The Habit Of Ferocity: My Review And Thoughts On The Mindvalley Quest

I have found that there are some quests on Mindvalley that you could do all in one day and still get the benefit. The Habit of Ferocity is not one of them. This quest requires a lot of thought and integration, and I can tell you that at the end of the quest you are not likely to be in the habit of ferocity, but you will know exactly what it means to be in that habit and how to get there, and you will be progressing towards it.

What Is The Habit Of Ferocity?

I hadn’t heard of Steven Kotler before this quest. He is described as a high-performance expert by Mindvalley, and throughout the quest, you find out he’s very much into the concept of flow. In fact, he’s the Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project.

I finished the quest not too long ago and I was really impressed with the amount of passion and knowledge Steven has around being the best you can be. He’s really passionate about this stuff and it’s obvious he lives his life in a state of ferocity.

I’m so impressed that I’ve ordered a few of his books including Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World and The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance.

The following video is where I first saw Steven Kotler. It pretty much sums up what the quest is all about.

I would say that the notion of switching off mediocrity and switching on ferocity is the goal of The Habit of Ferocity. It provides the framework needed to achieve ferocity if you are not already there.

But I can’t see anyone becoming ferocious right after the 35 days are up. Even Steven Kotler says that it could take months or years to develop the habit of ferocity. So, don’t go into this quest thinking you are going to come out ferocious. It could happen, but I think most of us need to work on implementing the habits talked about in this quest.

What The Habit Of Ferocity Covers

Steven says in The Habit of Ferocity quest that there are 3 things that separate those who live in mediocrity and those who live in ferocity.

  1. The size of their vision
  2. The amount of flow in their lives
  3. Whether or not they have the habit of ferocity

All three of these things are covered in the quest.

The Size Of Your Vision

Steven helps you find your big vision that inspires and motivates you in a way that you probably haven’t experienced before.

For the first few weeks in The Habit of Ferocity, you train up your curiosity in life, which Steven says helps train down your fear. You play with your curiosity and learn how to turn it into passion. And then you work on turning your passion into purpose. At the end of it, you find yourself with a Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) that is a driving force in your life.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds if you haven’t done a lot of work in this area. I have been working on my own curiosities and passions for a long time thanks to my writing and Lifebook, so I have a pretty good idea of what I’m most curious and passionate about. Because of that, it was pretty easy for me to come up with a few MTPs within a relatively short amount of time. But, I didn’t have these MTPs clear in any way or defined before the quest. The quest helped me get to them.

There were a few people in The Habit of Ferocity tribe who were having a hard time finding that MTP and Steven said that it could take a while. You need to constantly play with your curiosities, and the intersections you find between them, in order to discover the big purposes in life that they help lead to.

You also learn how to set high hard goals that are in line with your vision. Steven Kotler says that he always makes sure everything he is doing is lined up with his MTP, and you will find yourself thinking in this way by the end of the quest. I can’t stop focusing on my MTPs and whether or not what I’m doing is lined up with them.

A big bonus of knowing what your MTPs are is your brain actively works on ways to help you stay in line with them. I find myself thinking things like ‘How can I do more stuff in line with this MTP?’ or, because I write all the time as a career, ‘What can I write about that is in line with my MTP?’

The Amount Of Flow In Life

Flow is not a huge part of the quest. Steven Kotler says early in the quest that “Everything we are going to be doing is foundational peak and high performance – it’s not really focused on flow.” However, on day 5 he does go into the topic of flow and you get into what your flow profile is.

I’m a Flow Goer, which to me means I have worked on creating flow in my life (even though I haven’t mastered it) and value it a lot.  One of the problems with being a Flow Goer is that in an attempt to minimize struggle, conflict, and stress, you can also minimize progress.

That is so true and that is why having grit in my life is so important. I need to do what I need to do and not get caught up in the trap of ‘I want to go with the flow and do whatever I’m called to do at the moment’, because that’s where it’s very hard to ever be truly productive.

The Habit Of Ferocity

The rest of the quest is focused on teaching you the habits and grit needed to get into the habit of ferocity.

Steven teaches that grit is at the intersection of passion and perseverance. Once you figure out your passion, you have to develop the grit to stay on track and do what you need to do each day. Your passion is a huge motivator, but it’s not enough.

You must be able to do the hard things despite how you are feeling or what is happening. You must have the habits that keep you moving forward and doing what you need to do. Steven Kotler teaches that stuff in this quest. He teaches a framework that you can clearly see at the end of the quest and it’s just a matter of living and acting inside that framework in order to move forward to a more productive and ferocious life.

In other words, The Habit of Ferocity teaches you who you have to be and what you have to do to have the success you want in life, but you have to do the work. This is why it’s pretty much impossible to develop the habit of ferocity in 35 days.

Most of us have been trained to follow habits in mediocracy throughout our lives and it takes some practice to get into the habit of being focused and dedicated and using our time for things that really matter in our lives.

It takes time to break those mediocre habits and develop more productive ones.

The Habit Of Ferocity Can Help You To Develop A More Productive And Rewarding Life

The bottom line is that this Mindvalley quest is about becoming more ferocious and accomplished.

It’s about developing passion and purpose in life and then doing things each day that are in line with your passion and purpose.

It’s about creating a rewarding life where you go to bed at the end of each day and feel like you used each moment wisely.

And, as Steven Kotler mentions a few times throughout the quest, it’s about waking up one day and realizing that you have accomplished some amazing things with the habits and grit you have developed.

So, if that’s what you want to achieve in life, The Habit of Ferocity is for you.

I’ve found myself more dedicated to my goals each day thanks to the quest. I spend more time doing things that matter and less time doing things that don’t. My schedule is tighter and more focused on things that matter. And, I have a clearer vision of what my MTPs are, which is a HUGE motivator to do what I need to do each day.

I’ve found that getting what you want is hard, but also simple in a way – if you do what you need to do each day. You need to develop strength and courage and grit.

To Make The Most Out Of This Course…

When it comes to getting value out of this course, here’s what I found.

  • You cannot be afraid of your potential or living each day with purpose. If you are, and would rather just lounge around, you will find yourself putting up resistance to the lessons and what Steven Kotler talks about – guaranteed.
  • You need to sit down each day and think about your visions, purpose, goals, habits, and grit level. And you need to write stuff down and create plans. This will take time out of your day, so be prepared to allocate some time to it.
  • You need to do the work that Steven tells you to do which includes reflection, planning, and restructuring your day.
  • You should join the Facebook tribe and go through the units day by day. They offer more information on the topic at hand and give you ideas thanks to other tribe memberships sharing their thoughts.

If you are interested in the course, you can take the free masterclass here with Steven Kotler and Vishen Lakhiani to learn more about it.

You can also learn more about the quest here, including the next start date (it’s usually the start of each month). Mindvalley quests open up to new students on a certain day and then move day by day after that so all students can be on the same date. But, once each day opens, you have lifetime access to it.

If you have any questions about The Habit of Ferocity quest feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Note: This quest is part of Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass. It’s a pass that gives you unlimited access to most of Mindvalley’s courses at one price. Read 5 Reasons Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass Rocks (And 2 Things That Could Be Improved)

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