4 Big Tips For Winning Back An Ex

Before we talk about winning back an ex, it’s worth noting that if you ended your breakup badly and proceeded to do all the wrong things after your breakup to your ex – like talking bad about them, stalking them, ruining their things, or causing them problems in any way, then you are going to have to put in extra work into winning back your ex. Don’t expect an easy ride, because it may not be easy.

The Cause Of Your Breakup Will Impact How Long It Takes To Win Back Your Ex

winning back ex

It is not unusual to regret a breakup. Sometimes the breakup is over silly misunderstandings, and sometimes it’s over more serious stuff.

If your breakup was over more serious issues like cheating, lying, or abuse, then you may be looking at a long road to getting back into a healthy relationship with your ex. But it can still be done. The keyword is healthy – and that should be your focus.

Since there is a wrong way to go about getting your ex back and a right way to get them back, you may have a chance if you play your cards right no matter how the relationship ended; likewise, you may solidify no chance of winning them back if you play your cards wrong.

So, it’s important that you do all the right things and have a good plan in place before you run off exclaiming how much you want them back.

Because the two of you shared a connection in the past and have memories of happiness and joy together, you have a good chance of rekindling those emotions in your ex and of getting them back.

You have a better chance with them than a new person would have because of those emotions and feelings they already have attached to you.

4 Important Tips To Help You Win Your Ex Back

There are 4 steps you need to take to ensure your ex will want you back. They will also make sure your relationship begins on a healthy note.

Winning Back an Ex Tip #1: Admit Your Faults in The Relationship

No one wants to hear that they have faults, but if you want your ex back you have to admit they were probably there in the relationship.

Were you controlling, jealous, insecure, nagging, or even mean?

  • Did you cheat on your ex?
  • Did you abuse your ex in some way?
  • Did you allow your ex to walk all over you?
  • Were you inauthentic in your relationship?

Take a real good look at the past relationship, and even other relationships, and be honest with yourself about your negative traits.

Winning Back an Ex Tip #2: Fix Those Issues

Once you are honest with yourself and admit your faults openly, you need to fix those issues. You want to fix these bad relationship habits so that you do not have the same relationship that caused you to break up before.

To do this read self help-books, watch self-help shows, and seek professional help if you need it. You will start to become a better person, and your bad habits will start to fall away.

This is the time to implement the no contact phase. It will give you the space to do this important step for winning back your ex.

When you come to your ex with new habits and a new outlook, you have a shot at entering a new, healthier relationship that doesn’t end in a breakup.

Winning Back an Ex Tip #3: Present Your New Self to Your Ex

You are a new person with new good qualities that he or she will not expect. Make a date with your ex at a place that you can sit down and talk. Make sure you explain that you have recognized your negative traits and you have worked on fixing them.

The only proof you can offer will be your words and a new attitude, but if they think you have changed, and see it in your present actions, they will be more willing to try the relationship again than if you have not worked on a thing.

Note: It’s a good idea to see if they changed too. If their negative habits are still there, then they should work on them before you get back together. This will decrease your chances of another breakup.

Winning Back an Ex Tip #4: Do Not Revert To Your Old Ways

They may take you back right away or they may want to take it slow. Either way, you have to keep your newly formed habits in play so that they can see the proof of your words in your actions.

Do not pretend to be different and then revert back to your old self once the relationship is solid. If you do this, it means you haven’t done the first two steps properly and you need to retake action on them. They will not only make you a better relationship partner but a better person as well.

Use these 4 tips, and not only will the chances of winning back your ex be good, but the chances of a lasting and healthy relationship will be great.

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