6 Affirmations To Help You Overcome Procrastination

If you want any type of success in life, you have to be able to overcome procrastination. Despite what it seems like right now, procrastination takes a huge toll on your success and happiness. If there is something that you know you need to do, and you can’t stop procrastinating on it, these affirmations will help.

Overcome Procrastination With These 6 Affirmations

1. I Want To Do What I Need To Do

You know what you need to do. But, many times we procrastinate because there is something else we would rather do.

For instance, we may put off a work task because we would rather watch TV, scroll through YouTube videos, or check out social media. This is when we need to stop and tell ourselves what we really want to do.

Why do you want to do what you need to do?

  • It might move you towards your goals or ideal life.
  • It may help you overcome the problem you are having.
  • It might help you get unstuck in an area of your life that is stressing you out.
  • It might help you release emotions such as worry, anxiety, or fear.
  • It might make you feel good about yourself.
  • It might help someone else feel good about themselves!

These are just some of the reasons that doing what you need to do could be something that you want to do!

The bottom line is that when you do what you need to do, you improve something in your life, whether it be your happiness, your purpose, your confidence, your relationships, or anything else.

Repeat the affirmation, ‘I want to do what I need to do‘, so that you can start to believe that what you need to do is the biggest and most exciting task that you could be doing.

2. My Time Is Valuable To Me

It’s really important to understand the concept of time and how sad it is when you waste it.

You only get so many hours in your life. When you procrastinate on things you really need to do, you are flushing those hours down the toilet. You will never get them back, which means you will never get a chance to use them more wisely.

Thankfully, you can never let that happen again.

By repeating the affirmation, ‘My time is valuable to me,’ you will start to become aware of how you use your time and whether or not you are using it in your best interest. That awareness will help you overcome procrastination in a big way.

When you know that something is important, you will be more inclined to use your time wisely and get it done.

3. I’m Going To Make The Most Out Of Today

This is a variation of the above affirmation, but it’s just as important to help you overcome procrastination.

Whereas the other affirmation helps you remember how valuable time is, this affirmation highlights today and makes time management much more real in your mind.

Thoughts like ‘I’ll use my time wisely tomorrow’ will stop appearing in your mind and be replaced with thoughts like ‘I want to get as much done as I can today.’

You will be amazed at how different your day will look when you are focused on it and not yesterday or tomorrow.

4. I Love Taking Action!

Do you find satisfaction in putting things off? Maybe at the moment. It allows you to go do that unproductive thing that you want to do.

But, in the long run, you are going to feel regret, anxiety, sadness, or another negative emotion if you procrastinate on things that really matter. Eventually, you will learn just how painful putting things off can be.

For instance, I have a friend who was in an unhappy relationship. He knew that he needed to work on the relationship, but he kept putting it off for other things that were less stressful. One day he came home from work and his girlfriend had moved out. It was then he realized that procrastinating on improving his relationship ultimately cost him his relationship. She was no longer willing to work on things, and he lost the best woman he had ever been with (his words). Now he realizes the value of taking action on things, even if they are stressful.

So, adopt the affirmation, ‘I love taking action,’ into your life. Even if taking action is more stressful than doing something else, it will give you the most rewarding results.

5. I Strive For Positive Change

Want to have a better, happier life? Want a great relationship? Want a great career with a lot of financial abundance? Then you need to overcome procrastination and start doing!

Change only comes when you stop being lazy and start taking action. It’s a result of what you do in your life and nothing else.

Everything you do is a step up towards something better. Your failures teach you how to get what you want and your successes move you closer to what you want.

If you want a better life, then avoid procrastination. This affirmation will help you remember that.

6. My Future Depends On My Today

This affirmation is another way to remind yourself that what you do today will have a big influence on your tomorrow. This is true for your success, happiness, relationships, and health, and even things that you may not think about.

For instance, a friend of mine kept procrastinating on going to the dentist. She had chipped her tooth, but she didn’t want to get a filling. She wasn’t even scared. She just felt like she had better things to do. She put it off for over a year. One day the pain came and she had to go in. It was infected and she needed to get it pulled. She could have just gone in and quickly had it fixed, but her procrastination cost her more money and a tooth.

Every decision you make today – big or small – impacts your future in some way. This is a fact. Nobody can escape it. So, what will you do today? I highly recommend you use these affirmations and overcome procrastination so that you can choose to do what needs to be done.

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