17 Obvious Signs You and Your Crush are Compatible

17 Obvious Signs You and Your Crush are Compatible
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What could be sweeter than realizing that you and your crush are compatible with each other? For sure, it would make you squeal with hope and delight.

So, how can you tell if there is a chance that you and your crush are meant to be? What are the signs that you are perfect together?

Check out the following:

1. You Share the Same Interests.

Do both of you love reading books while sipping hot coffee? Or are you both passionate about working out and other physical activities? One of the clear signs that you and your crush are compatible is if you have common interests. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who loves doing what you love. It will be perfect!

2. You Like Talking to Each Other.

If you and that person happen to enjoy sharing thoughts, that means your minds share the same wavelength. You understand each other full well, that is why you love talking. It is easy to discuss ideas since you are more likely to agree with each other’s views. If this is the case between you, there is a big chance that your friendship will go deeper.

3. You Want to Hang Out Often.

From enjoying intellectual conversations, you and your crush may love keeping each other’s company too. If you have the same likes and often agree on things, it is not surprising that you would be comfortable hanging out together. If your friendship is on this level already, it means that you click together, and you are on your way to a higher stage of friendship.

4.  Your Strengths and Weaknesses Complement.

You will surely be perfect for each other if you have complementing traits. For instance, you probably suck at Math but do well in language, and your crush has it the other way around. Or maybe that person loves cooking but dislikes cleaning around, and it could be the other way around for you too. If you end up in marriage, it would be easier for the both of you to adjust. You can also support each other better.

5.  Your Personalities Match.

There are different kinds of personalities or temperaments. Many complicated relationships are the result of clashing personalities. Conflicts usually happen because of this. Therefore, if you and your crush blend well, then you are really compatible. For example, you can be a soft-hearted fellow while your crush is a tough one. Or that individual may be assertive, while you are passive. With proper communication, you can create balance in the relationship.

6. You Share the Same Values.

Do you and your crush share the same faith? Are your life principles similar? Or do you have the same political views? How about family cultures? Are they almost identical? If you answer “yes” to all or most of these questions, then you are surely compatible! If you end up together, there will be fewer arguments and disagreements. It will be a harmonious relationship.

7. You Respect Each Other’s Differences.

Being compatible does not mean you have to be alike in everything. Still, you and your crush are unique individuals, so it is impossible to have no differences. However, compatibility and harmony are still possible between two persons if they are open-minded and respect each other. Therefore, if you and your crush can respect each other’s opposing opinions, you are still a good match.

8. You Have a Lot of Mutual Friends.

So, what is special about having a lot of common friends? Aside from the fact that your social circles intertwine, it can also mean that you have the same taste for friends. You probably have the same standards for friendship too. This, itself, is an indication that you can keep a harmonious relationship together.

17 Obvious Signs You and Your Crush are Compatible
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9. You Are Comfortable Around Each Other.

It is normal to feel awkward, shy, and nervous whenever your crush is around. However, if you have been friends for a long time, it will be easier to keep yourself composed. Being compatible means you are not only used to each other’s presence. It means that you can be true to yourselves whenever together as well. You do not have to pretend to be someone else you are not just to look impressive.

10. You Have the Same Lifestyle Preferences.

Moreover, you and your crush are clearly compatible if your lifestyle choices are the same. For instance, both of you are probably vegans and have decided to pursue healthy living. Or maybe you both dislike smoking cigarettes and drinking liquors.

11. You Have the Same Priorities.

Another sign that you are compatible with each other is sharing the same priorities. It will create better support and understanding between you. For instance, if both of you share the commitment to put God first in everything, it will not be challenging to build a Christ-centered home if you end up together. Or, if you both prioritize studies over dating, then you will not be a distraction to each other on school days.

12. You Appreciate Each Other.

Do you appreciate your crush as a person? And has your crush expressed admiration for you too? If you both appreciate each other, it means that you meet each other’s standards. Furthermore, it is an indication of possible attraction that can grow into more profound devotion to each other.

13. You Feel Connected.

Do you and your crush feel an instant connection between you? You know, one of you could have muttered, “It seems like I have known you for a long time.” That bond could be the result of your compatibility. Since you have a lot of similarities and complementing attributes, it is not surprising to feel naturally bonded. Does this realization make you feel butterflies in your stomach?

14. You Understand Each Other’s Way of Thinking.

As mentioned in no. 2, one sign of compatibility is being on the same wavelength. You can easily understand each other because your minds work on the same level. Even when you have different views, you can still get where the other is coming from. However, most of the time, you are more likely to agree on almost everything.

15. You Like Each Other’s Family.

Have you met your crush’s family? If yes, are you comfortable with them? How about your crush? Does the person enjoy being with your family members too? If you can quickly bond with each other’s loved ones, it means that your cultures do not conflict. Your families probably share common principles and lifestyle habits.

16. You Have Chemistry.

If your friends and many others keep teasing you and your crush, you probably have undeniable chemistry together. For sure, the people around you can witness sparks whenever you are side by side.

17. You Have Mutual Feelings for Each Other.

Even if you have not directly expressed it to each other yet, for sure, you can tell if there is a mutual understanding between you and your crush. The people around you can tell that too. If you are both attracted to each other, it means that you have subconsciously decided that you meet each other’s standards.

17 Obvious Signs You and Your Crush are Compatible
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Be Objective

If you have observed all or most of these signs between you and your crush, surely you are on cloud nine now. However, your compatibility does not guarantee that you will end up together. A lot of things can still happen between you.

Therefore, it is advisable to control your feelings so emotions will not cloud your decision to pursue a relationship with the person. Even if there is a chance to be with the person, do not jump into it immediately. Instead, think carefully, basing your decision on objective reasons.

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