An Affirmation To Help When You’re Feeling Jealous Of Someone’s Life

If you find yourself looking at someone and assuming that they have it all, then this affirmation is for you. It will help you develop the belief that things are not always as they seem. And it will help you avoid feeling jealous.

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Your Assumptions Are Not True

I can’t remember a time that my assumptions about someone else were true. I also can’t remember a time when someone else’s assumptions about me were true!

The fact is you can’t know what’s going on in someone’s life unless you have access to their thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs, and experiences. And you don’t.

Always remember that your assumptions are not true.

People Always Put On Their Best Face

It doesn’t matter where you go, people are putting on their best face. Remembering this will help you to avoid feeling jealous when things appear to look great in someone’s life.

Facebook And All Other Social Media Platforms

Almost everyone is showing you their best pictures and most rewarding experiences. They are forgetting to tell you about the bad times, the losses, the struggles, the tears, and the ugly side of their lives.

I have a good friend on Facebook who is constantly posting positive things. You would think her life is amazing and magical by looking at her posts. But, when I talk to her in real life, she tells me how bad it really is.

For instance, that post where she is laughing with her son was actually a horrible experience for her. She had taken him out on a hike and he whined and complained the whole time. But, she wanted to show people her experience, and she didn’t want people to think she was having a bad time, so she made him smile for the photograph.

Everything always looks better from the outside.

Friends And Family

Your friends and family may put on a big smile when you meet up, but that doesn’t mean their life is great.

I had one friend who was miserable in her marriage, but in front of friends and family, she always made it seem like they were a perfect couple. I lived with her, so I knew differently. They fought 23 hours out of the day, she was cheating on him, he was hiding his alcohol addiction from her, and living there was beyond uncomfortable.

That’s why you don’t normally expect someone to come and tell you they are getting a divorce. They’ve hidden the truth from everyone for so long, that it seems like a complete surprise.

Everything always looks better from the outside.


My husband can spot fake people a mile away, even when some of his co-workers can’t.

For instance, one of his co-workers always laughs too loud, talks too much about how great her life is, and spends a lot of time obviously trying to convince others her life is great. My husband knows that if her life was that great, she wouldn’t need to boast and fake laugh all the time. But, the rest of the office seems to buy her charade. Not long ago, when he was pulling into work early, he saw her sitting in her car crying her eyes out. Ten minutes later, she walked into the office with a fake smile, fake laugh, and a high pitched voice that talked about nothing important while trying to send the message that she was confident and happy.

Everything always looks better from the outside.

Strangers Who Look Happy

That girl with the perfect hair, body, and boyfriend, may have a lot of issues that you don’t see. She may struggle with her self-worth, believe it or not. She may spend too much money on things to keep her appearance up. Her boyfriend may be a complete and total asshole. And, she could have developed an eating disorder trying to keep her weight down. You simply don’t know.

Also, that person who seems to have it all may have just gone through a breakup or lost someone in their life to death and be struggling with their own life to the point of depression.

Everything always looks better from the outside.

Credit Card Debt Is A Real Thing!

Those people who have all the toys and great things usually have all the debt.

Sure, there are some people who are really great with their money and can afford to buy things without going into debt, but they are few and far between.

If you get yourself worked up over someone who seems to have the best clothes, go out for the best food, drive the best card, have things like cabins, boats, and RVs, then stop and affirm – then it’s time to stop being jealous and start recognizing that things cost money and bills need to be paid.

They may be stressed out (to the point of panic) about the amount of debt they have or the number of bills they have as they try to pay things off.

Everything always looks better from the outside.

Their Success Didn’t Happen Overnight

With YouTube, we often see people who seem to be successful overnight. But that’s not usually the case. Most people put a lot of work into their life – growing, learning, practicing, planning, and executing. And, it isn’t until they have the right amount of knowledge and experience that they are able to execute something that works.

They may have had failures before, but you just didn’t seem them. They may be working their butt off behind the scenes. All you see is their success and feel a twinge of jealousy that they are able to attract viewers, likes, subscribers, and money, without a lot of effort.

Moreover, they may be experiencing a lot of stress from their success, even if you don’t see it.

For instance, a YouTuber I follow just had one of her videos shared on a big platform. It was a video where she was complaining about someone who criticized her weight, and the comments on this big platform were mean and uncalled for. The chances are good she saw some of those comments and had a huge struggle with them, but the next day she posted a video where she was smiling, doing her makeup, and talking about how great her life was.

Everything always looks better from the outside.

Go Forward With This Affirmation For Just One Day

You may think that you don’t often feel jealous throughout your day, but if you can leave this article and use this affirmation for just one day, you will be surprised at how many times you feel jealous over other things you don’t know for sure.

And, after this affirmation becomes a part of your belief system, you will find yourself feeling more confident and happy with yourself and your life.


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