12 Simple Ways to Choose to Be Happy

Simple Ways to Choose to Be Happy
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Life sometimes hits us too hard to forget how to be happy or, rather, how to choose to be happy. They say that happiness is a choice. However, the melancholic alternative seems to be the only sensible or available option for some people, which often places them in a downward slope of unending sadness or despair. To get out of this pit, you must learn how to choose happiness, regardless of how dire your circumstances may be. Here are simple ways that can help you choose to be happy.

1. View the Glass Half-Full

Pessimism is a catalyst of sorrow. If you always look at the world negatively and the glass half empty, then you are bound to be constantly miserable in life. Look at things in a more positive light. Learn to have faith and hope; for a while, pessimism summons frustration, optimism brings forth joyful anticipation.

2. Appreciate the Little Things

Some people find it hard to choose happiness because they only focus on the grand and extravagant. Anything short of a six-figure salary or Mercedes Benz car will not cut it for them. Don’t get me wrong. Having big dreams and ambitions is not bad; however, while you’re still on the journey, learn to appreciate the small things like the fact that you’re employed or still have two feet to walk. Doing this will not only help you value what you have, but it will also make happiness easier to come by.

3. Don’t Compare Too Much

If you compare yourself to other people too much, especially to those who have gone ahead of you, then you’re bound to be disappointed in yourself or even get depressed. Focus more on yourself. Be happy about the improvements and developments you made, no matter how incremental they may seem. You’ll get there eventually.

4. Smile and Laugh More

Perhaps the simplest way you can choose to be happy is by smiling and laughing more. Smile at those who make your acquaintance and laugh at the simple jokes. Who knows, your smile and laughter might end up making not only you but also other people happy.

Simple Ways to Choose to Be Happy
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5. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s harder to choose happiness when you’re plagued with physical, social, and emotional ailments. So, you must exert effort in maintaining these facets of your life as healthy as possible. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, maintain good relationships, and give your passions and hobbies time. Remember that a healthy life is a happy life.

6. Stay Away from Toxic People

Our environment, especially our social circles, greatly influences our ability to be happy. If you continue to acquaint yourself with toxic people, like those who disrespect you or see only your flaws, then you’ll more than likely get depressed. If you really want to choose to live happily, then cut these people from your life. After all, it’s better to have one or two uplifting friends than a hundred toxic ones.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of the New

A person who is constantly afraid or dismissive of new things can, at times, lead to stagnation and a feeling of obsolescence that makes being happy in this ever-changing world harder. Stick to your core beliefs, but open yourself up to more to different and new things. Meet new people, eat in a different restaurant, apply for that new job opening, or learn to dance Zumba. Exposing yourself to new adventures can help you discover other good things that the world offers, thus making you happier in the process.

8. Go Wild and Crazy Occasionally

If you’re always serious about everything, then you might miss out on a lot of moments that could have made you really happy. Set the wild and crazy in you loose from time to time! Don’t suppress yourself too much; free yourself from the shackles of societal expectations. After all, you only have one life to choose to live the happy life you want!

9. Learn to Let Go

Learning to let go is a must to live a happier life. Continuously binding yourself to someone or a past mistake will only put you in a constant state of emotional imprisonment. You will never be able to move forward and lead a joyful life. If your girlfriend breaks up with you, allow yourself to be sad or even angry, take the time to lift yourself back up, and then let go. It is only by letting go of the past that you allow yourself to enjoy what lies in the future.

10. Help Others More

If you want to live a more joyful and satisfying life while making others’ lives happier at the same time, then consider helping more. May it be as simple as helping a friend get through a loss or, more wide-scale, like joining a foundation that teaches orphaned kids. The magnitude does not matter so long as you reach out your hand to those in need. Helping elicits a unique sense of fulfillment and pleasure that will give you a complete feeling of happiness when done together with the other items provided.

11. Hunger for Constant Improvement

Anyone will feel happier when he/she accomplishes something. That’s why you should also strive to improve yourself constantly. You could make a list of goals and slowly work your way through each. May you aim to overcome a fear or to learn a new skill, what matters is that it will benefit you. By having this constant drive, you not only give yourself more opportunities to feel happy, but you also make yourself too busy to be sad.

 Simple Ways to Choose to Be Happy
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12. Give Yourself More Love

If you choose to live a happier life, then you should also choose to love yourself. No matter how much you improve, how positive your social circle gets, or how much you help others, you’ll never be truly happy if you do not give yourself enough love. Appreciate yourself, give it the credit it deserves, and do not let others undermine its value. It’s only when you do these that you can feel genuine and long-lasting happiness.

Happiness is an option that is oftentimes hard to choose. Hopefully, these simple ways will make the process easy for you and help you live a happy and fulfilled life.

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