21 Undeniable Signs You Will Never Find Love

21 Undeniable Signs You Will Never Find Love
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Have you ever wondered why you are loveless until now? You have probably dated several times, but nothing seemed to work. Are you worried that you will never find love? Hey, it is not too late to find someone to share your life with.

Unless you possess all or most of the characteristics below, you should not become hopeless about your situation. Unfortunately, the following traits also serve as signs that you will never find love.

21 Undeniable Signs You Will Never Find Love Video


1. You Are Only After Being Loved, Not to Love.

Please know that love is not just about gaining something for yourself. A relationship must be a give-and-take partnership to be long-lasting. So, if you are not interested in showing genuine affection to someone, do not expect to receive the same favor.

2. You Always Demand to be Taken Cared for.

In connection to no. 1, you will have difficulty finding love if you are demanding effort and affection. No one who commits to a relationship wishes to be bound to someone and lose the freedom to groom themselves and be productive.

3. You Want to be Served, But Never to Serve.

In the same way, no one would like to be stuck with you if you always demand to be served, yet you do not serve them in return. Nowadays, no one would be a slave to someone in the name of love if they did not feel loved in return.

4. You Always Put Your Needs First.

True love is sacrificial. You would know you are not ready for love if you are not willing to put others before yourself. If you only care about your needs, how can you care for someone you suppose to love?

5. You Want Others to Adjust to You All the Time.

If you think it is others’ responsibility to adjust to your demands constantly, you will never find love. For a relationship to work, both partners must be willing to compromise to meet halfway. If you do not want to change or set aside your principles that stumble others, no one would want to be with you.

6. You are Too Proud to Apologize and Initiate Reconciliation.

Do you want love? You should embrace humility first. A lot of relationships fail because of pride. How can you deserve love if you cannot apologize for your mistakes? And if you will never make the first move in reconciliation, you do not know how to love.

High Standards

7. You Always Look at the Physical Appearance.

You cannot settle down if you always base a person’s value on attractiveness. Remember, the physical appearance fades as years go by. Also, there will always be someone more attractive than your partner. So, if this is your basis for love, this will make you jump from one partner to another.

8. You Prefer Someone with High Educational Attainment.

In addition, you will never find love if your love requirements include having a prominent educational background. Having a post-graduate degree or graduating from a prestigious university does not guarantee that a person can be an excellent spouse.

9. You Dream of Dating a Wealthy Person.

Obviously, it is not love if you only want a person’s money. If you are intentionally after rich individuals, you are not really looking for love. Instead, your greed makes you want to find someone who can satisfy all your materialistic cravings.

10. You are Attracted to Popular Individuals.

Is popularity another requirement in your standards for a partner? Once again, it is not about love. You are after the thrill of being linked with someone who turns heads in your direction. In short, you want to be popular yourself and be the envy of many.

11. You Demand Your Potential Partner be Perfect.

Loving someone means accepting them as they are, including their imperfections. If you are the kind of person who demands your partner to change according to your standards, you do not know how to love at all. You can never find a perfect human, so you will never find love.

21 Undeniable Signs You Will Never Find Love
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12. You Cannot Avoid Being Harsh.

If you are always rude, do you think someone would love hanging out with you? Kindness, patience, and gentleness are among the traits of love. If you cannot show these to the person you like, they will not like you back.

13. You Do Not Like Hanging Out with ‘Lowly’ People.

Do you avoid people with a lower socio-economic status level than you? If you think you are better than others because of your job, educational attainment, or social network, many people will dislike you. You do not deserve love if you cannot love others.

14. You Always Have Something Negative to Say Against Others.

This is another toxic trait that can drive your potential partner away. You always grumble or complain about other people. It seems like you cannot see anything positive about others.

15. You Think of Everyone as a Competitor, Even a Potential Partner.

Being too competitive is not healthy. It will make you prideful, even to the point of hating anyone you think can surpass your achievements. This will hinder you from building a healthy relationship with a person who is also goal-driven. Every time your partner accomplishes something, you will be jealous and insecure.

16. You are Full of Negative Habits and Have No Plan of Leaving Them.

Do you have any vice that messes up your life? It could be alcoholism or addiction of any sort. If you are unwilling to give them up, even if they hinder you from building meaningful relationships, you will end up loveless.

17. You Always Think You are Right.

No one wants to be with a closed-minded person. If you think you are always correct to the point of invalidating others’ opinions, feelings, and experiences, you become toxic. A sensible person will avoid someone who cannot respect others’ thoughts and even argue about everything.

Emotionally Unavailable

18. You are Never Ready to Commit to a Relationship.

Yes, you will never find love if you do not like commitment. You need to be committed if you want someone who will stay by your side. It requires faithfulness, honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness that will last.

19. You Like Flirting with Everyone.

If flirting is your favorite game, you can never commit yourself to anyone. For this reason, love can never grow between you and another person.

20. You Have No Respect for Your Date’s Feelings.

If you cannot respect other people’s feelings, especially the one you are dating, expect to end up lonely. No one wants to be with someone who is not healthy for them emotionally. So, if you are fond of invalidating your potential partner’s feelings, you cannot expect them to grow in love with you.

21 Undeniable Signs You Will Never Find Love
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21. You Do Not Want to Lose Your Freedom.

Both relationships and marriage require setting up boundaries. These include limiting your friendship with the opposite sex, being transparent, and changing your priorities. If you are not ready for these, you will not be ready for commitment. Once the person you date realizes this, there is little to no chance they will stay with you.

Do You Deserve to be Loved?

Never demand affection if you cannot give it yourself. Surely, you will never find love if you do not know how to love others. Therefore, if you do not want to grow old alone, see to it that you do not give people reasons to unlove you.

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