Acknowledge Your Value With 30 Days Of Reflective Questions

You are valuable in this world. If you don’t acknowledge your value, other people can easily rule how you feel about yourself. One person may compliment you and have you feeling on top of the world, then another person may yell at you and leave you feeling worthless. In order to maintain a sense of importance and worthiness, you need to acknowledge your value and own it. Then it doesn’t matter what other people say or do, you will move forward pursuing your own dreams and happiness.

5 Reasons To Acknowledge Your Value

Acknowledge Your Value

1. Your Quality Of Life Will Improve

When you have an awareness of your value, your quality of life will become noticeably better. A feeling of importance has the power to make you feel alive, on track, and worthy of doing what you want to do.

When you acknowledge your value, you will feel like you are not just living, but living in a way that benefits other people in some way.

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2. You Will Be More Comfortable Being Yourself

When you acknowledge your value, you acknowledge that your unique self matters. This will help you feel more comfortable doing what you want, how you want it.

That’s important because you can’t fully contribute unless you are your unique self. Being unique means having unique ways of approaching things and being the only one who can contribute in the way you can.

If you follow any popular vlogger or blogger, you will see that they have a unique quality about them that makes them so interesting and popular. If they did not acknowledge their value and be true to themselves and what they want to do, then you would not be able to learn from them or be entertained by them.

3. You Will Influence Other People To Acknowledge Their Value

Other people are going to notice the value you place on yourself. That type of self-value will rub off on them in some way, and many of them will start to acknowledge their value and find their own uniqueness that contributes to the world.

The more people are comfortable with themselves, the better. It will mean more diversity, more problem solving, and more fun.

4. You May Influence Great Change In Someone’s Life

The fact that you are being yourself can have a positive butterfly effect.

For instance, you may be vegan, but feel scared to talk about it around others because of judgment. When you recognize your value, and your self-confidence grows, you may feel more like talking about your interests and passions, which may cause you to casually tell a grocery store clerk, who stares at one of your vegan cheeses, that you are vegan and loving it. She may go home and tell her daughter about the vegan who was vegan and loving it. Her daughter may have been thinking about going vegan, and because she hears about someone else who is loving it, she may finally decide to try to go vegan the next day. That may lead her down a path of being vegan where she influences her health, the health of others, animals, and the environment in a big and positive way.

5. You Make Better Decisions

When you realize your value, you integrate that awareness into your decisions. This can have a huge impact on your health and happiness.

For instance, when a friend of mine finally realized that she was valuable and not someone who should be treated poorly, she stopped letting losers into her life. She chose to stop dating guys who were not in line with what she wanted, and she was finally able to look for a good guy who would treat her right. She eventually chose to date a really good guy that she wouldn’t have considered dating previously, and he turned out to be the love of her life.

When you value yourself, you may better decisions in your relationships, health, friendships, career, and every other area of your life.

Don’t Base Your Value On Your Accomplishments Or What You Have

Your value is not based on what you have accomplished or what you have. You still have value, even if you have failed a million times and are living with one possession to your name.

Your value lies in things like your knowledge, skills, willingness, contribution, kindness, compassion, morals, behaviors, and words. Having money would be great, and you can definitely have a lot of value when you are rich and can contribute in that way, but it’s no more valuable than when you are contributing simply by being yourself.

Acknowledge Your Value Challenge

For the next month, you are going to sit down each day and answer one of the following questions, and sub-questions if there are any. Get a journal or notebook and write down your answers. You can expand on them and explore other thoughts you are having. The point is to sit down each day and think about you and your presence. After 30 days of doing this, you should have a better grasp on why you are important and valuable in this world.

  1. What positive qualities do I have? Compassion, kindness, hard-working, or something else? How are these qualities important to other people?
  2. What have I contributed to the world in my lifetime?
  3. Why do my friends like me?
  4. Why does my family love me?
  5. What positive things I have heard about myself in my life?
  6. Would life still be alright if I just had myself in it? What value do I add to my own life?
  7. What skills do I have?
  8. How do I use my skills positively?
  9. What makes me unique?
  10. Why should I love myself?
  11. What have my mistakes taught me? How have they made me stronger?
  12. What have bad experiences in life taught me? How have they made me stronger?
  13. How does what other people think of me impact how I think about myself? Should it really matter?
  14. Where do I doubt myself? Why? How can I remove that doubt?
  15. Am I self-aware? How can I work on that more?
  16. Am I letting past experiences keep me from recognizing my value? How can I forgive and let go?
  17. Am I being honest with myself and others? How would honesty impact me and my relationships?
  18. Would I regret not being myself? Do I regret not being myself?
  19. Why am I worthy of accomplishing my dreams?
  20. How do I talk to myself? Is it adding to my self-value or taking away from it?
  21. What could I teach other people?
  22. Is it possible that I’ve inspired someone recently?
  23. Have I fixed problems that others could not fix?
  24. How do I strive to help people instead of hurt them?
  25. How could I become even more valuable in this world?
  26. Am I reliable?
  27. Do I have a personal story that could help other people?
  28. Do I keep my home running and comfortable?
  29. Is the fact that I was born into this world an indicator that I’m valuable and was meant to do be here?
  30. How do I give to others?

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