6 Reasons Why Respect is Important in a Relationship

Reasons Why Respect is Important in a Relationship
respect relationship couple
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Why do two people choose to be in a relationship with each other? Of course, the most logical answer would be that they are in love and would want to try how it is like to live together as one. But as you continue to face life this time as a couple did you ever thought about other things, aside from love, that have become very important in keeping your bond intact?

Well, a lot of people coming from different backgrounds have been saying that it’s not only loving that’s essential in a relationship. Sure, it serves as the core building block of your bond, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the only key element in making the relationship work. If you are to ask couples that have lasted for several decades already, they’d tell you another thing that must be present in a relationship:

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