11 Quotes About Gratitude That Make It Clear Why It’s So Important To Feel And Express It

If there were only one article allowed on this site, it would contain quotes about gratitude. The power of gratitude is something that I’ve always known on a low-key level, but just started to really understand in the past 10 years and really started to be passionate about in the past year. I truly believe that feeling and expressing gratitude is something everyone should be doing to improve their mind, body, and spirit. It’s free. It’s available to everyone. And it can impact your life in so many ways. Following are some quotes about gratitude that make it clear how awesome it is.

gratitude quotes

1. Gratitude Brings More Grace Into Your Life

I believe that grace is a direct response to gratitude… that the more grateful you are, the more grace steps in and shows itself and mirrors the gratitude that you have. – Oprah Winfrey

Want more blessings in your life? Practice gratitude. As Oprah says, grace is a response to gratitude, which means the more you practice gratitude, the more grace will manifest into your life. And, she should know!

Gratitude keeps you in a spiritual state where you are thanking something or someone for being there for you, blessing you, and helping you.

When you practice gratitude on a consistent level, you move into a higher state of being where you are able to feel the goodness around you and in yourself and bring better things into your life.

In other words, blessings increase!

This matches the law of attraction belief that the more you are grateful for, the more you will attract great things into your life.

2. Gratitude Helps You Pull Through Sadness

I didn’t realize that being able to appreciate beauty during the midst of an immense loss was a gift. But it is. Gratitude helps during sadness. – A Widow’s Awakening by Maryanne Pope

I recently went through an experience that made me very sad, and I give gratitude a ton of credit for helping me pull through that sadness faster than I would have done in the past.

Gratitude allowed me to see that while things weren’t great at the moment, there was a lot to be grateful for. And focusing on that gratitude – when I was able to – helped me shift my focus from my sadness to better things.

You may not always be able to feel grateful in a time of sadness, but take the time to look for things to be grateful for when you can. Appreciate the good things you see and the people who come into your life. Appreciate the moments of clarity and progress.

The more you look for those things and feel that gratitude, the lighter you will feel during tough times and the faster you will move out of them.

3. Gratitude Is Good For Your Mental Health

Gratitude makes you mindful and helps with your mental health issues. So, check your privilege. It’s good for your mental health. – Sonia Mariam Thomas

Do you want to shift your anger to peace? Do you want to give your suffering some meaning? Do you want to stop feeling so much hate and start feeling love instead? Do you want to relieve the tension and stress you are feeling? All of these things can be done with gratitude.

Gratitude helps you see things in a way that is appealing. You stop focusing on the negative and you start focusing on the positive, and that helps you move into higher levels of emotion, such as anticipation, joy, or just acceptance, which help you think more positively about your situation and life in general.

4. In Short, Gratitude Makes You Happy

It’s always a good idea to be grateful! Research is clear ~ being thankful helps us get happy! – Dr. Karin Anderson

If you want to be happier, then gratitude is your ticket. It’s good for your mental health and happiness, and there is proof behind that.

Of course, there is a caveat. It seems that emotional maturity has a lot to do with how impactful gratitude can be. For instance, if you are living in a victim mentality state and are trapped in emotions of fear, anger, and hate – and feel powerless in your life – then keeping a gratitude journal may not help much. You need to be aware enough that you are keeping yourself stuck in a negative state and have the power to move out of it in order to start doing so. If you don’t have that awareness, it may keep you from seeing the good things in your life.

But most people’s happiness will benefit from gratitude. I’ve never met someone who didn’t start feeling happier when they started focusing on things they were grateful for.

5. Gratitude Keeps You Open To Possibilities

A heart of gratitude helps you focus on what is working rather what isn’t and opens you up to even bigger possibilities in God. – Nike Adeyemi

When you are grateful for what’s happening, you can see what’s working in your life. And when you can see what’s working, you can recognize ideas, people, or situations that may also work in your life.

In other words, when you are feeling good, you are more capable of seeing and taking action on things that can help you maintain that feeling or improve it.

You don’t shut doors. You don’t close blinds. You keep an eye out for things that will help you become happier, healthier, and more successful.

6. Stay Grounded With Gratitude

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude helps keep us grounded and humble. – Nancy Lieberman

The best way to make real and positive changes in your life is to stay grounded. Being grounded helps you stay present in the moment and recognize your shortcomings and improvements that need to be made in your life.

When you are grounded, you know you don’t have it all figured out, and you also know that you want to continuously go up and improve your life. Moreover, you are able to stay humble enough to accept lessons and ideas into your life as possibilities for growth.

7. Traveling Light Keeps You Open To New Opportunities

A spirit of gratitude helps us to travel light which frees us to pursue worthy opportunities. – Thuli Madonsela

Have you ever felt hopeless and heavy? Did you want to pursue new opportunities at that time or did you want to curl up in a ball and stay sheltered from anything uncomfortable – no matter how small the discomfort? I’m betting you didn’t want to do much of anything.

Practicing gratitude keeps you in a lighter state of being where you are willing to move out of your comfort zone and grab on to new opportunities when they arise.

8. Happiness Doesn’t Promote Gratitude – It’s The Other Way Around

We all know quite a number of people who have everything that it would take to be happy, and they are not happy because they want something else or they want more of the same. And we all know people who have had lots of misfortune… misfortune that we are ourselves would not want to have, and they are deeply happy. They radiate happiness… Why? Because they are grateful. So it’s not happiness that makes us grateful, it’s gratefulness that makes us happy. – David Steindl-Rast

You can get everything you want in your life and still not be happy. We all know people who have things that we believe should make them feel grateful for their life, but they still complain and whine all the time.

This is why so many people tell you to start feeling grateful for where you are instead of waiting to be happy to feel grateful. If you wait, you may never be happy!

So don’t wait for the perfect relationship, career, experience, bank balance, or anything else to feel gratitude in life. Feel gratitude right now and let that gratitude help you create the life you want and be happy every step of the way.

9. Connect To The Goodness Through Gratitude

Gratitude helps us strengthen our connection to what is good. – Molly Cantrell-Kraig

When you are grateful, you strengthen your connection to what is good for the world and for yourself. You are able to see what is good more clearly, and your morals and behaviors fall in line with that vision.

For instance, gratitude has helped me tune into myself more and what is good for me and not good for me. This has helped me manifest more of what I want into my life through destiny tuning, which is something I learned about in a course I took called Manifestation Miracle.

10. Good Habits Creates Sane Minds

Sanity is deepened in daily repetition. Morning gratitude serves us well, as does evening prayers. And restoring order helps our mind. – Patsy Clairmont

The bottom line is that adding gratitude to your daily life, not just once in a while, is what will help you get all the benefits of gratitude. That’s the same for all healthy habits that can continuously improve your well-being.

By practicing gratitude daily, you start to develop that attitude of gratitude and become someone who is naturally grateful and reaps the rewards of that.

If you don’t know how to start practicing gratitude daily, check out this article on how to make every day a day of gratitude.

11. Gratitude Helps Us Accept What’s Happening

Gratitude teaches us to respect God’s perfect timing. – Iyanla Vanzant

If you know how powerful a good prayer is, you will want to remember this quote about gratitude the next time you pray. When you include gratitude in your prayer, you open up your spiritual eyes and see that the higher power doesn’t have anything but your best interest at heart. It doesn’t put obstacles in your way to punish you but, rather, to help you.

Praying with gratitude helps you stay focused on all the things the higher power is bringing into your life and all the ways it’s helping you and recognize that it has perfect timing – always – even when you wish something else would have happened or appeared in your life.

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