15 Obvious Signs of True Love after Breakup

15 Obvious Signs of True Love after Breakup
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Are you still crying over a past relationship that you cannot love someone new? Do you feel like your ex is your TOTGA or “the-one-that-got-away”? How would you know it was really true love after all?

Before deciding to pursue your ex back, make sure you really love the person. Being in and out of a toxic relationship is exhausting, so you better get out of it permanently if it is not true love.

So, how will you know if you really love your ex? Here are some of the signs of true love after a breakup:

You Never Let Go at All

1. You Cannot Get Rid of the Stuff Reminding You of Your Ex.

People who are determined to move on would be brave enough to let go of the gifts and other things from their exes. Some may take a while to do it, but it would not be hard to do after some time. However, if you are still unwilling to let go of those stuff after several years, it means that you have not forgotten about the person at all.

2. You Still Stalk the Person Even After Many Years.

How long has it been since you broke up? If it has been years since you separated ways and you still visit your ex’s timeline, there is a chance that you miss the person. Then, of course, you have to evaluate your motive for stalking. Some stalk their exes out of the desire to see them miserable.

3. You Keep Dreaming About the Person Even After a Long Time.

While it is normal to dream about anyone who has been part of your life, it is bothersome to constantly dream about someone even after years of not being connected. It may not be every night, but such a dream often comes at the least expected times, so they leave you in shock upon waking up.

4. You Cannot Avoid Visiting the Memory Lane.

Do you still reminisce about your past together? Do you find comfort and happiness whenever you think about your good memories? If yes, that person obviously still holds a special place in your heart and mind.

5. Your Theme Songs are Still Your Favorite.

Do you still play your favorite songs together? Are they still part of your playlist? If you still find yourself sentimental whenever hearing those songs, you indeed have not healed yet. And it is clear that you still long for the person.

6. You Still Cry Over Your Failed Relationship Once in a While.

Regretting that your love story had to end is one sign that you truly loved an ex. When was the last time you cried because you still could not get over your broken relationship? If it was very recent—like yesterday or earlier today—you are still in love with the person.

15 Obvious Signs of True Love after Breakup
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You Will Always Care

7. You Want the Person to be Happy Even without You.

True love is selfless. If you still care about your ex’s welfare and happiness until now, it shows that you love the person. For you, it does not matter if you are not part of it anymore, but their success and joy will always mean a lot to you. If your ex happened to find new love, you would still choose to be happy even if it hurts.

8. You Get Worried Whenever You Discover Your Ex is Sick or in Trouble.

Another sign that you still love your ex is your genuine concern for the person. You cannot help but worry whenever you find out your ex is not doing fine. If possible, you would surely rush to their side if the person were sick or in sorrow.

9. You Feel Proud When the Person Becomes Successful.

Do you celebrate your ex’s success? Are you still rooting for the person even if you are not together anymore? If you are still proud of your ex, even in small accomplishments, it is clear that you have genuine affection for the person.

10. You Will Not Hesitate to Help Whenever Possible.

If, until now, you cannot resist lending a hand to your ex whenever they are in need, you still care about the individual. Regardless of the heartaches the person caused you, what matters more to you is their wellbeing.

11. You Still Defend the Person Even if You are Not Together Anymore.

Do you feel mad whenever someone badmouths your ex? Will you argue with someone who criticizes them? If, until now, you care about your former partner’s reputation, and you are hurt whenever you hear negative things said against that person, you still care.

You Long for the Person

12. You Would Grab Any Opportunity to See Your Ex Again.

Do you avoid crossing paths with your ex? Are you eager to see that person even from afar? Of course, you can miss someone without wanting to be with them again. However, if you still want to get a glimpse of them after a long time of separation, it is an indication of deep-seated longing that does not go away with time.

15 Obvious Signs of True Love after Breakup
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13. You Miss the Person So Much.

Concerning no. 12, missing a person even after a long time of being disconnected from each other is a sign of true love. If you have been in several relationships before, you would agree that you do not miss all your exes. So, if this one particular ex lingers in your heart and mind for a long time and you miss them so much, it is obviously love.

14. You Wish You Could Go Back in Time to be with Your Ex Again.

If you miss your ex so much to the point that you wish you could go back to the past to be with that person, you are still in love. It is also possible that you keep telling yourself that if only you could go back in time, you would do your best to save your relationship.

15. You Wish You Could Still End Up Together No Matter How Impossible It Seems.

And what is the most obvious sign that you still love your ex? It is wishing that at the end of the day, you would still find yourself in that person’s arms. You may not know how it could happen (especially if your ex is already with someone else), but still, you wish you could have another chance in the future.

Choose to Heal

If you have realized that you still love your ex, you can either fight for your love or move forward. You may also wait for time to bring you a second chance, and hopefully, when it happens, you are both healed from the past.

Of course, you are not in control of situations. However, do not let the fear of completely losing the person you love make you force reconciliation when the two of you are not ready. It could result in more pain.

So, what is the best solution? Choose to heal for now. Believe that if the love between you is true, this season is only a refining fire to strengthen your affection for each other. And someday, if you are meant to be with each other, you will cross paths again and have a second chance at love.

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