5 Practical Things To Do So That You Can Smile More

Most of us smile when something good happens to us. But, there is magic in having one of those genuine moments where your smile comes naturally and easily.  The more you smile naturally, the more it can benefit your happiness, relationships, career, and health. So why wouldn’t you want to smile more? Let’s talk about 5 things everyone can do to smile more.

10 Ways To Smile More Often

1. Surround Yourself With People Who Smile

When you smile, you feel good. When other people smile, you mimic their smile, trying to understand what they are feeling, and then you feel good. This is one reason that you should surround yourself with people who are prone to smile rather than scowl or frown.

Did you know that simply imagining that you are being smiled at by someone you love is just as powerfully healing as having that person present? – Psychology Today

Another reason is that people who smile a lot tend to be happy people, and they can have a positive effect on your mood with their positive outlook, words, and stories.

2. Build The Habit Of Smiling At Certain Times

If most mornings you wake up and say, “Oh shit, another day,” then that’s a habit. You’re in the habit of being negative about another day.

How about getting into a habit of waking up and smiling? Better yet, how about waking up, smiling, and listing off a bunch of things you are grateful for. That will really help bring out your natural smile.

Also, make it a habit to smile when you greet people that you like. The chances of them smiling back are good, and this will benefit both of you in a big way.

Depending on what you enjoy in life, you can create some other habits that will help you smile more, such as:

  • Smile the moment your food is ready to eat.
  • Smile the moment your toes dip into your warm bath.
  • Smile the moment your friend opens up the door for you.
  • Smile the moment you step into nature.
  • Smile the moment you get ready to meditate, sleep, or relax.

You can find a ton of cues and triggers in your everyday life that will remind you to smile, and soon – after some practice – you will habitually smile when these things happen.

3. Find That One Thought That Makes You Smile

Finding a thought that makes me smile is a trick that I use during those moments that I would rather scream in anger than flash a smile.

Let’s say I’m at a movie and there are people who feel the need to talk during the movie. This is one of my biggest pet peeves because it has a big effect on how involved I get in the movie. What I want to do during these times is grab these people and throw them out of the theater. But, I know that would make me feel bad because, even though they are inconsiderate, they did want to ‘see’ the movie as well. So, instead, I find that one thought that helps me smile a genuine smile. I may find something about them that makes me compassionate towards them, such as an obvious disability or a lack of happiness. Or, I try to make them more endearing. For instance, maybe they are both losing their hearing and can’t hear the movie or each other explaining what the movie is about. I work through thoughts, scenarios, and stories until I find something that makes me smile. Once I smile, I can usually let go of my focus on them and put it back on the movie.

And that’s what the one positive thought will do for you. It will shift your focus from anger, boredom, or any other emotion that keeps a smile from your face and help you focus on better things.

4. Look For Kindness Online

When you get online, don’t look for hate. It’s easy to find. It’s trending all the time. But, once you get caught up in that ‘hate thread’, it’s hard to put a smile on your face.

It takes practice to avoid negative posts and topics, but once you start doing it, you will smile more.

Stick to the positive trends, topics, and hashtags. Or, at the very least, make that more of what you look at than the negative stuff.

Follow positive sites, like the Good News Network and get inspired instead of depressed.

And, if you are on YouTube, I highly suggest staying out of the comment section. You can find the nastiest comments on the most innocent videos, and it can really bring you down. If a video makes you smile, then watch the video and move on.

5. Practice Gratitude

If you are going to add one habit to your life today that will benefit all areas of it and help you to smile more, gratitude is that habit.

Gratitude is scientifically proven to do so many great things for you that can help you smile more. For instance, you can form better relationships, reduce aggression, improve self-esteem, and get a clear focus on what really matters in your life.

This shouldn’t shock anyone. If you wake up and spend your day being grateful for the people, circumstances, and experiences that come into your day, then how can you be anything but excited and appreciative of life? And when you are excited and appreciative of life, you are bound to smile more.

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