17 Dreadful Signs of An Emotionally Broken Man

17 Dreadful Signs of An Emotionally Broken Man
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How will you know if the guy you are dating is ready to love you with all his heart and soul? One is through his emotional availability. He should not be indifferent to your needs as a partner. However, if he is an emotionally broken man, this can be quite difficult.

If you want to know the signs that a guy is battling some emotional issues, check the following out:

17 Dreadful Signs of An Emotionally Broken Man Video

Identity Crisis

1. Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can result from emotional harm as well as other factors like introversion or social anxiety. Because of a difficult breakup in a previous relationship, a man’s confidence suffers. This might make him question whether you, his current partner, are really interested in him.

2. Has Many Insecurities

Can you say that this guy is insecure? For instance, he needs to be more confident applying for a job he likes because he thinks there are better applicants than him. Or he probably thinks no girl will ever love him seriously because he believes he is a loser. He is also possibly jealous of other men with better physiques or careers than him.

3. Basing Worth on Achievements

An emotionally broken man may become overly competitive because he wants the feeling of realizing that he is not entirely useless. This kind of person is usually too workaholic, to the point of having no more time for rest and socialization. He thinks that without a successful career, no one will love him. The danger is he finds it hard to accept failures.

4. No Driving Force

While some guys use pain to fuel their grit, others allow themselves to sink into defeat. He becomes unmotivated for a while, losing sight of his dreams. If he had lost someone significant to him, he would probably let go of the plans he once shared with that person. As a result, he lost direction in life.

5. Caught in Ugly Habits

In connection to no. 4, this man allows himself to be overcome by vices. It could be being consumed by excessive drinking, partying, or gaming. He could also engage in gambling, pornography, or substance abuse. Since he is unmotivated to pursue goals, he wastes time keeping himself entertained. This could be his coping mechanism to help him forget his pain.

Messed Up Disposition

6. Has Mood Swings

Emotional distress is one of the causes of mood swings. Therefore, if a guy has an unpredictable disposition, it could be due to some emotional damage. It is not surprising that in a split second, he is the life of the party, making everyone laugh. Then, he reaches his lowest point the following instant, and even you find it difficult to believe that this is still the same person from earlier.

7. Very Sensitive

Even if you merely stated it as a joke, anything bad you say about this individual can rile him up. He may take anything you find humorous seriously; even the most insignificant comments may offend him. Anything concerning his previous relationships must be avoided at all costs since it can truly set him off.

8. Offends a Lot of People

Yes, this is another sign that he is an emotionally broken man. He is insensitive to others’ feelings and thinks he always needs to be assertive. He likes to insist on his ideas, even to the point of invalidating others’ thoughts and beliefs. This could be his defense mechanism. He tries to avoid getting hurt again by fighting for himself because he probably thinks no one will take him seriously.

9. Withdraws from Socialization

If this guy seldomly comes out of his home or goes out to see people, it hints that he is in pain. Depression causes people to withdraw from society. If before they loved to hang out with their family and friends, now they prefer being alone most of the time. He avoids interacting with people because he is afraid they can see through him. Also, he is tired of faking that he is doing fine.

17 Dreadful Signs of An Emotionally Broken Man
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10. Easily Irritated

Does he get annoyed easily? It is usual for any person going through a hard time to be irritable. They have short patience since it is difficult to focus their energy on being kind and understanding. Therefore, if this guy you like gets angry over menial things quickly, it is possible that he is suffering inside.

11. Gets Abusive

And when this guy is cross, he tends to resort to abusive behavior. He could be verbally and emotionally offensive. Worst, he could be violent to the point of physically hurting someone. If this is the case, it is better to help this man get professional attention to overcome this. However, if he is already hurting you emotionally, psychologically, and especially physically, you better run away. You need to keep yourself safe from him.

Emotionally Unavailable

12. Is Only After Sexual Intimacy

You might want to proceed cautiously if your partner is eager to jump into bed with you and quickly jump out as soon as the deed is through. Take a close look at the connection. Is your man just after sexual intimacy with you? Does he make an effort to connect with you emotionally? Do you even bring up important issues? No? You might be dealing with a man who is broken.

13. Considers Being Expressive as a Weakness

You are sure that he has feelings for you, but somehow he is not being expressive. Let us say he has trouble expressing his affection but thinks (for some reason) that you should be able to know it by then. If this is the case, you are dealing with an emotionally damaged individual.

14. Flirts a Lot with Various Girls

Another sign that you are with an emotionally broken man is dealing with his rampant flirting. He cannot stop himself from hooking up with different women. He finds comfort in knowing he has what it takes to charm girls. The more women attracted to him, the more important he thinks of himself.

15. Is Afraid of Commitment

He may go out with you a lot, but this guy is not ready to take your friendship to a higher level. Although he is attracted to you, he is afraid of commitment. He keeps telling you that it will happen soon, but you do not know when that soon is. If you have been together for a long time, but until now, your relationship has no label, this is it.

16. Stuck in the Past

If this man is sensitive whenever you open up about his past, he is clearly emotionally broken. He cannot move on from whatever caused him pain. Unless he lets go, releases forgiveness for himself and those who hurt him, and decides to move forward, he cannot heal.

17 Dreadful Signs of An Emotionally Broken Man
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17. Avoids Being Attached to You

Can you feel that this guy puts a wall around him? Does he set a barrier between you? This is another sign of an emotionally broken man. He fears getting rejected or left behind again someday. Therefore, to keep himself safe from another heartache, he chooses to distance himself from any girl.

Let Him Heal First

You cannot heal an emotionally broken man. Stop thinking of yourself as his hero or savior. No matter how much you try to make him forget his past, it will not happen if he keeps holding on. Unless he decides to help himself, he cannot experience healing. Pursuing a relationship with this kind of person may only cause you regrets and pain. Therefore, encourage him to work on himself first before allowing yourself to grow fonder of him.

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