8 Affirmations To Say Daily To Improve Yourself Every Day

Every day you can become better and better if you do the right things. Sitting on the couch eating potato chips may be glorious at the moment, but it will not improve you in any way. Improvement of your mind, body, and soul requires you to do things that stimulate you, enlighten you, inspire you, and improve your health. There are some specific affirmations that you can say daily if you want to improve yourself daily. These affirmations will ensure that you are focused on daily self-improvement.

improve yourself daily

1. I Take Micro-Steps Forward Every Day

Abraham Maslow said that we always have one of two options in life.

  1. We can move forward into growth.
  2. We can move backward into safety.

If you want to improve yourself, you need to move forward into growth.

The good news is that you don’t have to take large steps. You just need to make itty bitty choices that move you forward instead of backward.

For instance, should you sit down and watch a YouTube video, or should you sit down and read an article like this one? It’s a small choice today, but made day after day, it’s going to result in a lot of personal growth or, on the other hand, knowledge about other people’s growth or lack thereof on YouTube.

2. I Am Not Perfect

Wanting to be perfect stunts improvement.

  • It keeps you from making mistakes and learning from them.
  • It keeps you from trying new things.
  • It keeps you from moving out of your comfort zone where you feel perfect.

Therefore, when an imperfection comes up, embrace it with the affirmation ‘I am not perfect’ and allow yourself to bathe in the improvement that follows.

3. I Count My Blessings

Being stuck in a negative state will keep you from taking steps forward. Instead of choosing something that causes improvement in your life, you will choose something that sends you backward.

Procrastination, poor food choices, indulging in bad habits, and talking negatively to yourself are all possible when you are stuck in a negative state.

This is why it’s essential to count your blessings all day and every day.

There are a lot of obvious blessings to focus on – shelter, food, good friends – but you can also find blessings in all the seemingly negative situations that arise.

For example:

  • Get a bad haircut? Well, at least you have hair and it will grow back!
  • Miss your flight? Now you have time to read another book!
  • Find out you got the wrong order AFTER you brought it home? Now you will likely get something for free when you let them know, so that’s not a bad thing.

Count your blessings. Make it an affirmation you say daily until you automatically do it without even thinking.

4. I Read Daily

George R.R. Martin says that readers live a thousand lives before they die.

In other words, you can live your life, or you can live a thousand lives by making it a habit to read every single day.

Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, you will find yourself learning and exercising ideas, thoughts, and behaviors that help you expand as a person.

Challenge yourself to read more and live a thousand lives before you die.

5. I Make Good Choices For My Health

When you are sick, you can’t improve yourself. You barely have enough energy to do what you need to do in the day, never mind focus on personal development and improvement.

I saw a woman make breakfast the other day that consisted of a regular portion of strawberries and then topped with about 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 cup or more of condensed milk. She said it tasted just like strawberry cereal. I’m sure that it’s sweet and fruity, but it’s not good for your health. The problem is that one day of this may not be bad, but she makes poor eating choices daily (she vlogs them on YouTube), and added up after hundreds of days doing this, she is extremely unhealthy. She’s been in the hospital for various ailments and has grown to a size where it would be hard to enjoy activities outside of sitting and cooking.

That’s the power of daily choices.

You can choose to do good things for your health daily, such as eating nutritious food, eat regular portion sizes, take recommended supplements, keep stress down, or ensuring you are getting enough water, or you can choose to eat sugar and fat, ignore your body’s needs, and worry and stress about everything.

I do good things for my health. This affirmation will help you to stop and take note of what you are doing, and then decide if you want it to be a small step that adds to you being unable to do things later in life or being able to do whatever you want later in life.

6. I Give My Mind A Break

Affirm to yourself that you will give yourself a complete break today. It can be for 10 minutes or 30 minutes, but it should be a break from everything and everyone – expect from you.

Whether you jump in the bath, go for a walk, or just stare at the wall – a break means just that – a break from the constant information that wants to come in. The phone, TV, Internet, and everything else will be there when you get back.

The good news is that a break is good for your mental health and it can boost your creativity. That means if you want to feel better, are working on a project, or need to find a solution, a complete break could help you out.

7. I Use My Time Wisely

We only have so much time in our day and it can be very easy to waste it entirely on stuff that doesn’t move us forward in life. That’s fine if you don’t want to grow as a person, but if you want to improve your mind, body, and spirit, you need to use your time a little more wisely.

Nir Eyal talks about time blocking your day. It’s a great way to ensure that you are using your time for creativity, work, family, friends, reading, and other things that contribute to your improvement and happiness.

8. I Learn Something New Daily

There are a trillion things (probably more) that you can learn in your life. If you live another 20 years, you will live another 7300 days and can potentially learn at least 7300 new things if you take this affirmation seriously.

Growth happens with new knowledge. So, affirm to yourself that every day you will learn something new, and then let that affirmation help you stay curious and in a state of mind where you want to understand new things.

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