10 Smart Ways to Make Better Decisions in Life

best decision in life
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In life, you may find yourself at crossroads. This happens more often than you may like. How do you know where to go? How do you decide? How does one know which decision is good when you can’t see the outcome? You may find yourself asking these sorts of questions. To guide you in this crossroads of life, here are ten smart ways on how to make better decisions:

1. Needs before wants.
Do you really want that new handbag? Do you really need that computer? One way to make better decisions in life is to put your needs first before you wants. This doesn’t only apply to shopping but also to other aspects of life.

Needs are more important than wants. You should always prioritize your basic necessities before unnecessary luxuries. Have this idea in mind every time you want to choose between that cool backpack you wanted or a week’s worth of groceries that you need.

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2. Have more patience.
It always pays to have more patience in everything that you do. For example, if you really want to buy something, don’t buy it right away. Wait a few days and then come back, if you still want it then go and buy it. Being more patient allows you to think about your actions before doing them.

When you are patient, you tend to make better decisions more. You think before you speak, you avoid the chances of being hot-headed, and overall it makes you a calm and collected person.

3. Consider all factors.
When making a decision, you have to be very responsible and consider all the factors. Who will be affected by this decision? Is the effect good or bad? Will it change the way you live? Are you alright with that change? You should cover practically every question that may arise to mind.

Making decisions is tough because you have to consider other things and especially other people. Make sure that these decisions do not bring harm or cause pain to others or yourself. Deciding before even thinking about the outcomes of your decision is just plain irresponsible.

4. Ask for advice.
It never hurts to ask for advice so do not be afraid to seek it! Look for a friend who has gone through the same experience as you do and asks for their advice on what to do about the situation. If they are willing to share, then knowing their mistakes and them giving you a heads up will be very helpful.

Never take advice from a person who hasn’t experienced it yet. For example, do not ask for relationship advice from a person who has never been in a relationship before. People who understand where you are coming from are always the best people to look out for.

5. Always aim for the long run.
Don’t buy cheap and then buy it again when it breaks down quickly. Whether these are shoes or a person you want to date. Never buy cheap shoes because you want to save money, you will end up spending more because they wear out quicker. The same goes for a person you want to date, don’t settle for anything less or something you know won’t last for the sake of having a relationship.

Buy expensive shoes or date a worthy person. The shoes will be sturdier and can last for years and choose the person you want to be within the long run.

6. Don’t repeat mistakes.
When you know your mistakes, don’t repeat them. The second time you do, it is no longer a mistake but a choice. Repeating mistakes will only get you stuck in an endless cycle which is very harmful.

Learn from your mistakes in order to avoid them. Reflect and grow from your experiences so that the next a similar situation knocks on your door, you know when to answer it and when not to.

7. Pick your battles.
You do not need to fight everything you encounter so learn to pick your battles. You choose when you win and when you lose. In other words, don’t put too much stress on things that don’t matter. It will only cause you nothing but worry.

Knowing to pick your battles will make you better when it comes to decision-making because you pick which one matters. Learn when to turn a deaf ear especially when it comes to things that do nothing but degrade you. Don’t do anything about it and just let the chatter die away.

8. Weigh the pros and cons.
Before making a decision, always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each outcome. By doing so, you do not only pick the best decision, but you also let yourself foresee all the possibilities thus allowing yourself to prepare for it.

When the pros outweigh the cons, that’s when you know it’s the better decision. Don’t forget to consider all the factors and to aim for the long run when deciding.

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9. Never act on impulse.
Never speak or do anything based on your emotions. Emotions are temporary but what you say and what you do are permanent. You can’t take those back so never act on impulse. In all aspects of life, it is always best to keep your emotions in check.

When you are mad at someone, count to ten first before saying anything. If you’re tempted to buy something, take the time to think about it. Do not let your emotions control you and your decisions.

10. Keep those that matter.
Keep the things and people who matter. When you have friends and family rooting for you and supporting you, then it is easier to make better decisions in life. Avoid unnecessary negativity. When you know yourself, what you want, and how to get it, then nothing is stopping you from taking down the path to success.

Life may take you on an unpredictable journey at times, but always know that no matter what decision you choose, may it be bad or good in the end, you can always learn from the experience. You are in control of your life, how your journey is, is how you make it be, so be sure to keep that in your mind. Being a good decision-maker only comes from practice and living life to the fullest!

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