10 Affirmations To Help You Embrace The Flow Of Life

Life is always flowing. It has its ups and downs, but it never stays stagnant. Things change. Things happen even when you don’t want them to. And resisting this flow and these changes can cause a lot of struggle in your life. It can cause you to become bitter and regretful. Embracing the flow of life can improve your happiness, help you be more engaged and motivated in life, and increase your fulfillment. If you want to embrace the flow of life, you need to talk to yourself in a certain way.

10 Affirmations That Can Help You Embrace The Flow Of Life

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1. My Life Is About Moments

A lot of people look at their life through the lens of time. They see how much time they’ve been here and contemplate how much time they have left. They want their day to speed up or slow down. They base everything they do around time.

But, if you want to embrace the flow of life, make YOUR life about moments, not time.

Make each moment count.

Don’t try to hide from today or forget about today. Add it to your mental scrapbook and let it be a part of what makes up your life.

Time can slip away, moments can’t if you engage in them.

Life is just a series of moments, not minutes.

If you want to embrace the flow of life, look forward to all the moments, enjoy them, and remember them.

2. I Stay Open To Change

Unexpected things happen and being resistant to change causes you to go against the flow of life.

For instance, if something devastating happens to the beloved home that you never planned on moving away from, you have two options:

  1. You can resist it and whine and complain and wish things were different.
  2. You can look for a new home and embrace it in your life.

One will help you embrace the flow of life, and one will help you resist it.

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3. I Have A Good Sense Of Humor

This affirmation can help you embrace the flow of life when things keep happening that you don’t expect. Being able to laugh at the downs in life will help you enjoy them more. Laughter will also help you enjoy the highs more.

Having a good sense of humor will help you avoid getting stuck in emotions that cause resistance towards the flow of life.

4. I Believe That Things Happen For A Reason

This is a huge affirmation for embracing the flow of life.

When life takes you left instead of right, and you believe that there is a rhyme and a reason for why things happen, you will have a much easier time going left and embracing it.

You can implement this affirmation by saying things like, “Maybe if I had gone right, I would have been in an accident or failed or lost something or experienced something else unfortunate!”

Believing that life has your back can really help you embrace the flow of life.

I recently watched a woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her husband had a brain tumor removed. They were both ‘going through it’, but she wasn’t upset or bitter. She believed that things happened for a reason, and they would both be stronger at the other end. That affirmation helped her get up each day and do what she needed to do to keep going forward.

5. I Enjoy The Ups And Downs Of Life

What better way to embrace the flow of life than to affirm that you enjoy it! This affirmation will change your life if you can truly embrace it.

When you wake up excited to see what today will bring, you will handle everything with more curiosity, joy, and passion. Life’s ups and downs will become more interesting, and you will be more engaged in them because there will be less resistance.

6. I Create Order In Chaos

It’s hard to embrace life when it’s chaotic. That’s why it’s important to create some order so that you at least have some idea of what your next step is, and you can create some time to breathe and relax, both of which are important for embracing the flow of life.

You could say that you enjoy the chaos as an affirmation if you want, but if you get overwhelmed easily, it’s much better to embrace the affirmation that you are capable of creating order in the chaos, even if it’s just day by day.

In other words, create some order in your day no matter what’s happening. Make some plans and a to-do list. And, when unexpected things arise, quickly create tasks and solutions to move through the problems.

7. I Have Daily Practices That I Look Forward To

You will be much more likely to embrace the flow of life when you also have daily practices that help ground you and make you feel good. These are things you can look forward to, no matter what. They are also things that can help balance you and keep your mindset and emotions positive.

For instance, you can try Qigong. It involves certain movements and breathing techniques that help you move and manage energy, which can reduce stress, increase energy, and get you prepared to handle whatever the day throws at you. I recommend this practice as one of your daily practices. It will help you get your energy moving in a way where you can much more easily embrace the flow of life.

8. I Am Creative

When life throws something at you, it’s time to put on your creativity hat and figure out a way to overcome it or adapt to it. If you can’t do that, then there’s going to be a lot of struggle in your life, and you won’t be able to embrace the flow of life.

That’s why you need to affirm to yourself that you are creative.

You need to embrace your creativity and your ability to adapt and overcome.

You need to embrace your ability to see a problem and find a solution for it.

Life becomes much more enjoyable when you creatively move through it.

9. I Can Find The Positive In Any Situation

If you want to embrace the flow of life, you need to be optimistic and positive. You need to be able to see the positive side of things and allow that viewpoint to help you engage in life and make decisions.

The more you affirm to yourself that you can find the positive in any situation, the more you will look for the positive AND find it! It’s a beautiful dance between thoughts and focus. You will naturally filter out the crap and see the positive when you believe that you can.

10. I Accept Where I Am

When you can accept where you are, you will have an easier time embracing the flow of life. It helps you to release resistance and be OK with where you are even when things aren’t going great.

Ask yourself, “Where am I?” Then focus on where you are both physically and in your life. Accept it, even if it’s not where you want to be, because it IS where you are.

You will be in many other places in your life, but for now, accept this place as it is.

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