12 Simple Tips to Have a Healthy Life

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Health is wealth because it gives us more strength to work harder, to earn more, and to be persistent in achieving our life’s many goals. It also protects our personal finance, as it prevents us from spending money on medical expenses caused by sickness. Health is wealth because when we are healthy, we have more time to cherish good times and moments with our family and friends. If you care for your well-being, here are 12 simple tips to be fit and have a healthy life.

1. Eat when you’re hungry; stop eating when you’re full.
A healthy life is a matter of having self-discipline. Develop self-control to fight gluttony.

2. Sleep when you feel sleepy; get up in bed when you already feel oversleeping.
In other words, don’t deprive yourself of its basic needs, including sleep. And of course, don’t deprive it of the active life it needs. So don’t overdo sleep.

3. Answer the call of nature without further delay.
Well, if your tummy wants to go to the toilet don’t be a hindrance. Don’t ruin its regular routine.

4. Take a rest when you’re tired; try to work when you’re bored.
Do not torture your own body but protect it – give it the break it deserves. Don’t wait for someone to entertain you. It’s not somebody’s fault if you’re getting bored. Go and do something that will make yourself happier and livelier.

5. Stretch your muscles every day and do exercise regularly.
If you can lurk on Facebook and other social media websites for an entire day, why not give even half of an hour to give yourself a good workout routine.

6. Be alert and take care of yourself to avoid unexpected physical injuries.
Take extra care. Your body is delicate. You’re not a robot made with titanium – you’re a human!

7. Avoid eating refined and instant foods.
If you want instant food, go for fruits. If you want instant drinks, have a glass of pure clean water.

8. Give yourself a series of breaks when using technology.
Don’t spend your whole life with computers, television, video games, and smartphones. Instead, go on a journey with Mother Nature. Do hiking, swimming, running and even walking at the park with your dog.

9. Laugh or smile when you’re happy; cry a tear when you feel like crying.
Do not deprive your heart of its true emotions. Release what you truly feel as long as it will not hurt other people.

10. Live in peace.
Learn how to forgive your sinners; learn how to ask forgiveness to those whom you have sinned.

11. Do not waste your money on vices.
Learn how to save so that you can avoid the stresses caused by debt and other financial problems.

12. Get rid of ignorance.
Knowledge is power, which can definitely help you live a healthier life. Hence, read and learn how to be healthy and fit.

Stay humble. Don’t let pride consume your body, mind and soul.

There you are. I know those tips only sound simple but they are difficult to do. However, they are only hard to execute if you are not willing to sacrifice and give up some things. Remember that the more you take, the more you give up. Therefore, if you like to have a healthier life, give up the things that you believe are hindering you from having it. Give yourself time to think and meditate about it.

Victorino Q. Abrugar
Vic is the founder of InspiringTips.com. He regularly writes for the site and also serves as its digital marketing strategist. Vic likes to talk about true love, meaningful life, quantum physics, spiritual growth, and more.

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