10 Interesting Signs God is Protecting You

 Signs God is Protecting You
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God cares for you. In fact, He knows everything about you. According to Psalm 139, He knows your thoughts, the words you are about to say, and your ways. If the Lord did not value you, He would not care to know these small details.

Since God cares, He also wants to protect you from harm. You may not notice it, but every day, He is actually at work in your life. He sends His guardian angels to help and protect you. And sometimes, they are those people who surround you.

Moreover, God has protected you from unseen harm many times. Who knows? A past disappointment was probably meant to protect you. Or your latest heartbreak was maybe for your own good.

If you want to convince yourself that God truly cares, here are some of the signs that He is protecting you all this time.

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1. You receive a “no” for your prayer.

When something happens, and it is the opposite of what you have asked God, it hurts. You become disappointed and may even get angry at Him for it. You probably feel that God failed you, and He does not care about what you ‘need’.

However, you have probably forgotten something. God can see beyond what you see. If He does not give you what you ask for, it is either you do not need it, or He has something better for you. What is more, it could have been something harmful to you.

2. You have this unexplainable lousy feeling towards someone.

Have you ever felt being uncomfortable around someone for no apparent reason? It is not really that you dislike the person, but whenever they are around, you feel tense and cautious.

If you and that individual have never had any conflict, then there could be a spiritual reason behind your discomfort. It could be that God is convicting you to be careful whenever that person is around. They could have a bad intention towards you, or maybe they could be a threat to your safety. That could be the reason why the Lord does not want you to trust the person.

3. There is a delay or detour in your plans.

Have you been disappointed because some things did not happen according to your plans? Instead of being angry and frustrated, try to think positively. Since God is in control, He could have a reason why the accomplishment of your goals is delayed or canceled. For example, he was probably protecting you from something unfavorable to you.

When disappointments like these happen, avoid focusing on the situation. Do not blame God for the alleged failures. Instead, have faith that the Lord knows best and His plans are always better than yours.

4. A person who likes you dates someone else before you could get too attached.

Are you heartbroken because the person you started to like lately suddenly left your side? Instead of being bitter, just be thankful that you discovered that person’s true color early on. For example, imagine if you have been in a relationship and that individual suddenly left you for someone else.

God knows that if you got more in love with that person, it would be harder for you to move on later. So that is why He took that someone away from you as early as possible.

5. You discover a person’s true character early on.

Have you ever liked someone who seemed perfect in the beginning? Then, when you started dating, you discovered some of that person’s traits that turned you off. If this happened to you, be grateful! God has truly protected you from a possibly miserable relationship.

Always remember that God wants you to end up with a committed, responsible, and godly person. Therefore, if He does not allow your love story with a particular individual to pursue, He could have a good reason. The Lord probably knows you deserve someone better.

 Signs God is Protecting You
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6. You miss an opportunity you have been praying for.

Every person waits for the right opportunities for them to be successful. Moreover, if you are a Christian, you are surely asking God for them. However, what if the opportunity you have been praying for suddenly passed you by? For instance, you had been eyeing a promotion in the company for a long time. Then, when the chance came, you found out that you were still not qualified. What would you feel?

Of course, missing an opportunity you have been dreaming of is painful. It feels like rejection. Nevertheless, God sees your hard work, so He will help you to be successful. If ever you missed an opportunity, just think that God has a better succession plan for you.

7. He uses other people to warn or rebuke you.

God can also protect you using the people surrounding you. They can be your family, friends, or colleagues. It is not an accident that you have them in your life. So, how can God protect you through them?

One way is by using them to correct you when needed. For example, at times when you cannot think well, He can send people to help you weigh your decisions. They can also warn you of the possible harmful consequences that your wrong actions can cause.

8. You receive convictions not to pursue something.

If you are spiritually healthy, you can be more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit within you. It is clear protection from the Lord. With it, God can quickly warn you against harmful decisions. How does it work?

For example, you might suddenly feel uncomfortable going out with a person or investing in a business. However, the conviction to decline is so strong that you heed it. Then, later on, you find out that the person involved is actually a con artist.

9. Someone arrives at the right time to defend or help you.

Have you ever been in danger, and someone came at the right moment to save you? Well, that could be your guardian angel in disguise! But, kidding aside, God can send other people to defend or help you in times of need.

For this reason, you should not take praying for granted. Instead, make sure to regularly pray for protection for yourself and your loved ones. God hears, and He will not let you down. He is always present in times of distress.

Signs God is Protecting You
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10. What is meant to harm you benefits you instead.

We have an unseen opponent who always aims to destroy us. That is why you should always be vigilant and spiritually prepared. The enemy wants to ruin you through sins, distractions, difficulties, and deception.

Good thing God is keeping an eye on you. You may not be aware of it, but He can actually turn the enemy’s tactics into blessings. For instance, you have probably experienced hardships, which later helped you be stronger and wiser.  Or maybe someone wanted to put you down at work through false accusations. However, instead of shame, the situation could have proven your innocence and integrity, and you ended up being promoted.

Keep the Faith

This world is full of dangers that can ruin you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Nevertheless, if we keep our faith in God strong and continually strive to live for Him, He will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). 

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