10 Ways to Deal with Online Haters and Bashers

Ways to Deal with Online Haters and Bashers

dealing online bashing

At some point, everyone has to fend off haters and critics online. High-profile people are mostly affected by this. They have to deal with hate and criticisms on the web. Unfortunately, common etiquette has died a ghastly death only to be replaced by vitriolic flame wars and heartless trolls. Also, sad to say that cyberbullying and online bashing are among the top reasons why some teenagers commit suicide nowadays. People who are weak and can’t deal with their negative comments are commonly affected by this.

Recently, I got bashed online and honestly, I felt so down reading all their negative comments. As much as possible I just don’t want to open my Facebook account that time, so I won’t be able to read all those nasty things they throw at me which is not even true. It’s funny how other sites write articles about it just to get likes.

Well, actually at first it was just for fun and we didn’t think that it would become trending. One thing to consider when posting online, especially on Facebook is that not all people will understand and will be happy about what you post online. Even if you just posted it for fun or humor, not all netizens will realize that it was just a joke because some people are closed-minded and you can’t please them to believe you. However, I’ve learned a lot of things from that experience. I was able to keep myself calm no matter how difficult the situation is. There is no way to handle the opinion of other people but there is surely a way on how to deal with them.

So, what will you do when that happens? Here are 10 ways on how to deal with online haters and bashers.

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