Take More Challenges: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

You can’t change your life until you get out of your comfort zone. You can’t grow unless you do things you’ve never done and tried things you’ve never tried. With new experiences comes new awareness and new beliefs and habits, which we know from courses like Lifebook Online are the essence of your life. Unless you decide to incorporate a new belief or habit into your life, you wake up each day and have an experience based on your beliefs and habits of yesterday. The following Ted Talk is by Tony Hsieh and he has a powerful message about how when we stop growing, we start dying, and how challenges impact your life.

A few points from the talk I think worth mentioning:

  1. There’s no excuse to not take challenges on because even the smallest challenges can have a huge impact on our lives. You don’t know where a new habit or experience will lead. So, challenge yourself to get up 5 minutes earlier or to practice gratitude daily. You don’t know where small challenges will take you, and you don’t need to know in order to get started on them. Just push yourself a little to do something that you don’t normally do.
  2. If you want to take on bigger challenges for your health, relationships, happiness, or success, but feel uncomfortable pushing yourself too much right now, remember that small things can help you be comfortable with discomfort. Tony talks about taking a cold shower and how it got him back on the path to taking challenges. Sometimes challenging yourself to do something small, such as taking a different route to work each day or saying hi to at least one person you see on the street, can help you get comfortable with discomfort. Then you can add on bigger challenges like getting off social media for 30 days or something even bigger.
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