20 Admirable Signs That a Man is Pursuing You

20 Admirable Signs That a Man is Pursuing You
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Are you wondering how it feels to be liked by someone? Or are you curious about the usual signs that a man is pursuing you?

If a man is genuine in his affection towards a lady, he will do everything to make her feel secure with him. He will patiently work on his friendship with her until he has won her trust. And what are the practical steps he usually takes?

Check out some of the hints that a man is pursuing you:


1. He Gives You Expensive Gifts.

This is one of the most common gestures that a man in love makes. If he wants to win a girl’s heart, he gives her a hint of being a good provider. Thus, if a guy keeps sending you expensive bouquets, jewelry, and other luxes, he is obviously hitting on you.

2. He Surprises You on Special Occasions.

If a man is pursuing you, he will work hard to make you feel special. For instance, he could arrange a surprise party for your birthday. He may even ask for help from your loved ones to make it extra successful. He does not mind spending much money just to give you a memorable event.

3. He Brings You to High-End Restaurants.

Of course, men know that women love food. That is why romantic guys usually bring their dates to the best restaurants they know. So, if a man brings you to an elegant restaurant, especially if you are alone, consider it a clue. He obviously wants to impress you.

4. He Treats You and Your Friends to the Cinema.

If a man is pursuing you, he will pursue your friends too. So one way to hit two birds with one stone is by treating you and your pals to a good movie. Well, you can expect the package to include yummy snacks or meals afterward.

5. He Indulges Your Family with Delicious Food.

Of course, he will be after your family too. If you invite him to your house, expect him to bring a lot of food with him. And after that, do not be surprised by frequent food deliveries from him. This is one way to win the approval of your family.

Constant Communication

6. He Calls You Every Now and Then.

One of the common signs that a man is pursuing you is his constant calls. Sometimes he will have excuses, like asking about something, but there are times when he will be just bold. Straight to the point, he will say he just wants to know how you are doing.

7. He Messages You Every Day.

The same with phone calls, this guy will be persistent in sending you text or chat messages. Expect him to send greetings, remind you to eat lunch and sleep early, and try to start conversations about different topics. And once you have started responding to his messages, the conversation will continue for days, flowing from one topic to another.

8. He Always Approaches You to Have Some Chitchat.

He is bold in person too. Whenever he sees you, he will not hesitate to approach you. He will let you know how glad he is to see you. He will stay with you as long as you engage with him.

9. He Listens to You Attentively.

Whenever you talk, this man is your faithful listener. He is all ears to you and will remember all the details he hears. By how he curiously looks at you, and how his body leans closer to your direction, you can tell that he is very interested in what you say.

10. He Loves Telling You About Himself.

Most men are private individuals. They do not like telling much about themselves. Therefore, if a guy opens up about his past, interests, loved ones, and aspirations, he likes you. He wants to introduce himself, hoping that you will accept him as he is.

20 Admirable Signs That a Man is Pursuing You
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11. He Prolongs Your Conversations.

A man who likes you will pursue quality time. That is why he always makes sure your conversations will be engaging and interesting.  He will find ways to keep your conversations going, even trying to make you laugh so your talks will not be boring.


12. He Showers You with Compliments.

You will know that a man is pursuing you if he is fond of giving you praises. A day will not pass by without compliments from him. He applauds your OOTDs, hairstyle, and footwear. Also, he praises your ideas, performance, and behavior.

13. He Supports Your Ideas.

Another sign that a man wants to win your heart is his support for everything you say. He does not disagree with your opinions. All your ideas are brilliant to him. He may not fully agree with your thoughts, but he will never contradict you for fear of losing his chance.

14. He Always Takes Your Side.

At times of conflict, expect this guy to always choose your side. He is ready to defend you from anyone who criticizes or backstabs you. You can sense his loyalty to you.

15. He is a Complete Gentleman with You.

The man who wants to pursue your heart will treat you like a queen. He will serve you in everything, making sure you are always comfortable. From buying groceries, and cooking your food, to washing the dishes, he will eagerly do them. Moreover, you can feel that he is protective of you. For instance, he will put his jacket around you when it is cold or make sure to hold your hand when crossing the road together.

16. He Regularly Offers You a Ride Home.

This is another common sign that a man is pursuing you. Aside from making sure you have a safe ride, this is also his way of spending more time with you. Sometimes, he will even take a detour to snatch a date with you.


17. He Learns About Your Interests.

If a guy is serious with you, he will make an effort to know you better. He will find out about your hobbies and other interests. How does he do it? One is by observation; two, he asks your friends; and three, he asks you directly.

18. He Finds Out About Your Ideal Guy.

Since he hopes to win your heart, he will be bold in knowing about your ideal man. He may ask your friends for information or lead you to a conversation that will make you talk about it.

19. He Plans Things with You.

Does he plan holiday trips with you? Or does he like involving you in his plans? If yes, it shows that he hopes to spend his future with you. These plans are his strategies to condition your mind that you are meant to stay together for a long time.

20 Admirable Signs That a Man is Pursuing You
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20. He Always Volunteers to Help You.

This guy is always available whenever you need help. He is willing to sacrifice time just to be there for you. He will help you with mundane tasks, like doing the laundry or cleaning your house.

How to Respond

Once you have recognized that a man is pursuing you, how should you respond? You do not have to fret. Just act like a natural friend. And if you are not comfortable with the person, or you have decided that you cannot like him back, just be honest with him as early as possible.

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