7 Affirmations To Help You Eat Healthier

Unhealthy eating is – well, unhealthy for your health! Inflammation can occur, free radicals can be damaged, fat can be accumulated, and chronic disease can be in your near future. If you want to eat healthier, but you have a habit of eating poorly, then affirmations can help you out of that habit. They can help you view healthy food and your relationship with it in a different light. And, that will help you make better choices and eat healthier.

Affirmations To Help You Eat Healthier

1. I Don’t Let Other People Control My Diet

You are bombarded by marketing when it comes to unhealthy food. And that can interfere with your ability to eat healthy food.

For instance, seeing a young group of people eating a certain brand of chip and having the time of their lives can do something to your brain. It can make you think things like, ‘I might be that happy if I eat those chips,’ or ‘Those chips must be really good if they are enjoying them so much’. And, before you know it, you are off to buy the chips you saw in the ad.

In this day and age, people are more aware of when they are being marketed to, but that doesn’t mean that these ads don’t work. Especially when it comes to food, something we all enjoy.

This is also true for weight-loss ads. We often see people eat foods that may not be healthy (full of chemicals or lacking nutrients) – even though they are advertised as being healthy. Then we end up making unhealthy choices based on those ads.

Also, have you ever noticed that you can’t make something as good as it tastes when you buy it? Why is that? It’s because companies know how to create the perfect formula of salt, sugar, and chemicals that you can’t create at home. This formula results in a product that delights your taste buds and makes you crave more after you are done.

So, if you get suckered in by the marketing and the manipulation of flavor, you are letting other people control your diet.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone controlling anything about me – especially something that affects my health so much.

Once you use the affirmation, ‘I don’t let other people control my diet,’ you will start to think more about what you see and what you taste (and how you may be being manipulated) and gain more control over your food decisions.

2. I’m Grateful I Have Access To So Many Whole Foods

We focus on what we are most grateful for. And, we should all be grateful that we have such easy access to whole, healthy foods.

Vegetables and fruits are just a supermarket away. You can buy them frozen or fresh.

You likely have a farmer’s market near you.

And, whole grains are now found in almost every store out there.

Many people don’t have access to the variety of whole and nutritious foods that we do. So why waste your gift?

When you start to use the affirmation, ‘I’m grateful I have access to so many whole foods,’ you will take more notice of these healthy foods, and you want to start taking advantage of your privilege.

3. I Live A Better Life When I Eat Healthier

Want to get more done in life? Eat healthier.

The more healthy food you eat, the more you will notice how bad you feel when you eat unhealthy food.

Eating healthy gives you energy. You can go for a walk, get stuff accomplished, and enjoy time with friends and family. But, when you eat unhealthily, the couch is the only destination you want to head to.

Why? Your body requires certain nutrients to work at an optimal level. When you eat unhealthily, the chances of you getting those nutrients are very slim. Moreover, foods that have sugar and simple carbs can cause blood sugar spikes, which are followed by fatigue. Healthy foods keep your blood sugar steady and allow you to avoid crashing after a meal.

Do you want to live a full life day-to-day? Then start using the affirmation, ‘I live a better life when I eat healthier,’ and you will start to make better food choices.

4. I Enjoy Influencing Others Positively

You are influencing people’s eating habits (and lifestyle in general) whether you know it or not.

Maybe it’s obvious and you have kids around that follow your lead. Eating healthier will help them eat healthier. That’s good enough reason for most people.

But, maybe it’s not so obvious. When you are at the mall, for example, and you go to that one healthy place amidst all the fries and pizza places, you could be influencing someone else to make the right choice. This is especially true if you look happy while ordering and eating your food.

The bottom line is you have a lot of power in this world just through your example. You can help people lead a healthier life or you can help people lead an unhealthier life. If you adopt the affirmation, ‘I enjoy influencing others positively,’ then you are going to make better decisions for yourself along the way.

5. I Shop Where It’s Freshest And Healthiest

Using the affirmation, ‘I shop where it’s freshest and healthiest,’ will help you avoid the convenience stores and hit up the farmer’s markets or health food stores if possible.

When you are surrounded by chips, candy, and processed food, you are more likely to buy it. When you are surrounded by good food, you are more likely to buy it.

6. I Can Afford To Eat Healthy

It’s very interesting how many people argue that eating healthier costs more money but will pay $20 for chips without a thought.

Healthy food is more in demand now, and it is more affordable than ever.

If you are on a budget, then you can still afford to eat healthier. You can keep your eyes on the weekly sales and you can bargain with people at the farmer’s market.

The best way to keep within your budget is to meal plan! When you meal plan with healthy recipes, you know exactly what you need and how much you need, and it’s easier to buy within your budget.

One of the best meal planners I follow is Jen from How Jen Does It on YouTube. Here’s how she meal plans for 2 weeks.

7. I Make Time To Follow People Who Eat Healthily

Just as you can influence others positively, you can be influenced positively.

Whenever you need to be reminded of how good healthy eating can be, go check out someone’s video or feed to see what they are up to. You will be amazed at how one positive message could keep you from grabbing unhealthy food and eating healthy instead.

Here’s an article on 10 healthy YouTubers that you may want to follow. And, here’s a list of Instagram accounts that you may want to follow.

Instead of watching someone make a fool of themselves or do something stupid, repeat the affirmation, ‘I make time to follow people who eat healthy,’ so that you can remember what will be more beneficial for you to check out in the moment.

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