15 Cute Signs of a Shy Guy Having a Crush on You

15 Cute Signs of a Shy Guy Having a Crush on You
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How would you feel if the cute, mysterious, but shy guy in your class or office had a crush on you? You might probably have some butterflies in your stomach or feel you are suddenly on cloud nine. However, confirming this exciting news could be a bit challenging.

Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Shy people are less expressive than extroverts. They usually inhibit themselves from showing what they truly feel about someone. Normally, they would act indifferent towards the person they crush. They may even treat them rudely at times to mask their true feelings.

However, once they are serious with their feelings for someone, they would also try to start moving forward a goal. If you want to know about their usual moves, you can check out some of the signs that a shy guy has a crush on you.

Not Very Social with You

1. He is Quiet Around You.

Typically, a shy guy feels conscious whenever his crush is around. This is because he does not want to make any mistake or act silly in front of the girl. For this reason, he prefers to stay quiet until such time that he will have gathered enough courage to say or do something impressive.

2. He Avoids Making Eye Contact.

Unlike most extroverts, shy guys cannot bear locking eyes with their crush. They are afraid that their eyes will reveal much about their feelings. Remember, they say that the eye is the “window to one’s soul”. So, unless they are already confident that they have a fighting chance to be liked back, they will be hesitant to connect with their crush’s soul and be vulnerable in their gaze.

3. He Stiffens Whenever You are Approach.

Another sign that he has a crush on you is how he gets so conscious whenever you approach him. You can notice that his body stiffens, making him look less comfortable. He is clearly nervous, looking like he is about to sprint away. Does it mean he does not like you near him? No. He is simply not confident enough to interact with you.

4. He is Nervous to Initiate Conversations.

In addition to being conscious, he struggles to start a conversation with you. For sure, he is dying inside to talk to you. However, he is scared that he might be saying nonsense before you.

5. He Pretends Not to See You.

Do you ever feel like he sometimes pretends not to see you—even if he obviously knows you are there? Your gut feeling can actually be true. He probably ignores you because he is shy to say “hi”.

15 Cute Signs of a Shy Guy Having a Crush on You
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Willing Efforts

6. He Joins Group Get-Togethers.

Shy men are not fond of joining the crowd. However, if you notice that he is suddenly eager to join a group bonding in which you are part, consider it a sign. What could have encouraged him to socialize with a bunch of people?

7. He Bravely Participates in Activities to Impress You.

Is he uncommonly showing off in school or at work? Does he suddenly participate in activities and try to be competitive? Either he has finally realized the need to come out of his shell and be more goal-oriented, or he wants to impress someone. So, how would you know if it is about you? First, you would notice that he keeps glancing your way, probably trying to see if you are really impressed.

8. He Asks a Friend to Send You a Gift.

Another sign that a shy guy has a crush on you is he gives you a gift—but through someone else. People usually do this because they are afraid of rejection or are not yet ready to explain themselves to the recipients. That is why they send a go-between to send a present, so they do not have to deal with their crushes directly.

9. He Leaves a Secret Note for You.

Has he ever left a sticky note or any paper on your desk or inserted one into your locker or book? If yes, what did the note say? A “thank you” message? Or is it a short but meaningful appreciation? It is one sweet move from a shy guy, right?

10. He Seems to Practice His Lines Before Talking to You.

Has it ever approached and started a conversation with you, but you noticed that his lines were calculated? Yes, he may have actually prepared for that talk, and he even practiced the possible lines to say. Well, it is not that he is not sincere. He simply wants to appear confident and casual before you.

11. He Laughs at Your Corny Jokes.

You probably admit to yourself that you are not gifted with witty humor. So, if you had tried to crack a joke before and this guy laughed his heart out, maybe he wanted you to feel good about yourself. Or probably he simply finds everything you do or say amusing.

12. He Changes the Way He Dresses.

With the other signs, you can observe, has he recently started to pay attention to his fashion style? Is he now more conscious of his appearance? You should wonder why. The best reason is he desires to impress or attract someone, which could be you.

Getting Help

13. He Asks Others About You.

Have some friends informed you that this shy guy is interested in your life? Did they tell you how he asked about some details about you, like your hobbies and ideal person? If he did this, then it is clear that he is attracted to you. However, since he is yet gathering the courage to ask you these things directly, he has to approach others who know you instead.

15 Cute Signs of a Shy Guy Having a Crush on You
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14. His Friends Give You a Hint.

And what about his own friends? Do they give you a subtle hint about his feelings for you? Like, they would tease you to him or ask about your impression of their shy friend. Or are they even openly shipping you together? If they do this, it is probably because they know how he feels about you and wants to help him pursue you.

15. His Friends Ask You Some Personal Questions.

On a more serious note, has it ever happened that one of his friends suddenly got into a heart-to-heart talk with you? But, then, did that person ask you personal questions, like what are the qualities of your ideal man? Are you dating someone now? Are you open to dating a colleague? These questions are normal if you talk to a good friend, but they seem weird if a not-so-close friend or acquaintance suddenly starts getting interested in your love life.

Help Him a Bit

So, what if this shy guy really likes you? And what if you actually like him too? If you are aware that he is struggling to create a bond with you, why not help him out? There is nothing wrong if you do your part to build a more solid connection with him. You can be more friendly towards him and initiate conversations that can help him be more used to talking with you.

Then, once you become friends, you can be both more comfortable, and you get to learn more about each other.

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