Develop Spiritual Habits To Increase Your Productivity In Life

Spiritual habits for productivity? Heck yeah! Spirituality is an important part of life – just like our relationships, career, health, and quality of life – and it can have a big impact on what you do or don’t do.

Spiritual Habits: Life is about using the whole box of crayons.

How Spirituality Ties Into Productivity

Spirituality is concerned with things beyond the material and physical, which means it’s more about your inner self, your connection to the world, and the meaning you find in life.

Because of that, your spirituality is an important part of being productive and accomplishing things in life.

  • It helps you stay driven and motivated.
  • And it helps you stay on track and keep moving when things challenge you and obstacles occur.
  • It can also help you stay strong in the face of uncertainty through faith.
  • And it can boost your positivity and happiness.
  • It can help you maintain an inner belief about who you and what you want out of life.
  • And it can enhance your quality of life where you are capable of and willing to do things that make a difference.
  • It can give you a sense of purpose in life where you can’t help but be productive.
  • And it can provide a sense of community, which will make you want to get up and do good things for others.
  • It can boost your ethics and help you do more white hat things that produce long-term results.
  • And it can boost your patience with yourself and with others helping you stick with things despite how long they take.

The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that spirituality and productivity go together very well. You become a happier, more driven, more focused, and more ethical person who understands how important being productive is in every area of your life.

Your Spiritual Habits Are Going To Be Unique

Because spiritual means something different to everyone, I wouldn’t dare try to tell you which spiritual habits you should adopt. I would be speaking from my own beliefs, not yours – and spirituality isn’t a good topic to do that in.

But, as you think about which spiritual habits you want to develop, think about what they should do for your life.

Spiritual Habits Should Do The Following 5 Things

1. Make You Feel Connected To More Than Your Personal Bubble

“We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist and forever will recreate one another. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Your spiritual habits should help you see that your personal bubble is not the only space of real estate in this life. You are a part of something so much bigger.

Understanding that you are connected to everyone and everything in some way will help you experience more peace and harmony in your life. It will also give you a sense of belonging, so it’s great for people who feel like they are alone in the world.

When it comes to productivity, it’s important to understand that your connection to other people can help you reach out to them for help, be compassionate in your activities, feel a sense of community and duty, and help you get motivated to contribute and be a part of something important.

Connection inspires productivity.

If you are just doing things for yourself, what does it really matter? But if you realize that your connection to everything and everyone around you means your actions have an impact on them, then you will be more likely to do productive things that have a positive impact on yourself and others.

Some habits you may want to develop include:

  • Forgiveness – Letting go of the anger or hate towards others and seeing people through more loving eyes.
  • Energy awareness – Paying attention to more than just the physical and material aspects of the world and connecting with your inner self and the energy that vibrates throughout the world.
  • Meditation – You will feel more present, connected, and aware of the world around you.
  • Seeing yourself in others – Practice seeing yourself in others. The similarities can help you feel more connected to other people and ultimately everything around you.
  • Praying – Prayer helps you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.
  • Avoiding judgment – Stop judging as it creates a lack of unity. It makes you separate from everyone else and dissolves any connections that you might feel.
  • Spend time with other people at night – Everything gets tougher at night and it’s easy to forget that there is a whole world out there to support you and communicate with you.
  • Work on humility – Self-importance is a huge hinder to connecting to people and things around you. If you aren’t willing to admit that you are not the most important thing in the world, then you can’t admit that the world around you is beneficial for you and worth connecting to.
  • Practice patience – It can be hard to feel connected with other people when you can’t be patient with them. Also, if the world is making you crazy, you won’t feel connected to it. Practice patience. Wait and see how things turn out. Allow time for things to happen, people to cooperate, and things to turn around.

2. Encourage You To Become Better

Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face. – Dolores del Rio

Spiritual habits should help you work on your inner self, which means building up your values, confidence, and self-awareness. These are traits that are going to help you be more productive. They will give you the ability to see what needs to bed done and the courage to do it.

A higher sense of self-awareness will help you understand what is productive in your life and what’s not.

And, as you work on being better, you will naturally contribute more to the world around you, which will further improve your sense of value and purpose and desire to be productive.

Some habits that you may want to develop in this area include:

  • Getting to know yourself – What do you like? What do you not like? How do you feel about relationships, family, money, etc.? What makes you different than other people? Do you know your purpose? What are your limiting beliefs? Where are you going? Making it a habit to discover things about yourself.
  • Being yourself – When you practice being yourself, you do things outside of material and physical interest. You do things with a purpose and passion, and that helps you strive to be a better you.
  • Standing up for what you believe in – This is a habit that can disconnect you from your spiritual side if you are too rigid in your thinking. But, if you are working on yourself, and connecting to the world around you, then you will stand up for things that are good and helpful to your spiritual sense of well-being, which is a good thing. You will also work on making things happen that you believe in.
  • Get rid of those old limiting beliefs – Get rid of everything holding you back from connecting to your spiritual self so that you can be open to things that you need in your spiritual life. Unlimited Abundance is a great course for getting rid of limiting beliefs about anything.
  • Embrace your purpose – Stop trying to fight what you know you are meant to do and embrace it. The more connected you are with your purpose, the more driven you will be in life.

3. Give You A Sense Of Inner Peace

“Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.” —Bernie Siegel

Your spiritual habits should help you get a sense of inner peace. They should make the world a less scary place and help you believe that there is more than what meets the eye.

Your spiritual habits should also boost your belief in good things and your future. And they should help you live out a happier and more grounded life so that you can enjoy what’s going on and not stress out so much about things that may or may not come to pass.

Some habits that can help you in this area include:

  • Healing retreats – Start habitually signing up for yoga retreats, spiritual retreats, meditation retreats, nature retreats, or whatever else gives you a sense of inner peace.
  • Getting out in nature – Nature is spiritual in nature. It’s not worried about the bills or the latest unnerving tweet. It’s just fluid, peaceful, and connected to the energy all around us. You can tap into that by making it a habit to get out into nature and being one with it.
  • Being mindful – Practicing mindfulness is a great habit to get into. It helps you avoid overthinking and worrying, which may help you experience inner peace for the first time!
  • Developing faith – Having faith in something will help you get through the tough times with a sense of inner peace. It gives you confidence in the future and peace of mind in the present.
  • Gratitude – Practicing gratitude helps you appreciate things in life and stop feeling anxious, worried, and fearful.
  • Letting go of the need to be busy – when you feel like you always have to be doing something, you never have a sense of inner peace. Make it a habit to take time to relax.

4. Connect You To More Than Just The Physical Body

The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others. Erik Erikson

Your spiritual side is not your physical side, so it’s important to develop habits that help you consistently connect to more than just your physical body.

  • Pay attention to your feelings – By paying attention to your feelings, you start to understand what drives you and doesn’t emotionally, and you can start to be more connected to your inner self.
  • Using your intuition more – Listening to your intuition requires you to be in your body – present, but also aware of something more than the physical side of you.
  • Researching or reading spiritual texts and thoughts – Research helps you contemplate your spiritual self more and expands your awareness around your spiritual self. It’s a great way to be more reflective of and get more connected to your spiritual side.
  • Overcoming fears or limiting beliefs – By getting rid of fears and limiting beliefs, you are able to listen and connect to things that you may not be able to listen to and connect to right now. Fear and limiting beliefs are huge obstacles to getting past the physical body.
  • Asking questions – The more you question things in life, the more you connect yourself to your energetic side. You stop focusing on the body and material things and start contemplating things beyond what you can see.
  • Working on overcoming bad habits – Bad habits, such as smoking or alcohol abuse, keep you focused on the body.

5. Make You Want To Contribute To The World

What is it to enjoy life? Sit at the beach? No. You have to do something. You have be productive, make a contribution to society, to family, to yourself. – Frank Lowy

Lastly, developing good spiritual habits that make you want to contribute to the world is important.

Wanting to contribute to the world is so beneficial to your productivity. When you feel like what you are doing has a purpose in this world, you are going to do more of it and do it better. That passion and motivation will carry you a long way in your career, home life, relationships, etc.

  • Focus on your potential to do good things – Think of all the possibilities you have for contribution.
  • Focusing on your strengths – Get into the habit of focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  • Measure the impact you are having – Take time each day, week, month, and year to measure the impact you are having. If you are not having an impact, then how much are you contributing?
  • Focus on provoking other people in a good way – You may already be in the habit of provoking people into anger. But, you may want to develop the habit of helping people have positive reactions to your words and actions. It’s amazing how good you will feel about yourself when you do this.
  • Donate and give – The more you give whatever you can – time, money, or talent, the more you will want to give.
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