17 Obvious Signs She is Pretending to Love You

Signs She is Pretending to Love You
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One-sided love is one of the most painful things you can experience. You are hopelessly showing affection to someone who does not value you in return. But do you know what could be worse? It is discovering that the person you loved had just been pretending to love you too. It spells betrayal.

You are probably reading this article because you are afraid your girlfriend is not being true to you. You want to confirm if she only pretends to care about you. Is that right?

Some people enter a relationship with someone who loves them not because they feel the same way but for other reasons. There are those who only pity the person who loves them because of their all-out effort. Others may only want comfort and company, especially if they are lonely or brokenhearted. Some just date a person because they can benefit from the relationship.

If you want to know if you should let go or continue your relationship, you can hopefully learn from reading below. Here are some apparent signs that she is pretending to love you.

1. She is Not Excited to See You.

Is your girlfriend more excited to bond with her friends than go out with you? If she is always busy or feels lazy whenever you ask her out, that is a sign. A girl in love will always want to see the man she adores.

2. She Seems Bored or Distant Whenever You are Together.

How about whenever you are together? Do you feel like she is not enjoying your company at all? Like, she is always on her phone rather than talking to you? And whenever you are sharing some thoughts, she does not seem to listen. Worst, she always checks the time and reminds you she has another appointment or has to be home soon.

3. She Does Not Consistently Check on You.

How often does your girlfriend call to ask how you are? Has it ever occurred that you were very sick, but she could not take the time to at least visit you because she was busy? Does she message to remind you of lunch or vitamins? If she rarely checks on your welfare, it means she has little care for you.

4. She Has Many Excuses Not to Meet with You.

In a week or month, how often do you see each other? If your girlfriend cannot find time for you, it could mean she is not really in love. But, as the cliché goes, “If there is a will, there is a way.” Now, if she always comes up with excuses to skip your dates, then she has no will to be with you at all.

5. She Does Not Share Inner Thoughts with You.

Most women naturally express their emotions and reflections to the closest people to their hearts. So, how much do you know about your girlfriend’s thoughts? Does she talk to you about her problems and what she feels? If not, then you are a stranger to her.

6. She is Not Jealous of Other Girls.

Has your girlfriend ever become jealous of anyone close to you? Of course, jealousy is not healthy, so everyone in a relationship must avoid getting overcome by it. However, it is normal to feel jealous when your value in your partner’s life gets threatened. So, if your girl never gets jealous of anyone you might be attracted to, it means she is not afraid to lose your affection.

7. She Prefers a Long-Distance Relationship.

Have you ever considered the idea of working far away, and your girlfriend got excited about it? Or does she have a plan of moving to another place without you? A woman who loves her partner will have difficulty considering an LDR. Being away for a long time from the person you love can be almost unbearable. So, if your girlfriend is convincing you to go for an LDR, she would not probably miss you.

8. She is Not Thoughtful About Your Special Dates.

Do you still celebrate your monthsary or anniversary together? If yes, who usually initiates? You? If your girlfriend does not even remember your birthday or other important dates, you should ask why. Is she just forgetful? Or is it because they are not significant to her?

Signs She is Pretending to Love You
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9. She is Not Interested in Meeting Your Other Loved Ones.

Does she make excuses whenever you invite her to meet your family or friends? No matter how shy a girl is, she still knows the importance of meeting her boyfriend’s loved ones. So, if your girlfriend is never ready for it, maybe it is because she really has no intention to do it. Why? She probably thinks she has nothing to do with your world.

10. She Does Not Introduce You to Her Family and Friends.

In addition, if your girlfriend has never introduced you to her own loved ones, it is a sign. She will want you to be part of her own world if she loves you. And she is supposed to be proud of you, so why keep you from the people dear to her?

11. She Wants to Hide Your Relationship.

Of course, a private relationship is always better than an open book one. However, if your girlfriend wants to hide your relationship completely, then something is off. Is she embarrassed to be associated with you?

12. She Rarely Tells You She Loves You.

Does your girlfriend ever initiate an “I love you”? Or do you only hear that from her whenever you say it first? If she is not fond of expressing her affection in your relationship, you should wonder why.

13. She Does Not Share Your Enthusiasm for a Future Together.

If your girlfriend dislikes futuristic conversations with you, it can be a sign too. Most women love to daydream about their future families with the men they adore. So, if she is not interested in planning for your future together, she probably does not want to share a lifetime with you.

14. She Does Not Involve You in Her Life.

How often does your girlfriend invite you to her house? Or does she ask you to help her with some daily tasks, such as house chores, school projects, or work matters? If she does not involve you in her daily routines, you should consider it a warning.

15. She is Not Interested in Your Life.

In the same way, your girlfriend does not really love you if she shows no interest in your daily life. A loving partner would want to help you in any way she can. Moreover, she would be interested in your hobbies, regular hangouts, and everything else about you.

Signs She is Pretending to Love You

16. She is Not Unconditional.

True love is unconditional. If your woman genuinely loves you, she will accept everything about you wholeheartedly. However, if she is intolerant of your flaws and wants to change you, her love is false.

17. She Can Stand Not Talking for You for a Long Time.

Whenever you have a fight, who always initiates the reconciliation? Of course, with love comes humility, so in a healthy relationship, both persons must be willing to talk to the other first. However, if your girlfriend never talks to you first, no matter how long you go silent, her love for you is not strong enough. Or maybe, she even wishes you would never talk ever again.

Choose Yourself

If most of these signs apply to your girlfriend, it is about time to reflect on your relationship. Do you really deserve it?

Yes, you may love your girlfriend so much, but how about yourself? Please know that you deserve to be truly loved too. If you know you cannot get it from her, you better choose to let go and wait for the right person who will completely love you.

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