What Type of a Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to?

What Type of a Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to?
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Are you in love with an alpha guy, but you do not know how to attract him? Alpha men are truly hard to catch as they have high standards for themselves and their relationships. So, if you are wondering what type of woman an alpha male is attracted to, you must be ready to push yourself to the limit.

While alpha guys do not want to be overpowered by their partners, they are attracted to challenges too. They get easily bored when their relationships are smooth and steady all the time. Yes, they want a woman who will submit to them, but they do not want a pushover. Instead, they are attracted to women who can challenge their power.

So, what kind of a woman does an alpha male want? Here are some of her traits:

What Type of a Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to Video

Secure of Herself

1. She is Confident.

An alpha male wants his girlfriend or wife to have self-confidence. Therefore, she should not be easily intimidated by anyone. She must have high self-esteem; thus, she is not afraid to face anyone, share her ideas, and show her real self to the world. In short, if you want to attract an alpha man, you must overcome being shy and come out of your shell with poise.

2. She is Independent.

Independent girls attract alpha males since they are not easily impressed by men’s wealth and power. Therefore, an alpha guy is thrilled to pursue and win the heart of such a woman. Moreover, this type of woman is not someone afraid to lose a man in her life. Knowing this keeps the guy’s interest. This means that if you want an alpha to go after you, you must show him that you do not need anyone like him. He would consider it a challenge.

3. She Takes Care of Her Appearance.

Alpha men love to date women who are physically attractive too. Since they top the social hierarchy, they want to keep impressing others even through their relationships. In addition, an alpha guy instinctively wants a woman he can proudly hold hands with in public. For this reason, he will not settle for someone who is not presentable enough.

4. She Speaks Up Her Mind.

Since she is confident and not easily intimidated, the girl that an alpha man likes is assertive. She can boldly express her ideas and opinions without fearing what others would say. Moreover, she is straightforward whenever she does not like something or sees something wrong.

5. She Can Set Boundaries.

Since an alpha man likes a woman who can challenge his power, he is also attracted to someone who sticks to her principles. Therefore, she will not be swayed by any temptations when she sets limitations in the relationship. It is because she knows her worth and what she wants.

Competitive as Him

6. She is Goal-Driven.

Just like him, an alpha male wants to be a goal-driven female. She should be someone as ambitious as him. Since they are on the same wavelength, they can be real partners in chasing success, power, money, and influence.

7. She Works Hard to Achieve Her Dreams.

She is not just a goal-setter, but a goal-getter too. She works hard to achieve her goals within a period. She is the last person who would let procrastination and laziness overcome her. If you are an easy-go-lucky girl, you must start being a workaholic.

8. She is Intelligent.

Alpha men are often intelligent creatures. For this reason, they want to be with women who have the same intellectual wavelength as them. In addition, alpha men love smart talks (they are less interested in emotion-centered topics), so they prefer women who would talk about business, investments, and politics with them.

What Type of a Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to?
Photo by MauraLBU

9. She Does Not Settle for Less.

The right woman for an alpha man is someone who knows her worth. For this reason, she believes that she deserves the best. She is not a person who can accept being a second choice or a substitute. Moreover, she works hard to give herself the best of everything. So, yes, she is pretty ambitious.

10. She is Committed to Excellence.

Alpha guys love women who mirror their standards. If you are a girl who always aims for the best, you are more likely to catch an alpha man’s attention. Expect that he is someone who dislikes mediocracy, even in choosing a restaurant for a date.

11. She Stands Out.

As mentioned in no. 3, alpha guys want to date impressive girls. In short, an extraordinary woman is the ideal partner for an alpha man. However, she must be more than a beautiful face and sexy body. Overall, she should be someone who excels in what she does and gains recognition for it.

Has a Romantic Side Too

12. She Can Be Clingy Sometimes.

Of course, alpha males have emotions too. Like any human being, they fall in love and long to be wanted and needed too. Thus, no matter how tough a guy is, he would surely melt inside whenever a woman, especially a powerful one, expresses her desire for him. So, yes, it is okay to be a bit clingy to him sometimes, but keep it minimal and do not do it all the time.

13. She Gives Time To Her Partner.

Even an alpha man can appreciate a woman who makes time for him. Of course, time is one of the measurements of true love. So, if he wants to be in a serious relationship, he will want to be with someone who can give him time, no matter how busy she is.

14. She is Supportive.

Alpha men want to end up with women who can support them in their dreams. Moreover, since they are goal-focused, they want to be with someone who will motivate and even help them achieve their goals. For this reason, if you want to be with an alpha man, prepare yourself to absorb his ambitions too.

15. She Stands by His Side.

It is normal for alpha men to be in conflict with others from time to time. Since they are assertive, they do not readily agree with others’ thoughts, resulting in arguments. Worse, some of these arguments could lead to more serious issues. For this reason, an alpha guy needs a partner who will stay by his side at times like this. She must be someone who is loyal and can defend her man from bashers.

16. She is Thoughtful.

An alpha man can also appreciate a girl’s thoughtfulness. Since he is a busy person, he easily forgets occasions, except those written in his planner. Therefore, having a thoughtful partner is a bonus for him. Like any human, he is touched by surprises and gifts from his special someone.

What Type of a Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to?
Photo by MauraLBU

17. She Likes Going on an Adventure with Him.

If you are an adventurous girl who loves going on an escapade, you can attract an alpha guy. Remember, he loves thrill and challenges. For this reason, he would be happy to have a partner with whom he can have adventures with.

Are You Qualified?

Based on these qualities, do you have a chance with your alpha guy crush? Can you live up to his standards? Are you willing to adopt these traits to be the perfect partner for him? If not, it is okay. Do not change yourself just to be liked by someone. It would be best to find a person who can love you as you are.

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