them, it is just normal for others to look after them.

5. Flaunts Everything on Social Media

A vain person also posts everything about themselves on social media—not to inspire or express happiness—but to show off. They want to brag about their designer bags or shoes so that others will envy them.

6. Manipulates Situations to Get What They Want

A selfish person can be manipulative too. Whenever they do not get what they want, they will maneuver the situation to favor themselves. For instance, they will bribe judges in a competition to ensure they win the first spot.


7. Does Not Care If Others are Uncomfortable Because of Them

Since they are self-centered, do not expect this kind of person to think about what others feel. They can be straightforward, even though they know they might offend someone. And even if they are not welcome in a place, they will still go simply because they want to.

8. Puts Themselves Before Others, Even Family

Do not expect a selfish person to care about others, even their own family members. They only look after themselves. They are not willing to sacrifice time or resources, even if they know someone close to them is in dire need.

9. Carelessly Tactless

As mentioned in no. 7, an egotistical person can be straightforward without caring about how others feel. They are tactless and will not try to find gentle words when talking to someone. What only matters to them is they get their message across.

10. Disregards Others’ Beliefs

This kind of person is often closed-minded. They think they are always right, and it is their duty to correct others. They are disrespectful to other people’s beliefs or principles simply because those are different from their own.

11. Does Not Mind Disturbing Others

Do not expect a selfish person to adjust to the people around them. Just like in no. 7, they do not care if they are causing others some discomfort. In fact, they are indifferent to what others need. For instance, they will not bother lowering their voice even when someone nearby is sleeping or studying.

12. Disrespects Others’ Possession or Properties

This person does not care about others’ stuff. They are not a good steward of the things they borrow simply because they are not theirs. For example, they borrow a friend’s book, use it with dirty hands, and leave it lying everywhere.

23 Terrible Signs of a Selfish Person
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13. Will Not Compromise

Since they think they are self-entitled, they will not compromise or adjust their demands to accommodate others. What they want is what they should get, even if it costs their relationships.

14. Makes Offensive Jokes

Insensitivity is another sign that an individual is selfish. They can crack jokes out of others’ embarrassing moments and issues. Sometimes, they are even sarcastic about them.

15. Laughs at Others’ Misfortune

You cannot expect a selfish person to be compassionate toward others. They cannot put themselves in others’ shoes. Therefore, it is easy for them to make fun of others’ failures, flaws, or shame. If a person they do not like happen to hit rock bottom, they will even feel good about it.


16. Cannot be Counted on When You Need Help

A self-centered person is not interested in helping others unless they can benefit from it. That is why it is hard to rely on them. Even if they are your family or friend, they will not sacrifice time, effort, or resources to help you.

17. Stingy Even When They Have a Lot of Money

Their money only works for them. They want to be rich solely for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Unlike selfless individuals who willingly shell out money to help others in need, selfish people are stingy. They prefer receiving than giving.

18. Never Available When Someone Asks for Their Time

If you need someone to talk to, you cannot count on a selfish person to be available for you. They do not care about your hurts or problems. They will tell you they are busy, only to find out later they have been shopping with friends.

19. Questionable Loyalty

Most selfish people are two-faced. While they treat you nicely when you are together, they will say unpleasant things about you when with people you are in conflict with. They are only loyal to themselves. Instead of choosing to side with someone, they will try to keep both parties in their hands so they can take advantage of them.


20. Likes Talking About Their Achievements

Wanting to impress everyone, this kind of person often brags about their triumphs. Whenever they hear someone praising another person for an accomplishment, selfish individuals will automatically divert the conversation toward themselves. They will open up about the same or related achievements, making it sound like they have done better.

21. Is Not Happy for Others’ Success

A selfish person does not like being surpassed by others. They want others to admire them, but they cannot make themselves admire others. That is why it is hard for them to be happy for other people who achieve something—even if the person is their friend.

22. Does Not Admit and Apologize for Mistakes

A prideful, selfish person will never admit they are wrong. Therefore, do not expect them to apologize for causing problems and hurting people. They will always justify their actions because they think everything they do is right.

23 Terrible Signs of a Selfish Person
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23. Will Not Accept Defeat

Do not expect a self-centered individual ever to accept defeat. Even in sports, it is hard for them to show sportsmanship. Whenever they get defeated by opponents, they will only accept that with a grain of salt. Instead, they will be going around, spreading a rumor that they have been duped.

What to Do

If you realize that you are dealing with a selfish person, you can choose between two things. First, you can be more patient and understanding to that individual. Anyway, no one is perfect, and everyone needs a good friend. You can also try to open up about the issue and hope they will be humble enough to decide to change. However, if that person is not open to change and they are being already toxic, you can choose to keep your distance from them. Of course, you need to prioritize your mental health.

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