18 Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

Being a new mom, one of my hobbies is studying practical ways to be an effective mother. I now understand why many moms are easily anxious—well, we want the best for our babies. For all the mothers out there who want to improve their parenting strategies, let me share some tips to be a good …

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3 Productive Ways To Spend Time With Someone You’d Rather Not Spend Time With

spend time with someone annoying

Sometimes you need to spend time with someone you would rather not spend time with. Sometimes an old friend comes back in town and catches you off guard and convinces you to go out for the day when you would rather do anything else. And, sometimes your least favorite family member shows up at a …

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Feel More Connected To Others By Adding These 7 Affirmations Into Your Life

Feel More Connected To Others By Adding These 7 Affirmations Into Your Life

When we feel connected to other people, we feel less angry and safer. We are also kinder and happier because connection gives us the freedom to share parts of us with others – including our insecurities and fears – which can reduce stress and anxiety. A real connection makes us feel like we have someone …

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5 Affirmations To Deal With A Family Member Who Disappears From Your Life

brother and sister having fun

You were close once, but now they never call or answer your calls. They don’t come to your family’s functions. They don’t seem to want to see you. And there’s nothing you can do about it. It can hurt to have no say in the demise of a family relationship. But, sometimes people make choices …

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Stop Being Paranoid: 6 Affirmations To Break Out Of The Paranoia Mindset

paranoid man

It’s not fun to be around a paranoid person and it’s not fun to be a paranoid person. If you are feeling paranoid and want to stop being paranoid, it’s time to take action so that your relationships, happiness, personal growth, and success can expand. According to experts, paranoia is a disorder of the mind …

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5 Affirmations To Help You Stop Letting Other People’s Opinions Determine How You Live Your Life

Woman giving a loser sign

Everyone has an opinion. Many people think that their opinion is the right one, so they are pretty convincing when they give it to you. But that doesn’t mean that it is right for you. If you let their opinions stop you from doing things that you want to do, then you are letting their …

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6 Affirmations To Help You Let Go Of An Argument

Man giving the finger during argument

For most of us, our arguments fade away into time and we lose the intensity and hurt we felt around them. But, sometimes there is one argument that won’t dissolve away. It feels like it just happened, and it can affect our mood, relationships, and the present moment in a big way. There is no …

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6 Affirmations To Help With Fear Of Confrontation

Man and woman pointing fingers at each other

Do you hide or run from confrontation? Is your fear of confrontation making you miserable in some way? It probably is. How do I know that? Because in order to express ourselves and create any change we want to see, confrontation is often needed. Not an angry confrontation, though. I’m talking about approaching someone and …

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Stressed Out Because Of Family? Here Are Some Affirmations To Help

Mother and daughter conflict

I have never met one person who hasn’t been stressed out because of their family. Some families are worse than others, but everyone has to deal with conflicting beliefs, habits, and behaviors on some level. If you are stressed out because of your family for any of the following reasons, you can use affirmations to …

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5 Positive Affirmations For Dealing With Alzheimer’s In A Loved One

Woman and man senior

Alzheimer’s isn’t pretty. The people you love start to slip away and there is nothing you can do to get them back. At times it’s sad. Other times it’s frustrating. My husband and I recently went to a meeting for family and friends of people living with Alzheimer’s, and the speaker gave some really good …

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10 Affirmations To Help You Work On Nurturing Relationships

Man and woman holding hands over coffee table

Relationships require nurturing. They need attention and communication. If you don’t nurture your relationships, they will die. You may not be as close as you once were or you may just lose the person altogether. This is true in romantic relationships, friendships, or family relationships. So, it’s important to want to work on nurturing those …

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Develop Family Values And Affirmations To Help You Maintain Them

Family values have gone down the drain in modern times - wes borland quote

Your family is made up of people who will always be there for you. They are the one constant in your life, and they play a big part in who you are and how successful you will be in life. Sometimes your family can be a little crazy, though. Your mother may be constantly worried …

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6 Habits For Healthier Arguments To Improve Your Relationships And Productivity

Argument Habit Productivity

The way you handle arguments in your relationships is very important to your productivity. Fighting can drain you, distract you, and keep you from doing the things you want to do. This is especially true of your romantic relationship. Fighting with the person who you spend the most time with, share big decisions with, and …

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An Affirmation To Help When You’re Feeling Jealous Of Someone’s Life

positive affirmation jealousy

If you find yourself looking at someone and assuming that they have it all, then this affirmation is for you. It will help you develop the belief that things are not always as they seem. And it will help you avoid feeling jealous. Your Assumptions Are Not True I can’t remember a time that my …

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Challenge Yourself To Let Someone In On Your Current Struggle

share your struggles

My biggest struggle in life was to show my struggles to people! Why would I want someone to know that I’m struggling with my finances or my faith or my weight? That’s not something I wanted to show people. I wanted my real life to be like Facebook, where I only showed my best pictures …

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Two-Week Quality Time Challenge: Increase The Quality Time You Spend With Your Loved Ones

Laughing Couple Spending Quality Time Together

Too many people reserve quality time for their retirement. They say things like, “When I retire, I will spend quality time with my family and my friends. Until then, I need to work, take care of the house, stay busy, and then distract my mind with TV or the internet in my free time.” If …

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